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How To Build Blog Traffic And Authority Through Good Will

In this post you’re going to learn just how easy it is to build traffic to your blog and also build your authority within your niche or industry by simply being nice and giving out good will.

How to build blog traffic and authority

There is a strategy that people are consistently forgetting that can make a huge difference to the traffic and authority of you and your blog.

The strategy is simple; be nice.

I am a believer in karma and I have been brought up to believe “you get what you give”.

There are a number ways you can be nice in the blogosphere that will help you will build traffic and authority but along the way you will also be earning links and social shares exposing you to a different circle of readers.

Don’t be afraid to link out to authority resources

On my travels, surfing through the web I have noticed a lot of sites and individuals that are so petty about linking out to other sites it’s worrying and generally speaking I’d recommend you reconsider if you’re going to send one of them a guest post.

I put this down partly to myth’s that are perpetuated within the SEO industry, one of them is that linking out is a bad and will hurt your rankings.

Well, it’s bad if you want to link out to “questionable” websites but linking out to authority websites is not going to cause you any problems, if anything it can help your rankings.

From a readability perspective, posts that don’t reference or cite authority sources don’t provide as much value to the reader.

To sum it up, here are 3 reasons why you should link out to authority resources –

  • Sites you link out to will see you as a referral in their analytics which will help you build links and social shares which can be very powerful (or they may get a pingback within their CMS dashboard if their CMS supports them)
  • Extra kudos from Google – shows contextual signals
  • Adds value for users
  • Backs up any claims in your post

A quick example…

There will no doubt be certain bloggers or authority figures in your niche, some of whom you have probably followed for a while now. The same can be said for me within the blogging niche (not that it’s really a niche anymore).

I have been following Ileane from, Jason Acidre from and Ana Hoffman from for a while now. They deliver some great content and make great examples to follow.

Last week I included posts from each of their blogs in my weekly roundup (you can read it here).

The result – 

As a result, several of these great folks tweeted my post and there was this comment…

Building Traffic and Authority
Along with links to two of my weekly roundups from Jason’s latest post on about contextual link building.

Note: these weren’t the only results but the results involving 3 bloggers that I’ve been following for a while now.

Don’t expect this type of result to happen straight away, people need to get to know you a bit better first which takes time.

Think of it like you’re building a relationship, don’t walk in with any expectations and good things will happen. Good things come to those who wait, but do something productive while you wait ;).

Promote your posts

Whenever you publish a post you need to make an effort to promote it, if you don’t then it’s just a waste and your readership won’t grow much. Sure you will probably end up getting some visitors from search engines but you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket so to speak.

What if Google threw a fit or if Google wasn’t here anymore?

That would be it, game over.

An important lesson here is - diversify your traffic.

Here are a few things you can do for some quick wins –

  • Reach out to companies/individuals you mention in articles (not so quick but very effective)
  • Share your content on mainstream social media sites (E.g. – Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc)
  • Share your content on niche social bookmarking sites (E.g. –,, etc)
  • Start using to share your posts and network with like minded individuals and multiply your reach
  • Utilize niche online communities (Google Plus communities are a great example – but don’t just drop links, encourage conversation and discussion)

There are so many more ways to promote your content, but these should be manageable to carry out on a regular basis. I’d suggest you put together some sort of promotion checklist that you can run through after you publish a post.

Only submit your best quality guest posts

Guest posting is becoming increasingly popular and while some people have got it right there are a lot of people that are tainting this tactic by firing out shocking content just for the purpose of building links.

When you are building blog traffic and authority, or even just promoting yourself online you need to remember that your blog is a brand and your name is attached to that blog.

If you start sending shoddy articles with your name or blog on them then you only damage your reputation and hurt your chances of being published on authoritative blogs within your niche/industry.

As Ryan Bidulph says; “Never save your best, go all out

I can understand you maybe wanting to save the best content for your own blog and while you shouldn’t post sub par posts to your own blog either sending low quality or mediocre won’t help. If you struggle for time then putting a hold on guest posting and focusing on your own blog is going  to be the most effective thing you can do.

Don’t deliver poor content to your own readers

This goes hand in hand with submitting quality quest posts.

Don’t give your readers a reason to unsubscribe to your RSS feed or newsletter – give them the content they deserve because they are the reason why you are here, your bread and butter so to speak.

Give them your best, 100% of the time.

Help people

This can be difficult to do if you have a few different projects you have to maintain or an extremely busy blog/website to look after but if you have some time then helping people is a great way of building and developing relationships.

If you help someone out and then publish some content and ask them to share it then chances are they aren’t going to say no or dismiss you completely.

Use what your expertise to your advantage because the majority of time “a good turn doesn’t go unnoticed”.

Be patient

Good things come to those who wait – if you’re doing all the right things then you will start to notice upwards trends.

That doesn’t mean get complacent, stop learning or stop trying so hard because running a website is a constant learning experience whether it be from a technical or SEO side or to a management or writing side.


You may be doing some of what I’ve mentioned above already, but if not then I suggest you try it for a while and see how things improve. I’m sure you’ll see traffic improvements and you’ll have built some great relationships that will benefit you a lot moving forward.

Do you have a tip to add that has worked really well and helped you build both blog traffic and authority within your niche?

I would love for you to share it in the comments!

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