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How To Write Better Blog Posts: Use These 10 Tips To Keep Your Readers Wanting More

Write Irresistible Blog Posts

Have you ever wanted to write blog posts that make your readers hungry for more? What about posts that get more shares, links, engagement and traffic? The truth is that a lot of it comes down to not just what you write but how you write it. For example, Neil Patel recently found that by [...]

BuzzBundle Review – How To Create Buzz For Your Blog

BuzzBundle Review

Have you ever wished that you could reach more people and expand your audience quickly? You’re not the only one. The most effective way of doing this is insanely simple. Here it is: “Find out where your target audience hangs out online and put your content in front of them.” Ok, so there’s a little [...]

7 Online Marketing Tools That Make Blogging A Breeze (Most Are Free)

Top Online Marketing Tools

You’re a blogger, and of course you love it. But let’s be honest – sometimes, blogging can take a toll on you. As a blogger, you have an unending list of things to do in a day. Be it coming up with article ideas, curating content, researching keywords or writing a blog post; it seems [...]

15 Top Tools To Monitor Your Social Media Presence More Effectively

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media has changed the world. It’s a great way to keep in touch with friends, create new relationships, build communities and promote your blog/brand. But when you’re using social specifically for marketing purposes; monitoring mentions, tracking your progress and gauging the impact that social is having on your blog or business are all important [...]

SEO For Bloggers - How To Squeeze More Traffic Out Of Google

SEO For Bloggers

Google is constantly throwing new animals at us like penguins, pandas and hummingbirds. The result is that many have pronounced the death of SEO, and keep telling us all to forget about pleasing Google! Don’t listen to these people. SEO is far from dead. It just changes. And you just have to know what works. [...]