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24 Ways To Build A Targeted And Engaged Twitter Following

How To Get More Followers On Twitter

In this post you’re going to learn 24 extremely easy to apply tips and tools that will not only allow you to build targeted Twitter followers but also allow you to draw more attention to your tweets and get noticed while increasing productivity.

If you’re not using Twitter or even if you’re not devoting much time to it then now is the time to start because everyone else is – you don’t want to be left in the dust do you?

Targeted Twitter Followers

Maybe you’ve tried Twitter and felt it’s just not working out for you and isn’t producing the results that you hoped for – I understand and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours.

If you need to, make it a new year’s resolution to devote a bit more time to Twitter and try and make it work for you.

Top tips for building your targeted twitter following

1. Scale up your tweets

The odd tweet each day, or every few days really isn’t going to get you noticed so try scaling up the amount you tweet to between 10 and 20 then see how things improve.

If you’re struggling for time to put into Twitter then I can completely understand but there are a few other things that you can do such as Tweet scheduling within Hootsuite or sharing posts from other people in your tribe in Triberr (see the recommended tools section for more on this).

2. Follow big names on Twitter

This can work great because a popular technique of building targeted followers is by following the followers of a “big name” within your niche so by following authoritative figures you will actually end up building your followers.

This does work best if the “big names” that you follow post similar content to the content you post on Twitter – this way you will be able to ensure that the followers you do gain from this are much more targeted and have the potential to be very interested in some of the content that you share.

If you end up with un-targeted followers chances are that they’ll most likely un-follow you soon enough.

3. Don’t just tweet your own content

You need to start off by building trust with your new found followers so if you just tweet your own content then this will just label you as a self-promoter.

However, if you tweet other peoples content as well then you are contributing to the flow of information but remember that if you tweet content then that will appear as a validation of what’s mentioned in that content so don’t just tweet any old rubbish.

You may want to avoid tweeting competitor’s posts and think about posting something amusing or even controversial but don’t troll because trolling just isn’t cool and is bad karma.

4. Tweet multi-media content

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words; by that logic you could argue that a picture is more than 7 times valuable than a tweet containing only words.

This will give you another way to start boosting the number of your daily tweets and you can use it as another way to engage with your followers and possibly even send some content viral .

5. Know when to automate Twitter and when not to

Some may disagree with even associating the word “automation” to Twitter and I can definitely see why.

There are a bunch of automation tools available and every one of them is currently being abused by at least some of their users.

The truth here is that you can automate certain elements of Twitter but if you automated it 100% then you will completely kill any potential conversation that you could start.

6. Write click bait style headlines

What you need to understand is that when users start following a lot of people on Twitter their feeds can get a bit messy so at that point it becomes difficult for your tweets to stand out.

If you just use boring headlines and status updates then you’ll fall down flat but if you add an element of mystery or use some other way to urge users into clicking your click through rate and therefore traffic that you’ll receive will improve a lot.

7. Ask for retweets

Studies have shown that asking your followers to retweet can help increase your retweets by up to 4 times.

The study also shows that the best format to use for this is “Please ReTweet” although there are people that are still sceptical of the data from this study; trying it can’t hurt right?

Just be careful not to over do this one because some of your followers might get turned off by this.

8. @ Mention other users when you Tweet their content

Your aim should be to get on the radar of other influencers surrounding the topic that you’re tweeting about.

So whenever you Tweet another users content make sure you @ mention them so that when they’re checking their mentions they’ll see your name.

When you first try this you might not notice that this has any affect but this can easily be due to the number of mentions that the user gets but when you start to mention the same user more and more than you will definitely start to get on their radar.

This can easily result in retweets to their target audience, traffic and gaining new followers – remember this is all highly targeted providing if you go about this the right way which is incredibly powerful.

9. Leverage tweet scheduling

Chances are that some of your followers just won’t see updates at certain times and other followers will see your updates at different times so to reach as many of your followers as possible it’s worth scheduling a few tweets.

