Blogger Outreach: Finding Contact Details the Easy Way

How to find contact details for blogger outreach

In the following post you’re going to learn how I save mountains of time by utilising powerful tools for finding contact details of site owners that I want to contact. If you’re fine with throwing your time away then don’t read this.

Guest posting is an amazing tactic for building not just links but most importantly; relationships.

That’s when it’s done in the right way of course.

These relationships will grow into something amazing providing you give them time and nurture them.

Sending the occasional guest post off every so often is all well and good but the really big wins will come when you blanket all of the authoritative blogs in your niche with guest posts within a short space of time.

Think about it like this; most people don’t just subscribe to one blog, they’ll subscribe to quite a few so when they check their RSS feed reader they will most likely read a couple of posts off several of the popular sites within a topic area or a few closely knit topic areas.

What do you think the reader would think if they saw posts on maybe 5+ of the blogs they regularly read that were written by you?

That is the point when you start to be noticed as a blogger or writer and start to be perceived as an authority within your niche simply by the number of authoritative blogs that have posted your content.

So the next part of this is to scale up your guest posting efforts, which means emailing more bloggers about guest posting opportunities than ever before; it may require sending out quite a few tailored email approaches (mass

mailing isn’t going to work here, I can tell when someone mass mails me and so can other site owners – it’s not cool).

In this post I’m going to identify one of the major pain points in the scaling of blogger outreach and show you how easy it is to overcome with the help of a few very useful guest posting tools.

The pain point

The pain point that I’m talking about of course is finding the email address details of the bloggers that you want to contact during your outreach process.

While a lot of bloggers do have contact details labelled on their website; there are still a significant number of site owners that just don’t include this information.

It strikes me as a bit odd really; although in my experience this tends to be more of an issue within the less tech savvy niches.

Below I have brought together some very useful tools that will help you, some of them can be used for a bit more than finding contact details though.

1.’s email guesser

Linksy.Me's Email Guesser

This tool is brilliant; simply put a first name, last name and domain in and it will run a set of possible permutations including the domain and generic gmail accounts then check them against Gravatar.

This should only really be used for people that you know and I would always recommend you getting to know the site owners a bit before you even send them an email; blog commenting and engaging with them on social media is a great way to get your pitches noticed.

2. Buzz Stream’s Free Email Research Tool

Buzzstream Email Research Tool

This tool has a completely different approach to that of the email guesser tool mentioned above.

Just add a first name, last name, company name and website address and this email research tool will generate you a list of custom Google search operators.

The search operators are clickable and will open up Google search in a new window and if you’re really struggling to find contact details you can select as many of the search operators you like and open them all in new windows so when you’re really motoring this can be quite a useful tool.


3. Buzz Stream (Paid)

Buzz Stream for Link building


This tool can do so much more than just finding contact information; but from my experience this does it better than anything else that I’ve tried. It doesn’t just pull in email addresses either, it pulls in Twitter profiles, Facebook profiles and even phone numbers.

On top of the contact information tool it also integrates task management, team collaboration, email integration, link tracking, response rate tracking and there’s more too.

4. Citation Labs Contact Finder

This is one of the most powerful tools I have found so far for finding contact details; it defaults for searching through about & contact pages but you can customise that if you wish.

All you need to do is copy and paste a list of target domains that you have identified as link prospects and hit go. In about 5-10 minutes you will have a huge list of email addresses and contact forms waiting for you.

The test I ran amounted to 659 URL’s and only 156 came back without contact details which is a huge chunk.

Could you imagine sifting through 659 URL’s by hand and then finding you couldn’t get anything for 156 of them? So the conclusion is that this tool is a HUGE time saver, if you put any sort of value on your time (which you should) then you will find this incredibly useful.

This isn’t strictly a free tool; you’re charged on how much bandwidth you use – although I’m still running on the free bandwidth I got from tweeting about the service when I first tested it. If you have a team of link builders working for you it may not be enough but if you’re a lone wolf blogger then it should last you quite a while.

5. SEO Gadget

This tool is much more than just finding contact information but if contact information is what you need then this is great because it pulls in email addresses listed on site, whois Emails, contact form links, Twitter profiles and Linkedin profiles.

The whois email address can be quite useful but remember that if a domain is registered with private domain registration then the email address won’t be of any use. From the landing page it seems like the tool was designed for use with sites that are linking to you and it’s quite useful there too as there is another column that indicates live links. You also get a bunch of other useful metrics.

All in all this is an incredibly useful tool that goes way beyond just finding contact details.


However you choose to scale your blogger outreach you need to ensure that you view it more as an opportunity to build relationships rather than just links; this will lead to building authority and generally more success.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, so use these tools wisely and not just to compile a list of email addresses to mass mail.

Spamming isn’t cool and you will burn a lot of bridges along the way.

What are your pain points when it comes to blogger outreach? Which part do you find the most challenging or time consuming? Let us know in the comments.

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