I understand that you may be concerned about spamming and that’s a very valid concern so be sure to spread the tweets out a bit but remember; this is Twitter not Facebook.

I wouldn’t advise that you do something like this on something like Facebook because people just aren’t accustomed to this and on a personal note, I find it more annoying on Facebook than I do on Twitter.

“Leveraging tweet scheduling will seriously help you cut through the background noise”

10. Don’t make it difficult for people to follow you

Last week I was reading a really cool article on this guy’s website (I won’t name names), the content was great and I felt compelled to follow him on Twitter.

Then I ran into a problem – I couldn’t find a link to his Twitter profile anywhere and I ended up searching Google and finding it that way.

What I want to be clear about here is that if it was someone else or I was in more of a rush and didn’t have time to mess about then I wouldn’t have spent the extra time to mess about finding the site owners Twitter profile.

You will always get people that will go the extra mile to connect with you, but if you make it extremely difficult for people to connect then the majority of people won’t, not necessarily because they don’t value what you have to say but in most cases they just don’t have the time.

This lesson can be applied to any type of marketing, whether you’re using content marketing, internet marketing, search engine marketing or any other aspect of social media marketing.

11. Ask people to follow you

It’s surprising how powerful and effective a good call to action can be although there are those that think this can sound desperate but there is a great phrase that really fits well with this piece of advice.

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get”

Just to be clear, when I say; Ask people to follow you – I don’t mean beg them to follow you or anything like that (that will sound really desperate). Just ask them.

This sort of thing should be used on your blog (in your sidebar and posts), in other social networks, other communities and email signatures.

12. Seek out opportunities to promote your content

One thing that will seriously improve your success online is your ability to seek out new opportunities and explore them.

For example, if you have a dialogue open with someone who could be interested in your content then let them know about your content or ask them to share it.

Another one that can be quite powerful is tweeting someone you’ve mentioned or linked to in an article and ask them to share it; this won’t always be successful  has the potential to be extremely powerful especially  if that particular user is someone whose content you’ve tweeted in the past and mentioned them in the tweet (e.g. tip 8).

13. Keep up the pace

If you don’t keep the pace up on Twitter then it will harm your success, remember it takes time and there is no big magic red button for instant success.

14. Leave some space in your tweet

I’ll be the first to admit that 140 characters sometimes doesn’t feel like enough at all but if you can then I’d recommend you make some additional space, just enough for RT @yourusername  just so that you won’t miss out on any mentions from those that still RT the old way.

Remember, when you get a retweet, they won’t be tweeting the content of your tweet but YOU as well.

If enough people start seeing your name more often then you’re going to get a bunch more followers and how people perceive you in the market place will start changing in a very positive way.

15. Embed tweets in your posts

You might have seen embedded tweets on a few sites already; they provide a great call to action that will increase your retweets and your number of followers. It’s very easy to setup, Twitter has a great help page on setting this up.

Please ReTweet and follow for some good Karma and great content ;)

16. Jump on trending topics (keep it relevant though)

This have a huge effect on the reach of your tweets but if you don’t keep it relevant then you’ll just be perceived as a spammer which you don’t want at all. (although it’s important to remember that everyone has a different opinion on what spam really is).

All that being said, please don’t think that just because you stuff #hashtags into your tweets that your tweets will instantly go viral – keep the hash tags to a minimum and don’t abuse them.

It’s common to see people using hash tags of things that aren’t trending so it’s worth finding out what’s trending before you tweet. (Check out the recommended tools below for a few really helpful tools including an overview of

17. Setup a Twitter button that mentions your @username

There are a crazy amount of social sharing buttons that allow people to tweet your content directly from your blog but not all of them do.

Why is this useful?

This will show you everyone who is tweeting your content directly from your blog inside your Twitter client which gives you a great opportunity to open up dialogue with them.

If you’re using WordPress then setting this up is VERY easy because all you need is the Digg Digg plugin which gives you access to a few different tweet buttons that allow the inclusion of your @username in tweets. Digg Digg also allows you to include share buttons for other social sites).

Targeted Twitter Traffic

18. Push your popular Tweets further

Some of your Tweets will perform better than others, that’s a fact – this could be down to a number of factors which include; the headline, content and time of the tweet (there are a few more but these are the main ones).

Dig out your most clicked or most retweeted tweets then reschedule them to draw some more attention to them and then see how they perform a second time.

You can easily find out how many clicks your top tweets have had by using the reporting function in Hootsuite Pro (try it free for 30 days here).

Other options include tracking links with URL shortners like for example.

For tracking retweets and the number of times an article has been tweeted then I suggest you use (more on this in the recommended tools section).  All you need to do is just type your domain into the search box and take a look through the results; be sure to look out for the tweet count in orange at the end of the tweet.

Best Twitter Tools

Recommended Twitter tools

You’ll notice that there aren’t many tools that I’ve listed here, but there’s a reason for that – there are just so many on the market it’s really easy to get bogged down and end up spending 10 times more time than you need to so I prefer to keep things simple and use the tools that make the biggest difference to my reach on Twitter and also my productivity.

1. Hootsuite

Best Twitter Client Hootsuite

Do you have this already? If not then why not? There are very few things that I would consider to be more useful. This saves me an incredible amount of time and has a lot of other cool features that you will LOVE but to get the most benefit you need to upgrade to the pro version.

Click here to try the pro version free for 30 days.

2. Tweet When

This handy tool allows you to discover the best times for you to tweet to your followers to ensure you get the most retweets and mentions. It’s completely free to get going.

Click here to try Tweet When.

3. Tweriod

This tool is designed with the same aim as Tweet When, but the way it goes about doing this is slightly different because instead of analysing when you get the most retweets Tweriod makes suggestions based on the location of your last 1000 followers.

Click here to try Tweriod.

4. Triberr

This is an amazing tool that allows you to easily build up a strong community of like-minded tweeps but you will get the most benefit from Triberr by connecting it to your blog.

The way this works is that you join Tribes of bloggers with the same interests, you then install a plugin on your blog and send your posts to the tribes you’re a member of and then the other members of the tribe share the post with their followers.

Then you return the favour by sharing the content from people within your Tribe. The other way this can benefit you leads back to scaling your tweets – when you share other peoples content you have the ability to drip feed relevant tweets to your followers which will allow you to get to the 10-20 tweets a day quickly.

Click here to try Triberr.

5. Trendsmap

Using trending topics can be a really powerful way of getting yourself noticed on Twitter and this is one of the most powerful tools I’ve seen so far.

It’s completely free to use and lays out trending topics over a world map while giving you access to country trends, trends that are breaking globally, trending users, trending videos and the ability to search through trends.

Click here to try Trends Map.

Twitter Trends Trendsmap

6. Topsy

I love this tool; it allows you to dive in and search for your domain name and bring up a full list of all the tweets that link to your website broken up by post/page.

There is also another service that Topsy offer that is extremely useful, that is the social analytics section. You can see the mentions of a domain, @username or keyword going back up to a month; if you want you can even compare up to 3 queries which will be very useful for seeing how well your competitors are doing on Twitter.

Click here to try Topsy.

Best Twitter Analytics Tools


There you have it, 24 very easy ways that you can use right now to start building your targeted Twitter following and start getting more traffic.

The takeaway here is that anything worth doing takes effort and Twitter is no different so take advantage of the advice and tools that I’ve listed above and see how you get on.

This list is by no means exhaustive so do you have any of your own tips that you would like to share?


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  • Sourav Sudhi

    Hey Adam !
    You’ve shared some great tips on building twitter followers. Twitter is a great platform to pool in lot of traffic. So more followers can grab more readers and eventually traffic increases.

    Thanks for this.. Happy NewYear In advance :)

    • Adam Connell

      Hey Sourav,

      You’re right, Twitter is a great way to get traffic, although it does take time and a lot of hard work. Definitely not a platform to dismiss.

      Thanks, Happy New Year too :)