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32 Smart Ways To Drive 3x More Traffic To Your Blog

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Have you ever looked at your blog’s analytics and wondered when the hordes of visitors are going to start showing up?

You’re publishing great content and have something to say, but try as you might, those traffic numbers just don’t seem to be climbing as much as they should be.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way – you can get way more traffic to your blog and in this post I’ll show you how.

With the use of just a few of these tactics, you could see a 425% increase in traffic (yep! It’s happened).

Why the “right traffic” matters

Before we dive into discussing specific ways to increase your traffic, there’s something I need to mention.

More traffic won’t always get you what you want.

Your goal should always be to generate relevant and targeted traffic – which is exactly what all of the tactics and strategies included in this guide will help you with.

A big part of this is knowing what you want people to do once they arrive on your blog, it’s one thing to want more traffic, but there has to be a reason for it.

Once you have a clear idea of exactly what you want people to do on your blog, you can optimize your blog to improve the likelihood that it will happen – small tweaks can make a big difference with conversions.

How to drive more traffic to your blog

There are a lot of tactics listed below and when used in the right way they can have a huge impact on your traffic.

For example, I’ve seen people put only a few of these tactics into action and see a 400%+ increase in traffic. Awesome right?!

The key here is to focus on a single tactic, make it work and then come back to this post to try something else. If you try too many at the same time, you won’t see the traffic increases that you deserve.

Ready to get started?

Quick navigation

As this is a fairly large post, I’ve broken the traffic generation strategies into categories and added quick links so you can easily navigate. Just click on the link and you’ll be taken to the relevant section:

Switch up your approach to content

Plan content that can generate traffic

Traffic generation doesn’t start after you’ve published a blog post; it starts right at the planning stage.

There are two elements to consider here:

1. Topic selection

If you decide to write about a topic that nobody is interested in, you’re going to struggle to get traffic, no matter how good your content is.

So how can you get a good idea of which topics to write about?

Reading a lot of other blogs and forums can be a great way to start, but there are also a bunch of tools that will help you here, for example:

  • Google Trends – This will show you a graph of how interest has increased/decreased over time.
  • BuzzSumo – This tool will show you which topics are generating the most social shares.
  • SEMrush (aff) – With this tool you can find out exactly what keywords your competitors are ranking for in Google and get an estimate of how much traffic those keywords can bring in.

The important thing here is to ensure that the topics you choose fit with your content strategy and are focused on helping your target audience.

Matching your audience up with the right topic is a huge first step in winning the battle for attention online.

2. Pick a content type

Certain content types may get more traction than others.

A study by BuzzSumo (and published on Noah Kagan’s blog) found that infographics and list posts received more shares than any other content type.

BuzzSumo Chart


On a personal note, the majority of my top shared posts are list posts and they are also the posts which generate the most referral traffic for me.

3. Add value

Now that you’ve decided on a topic and content type, it’s time to think about how you can position your content to stand out from all the rest.

The reality is that there are probably a bunch of posts on other blogs that are talking about something similar.

The key is finding that element that separates your content from all of the rest.

That might mean finding a unique angle, including more depth, adding more detail, improving usability or just giving away more information.

Write more engaging headlines

David Ogilvy famously said “On average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.”

Even if this average isn’t 100% correct today, one thing we can be certain of is that headlines matter.

They can either make or break the success of each post you publish.

There are plenty of posts discussing best practices of writing awesome headlines but there are two important factors to remember:

  • Your headline is a promise and you should always deliver on that promise
  • However you write your headline, it should leave an unanswered question

There are also headline writing tools like CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer which can help you but the one thing that will serve you best which is the one thing these types of tools can’t replicate.

And that’s … YOU!

Give your old content a new lease of life

It’s good practice to update your old content when possible.


It will improve the user experience and help you get more traffic.

When content becomes outdated, it becomes less helpful for users and chances are that it won’t rank as high in search engines anymore (freshness is a ranking factor).

It’s a good idea to prioritize which blog posts you update, so you could try one of the following:

  • Look in your analytics and identify content that doesn’t get as much search traffic as it used to
  • Check your Google Webmaster Tools account to find keywords you’re ranking for at the top of page two which could do with a boost

Don’t just update the information, also consider how you can streamline the user experience of the post and genuinely make it more helpful.

Once the post is ready you could simply publish it as a new post under the same URL or choose to publish under a new URL (and add a 301 redirect from the old URl to the new one).

Note: if your post is already getting traffic from Google you may want to stick with the existing URL and if you do change the URL, you will lose most social share counts (e.g. # of tweets won’t be visible).

It’s also important to ensure that you promote this post as much as possible; you’ll get more traffic from social media, search engines and other blog’s if you do.

Make your content more visual

Visual content is a big deal – fact.

And there are plenty of statistics on the web that highlight just how important it is.

Visual content will get you more shares, earn you more likes and ultimately get you more traffic.

So how can you make your content more visual? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Make Content Visual

The image above was created in under 10 minutes thanks to the help of a free tool called Canva.

Mention influencers in your posts and let them know you’ve mentioned them

When you first start your blog, you’ll be starting from scratch but there are those in your niche that already have influence.

So what should you do?

When you write your next blog post, link out to other posts written by influencers that provide additional insight and complement your post, then you can let them know that you’ve mentioned them.

One important caveat: don’t mention influencers for the sake of it, only mention them if it will add value to your post and help your readers.

People love to share stuff that makes them look good. So when you say cool stuff about them in a post, chances are they’ll share it with their audience. Not always, but sometimes.

How you let them know is up to you, I’ve found Twitter, Google+ and email to work well.

The important thing is to just let people know you’ve mentioned them, don’t keep asking them to share your content.

Note: this can also be a great way to build relationships with other bloggers.

How do you find influencers in your niche?

There are a bunch of helpful tools you can use here which include the likes of BuzzSumo. This post covers influencer research tools in more depth.

Interview an influential blogger

From a reader’s perspective, interviews can be a great way to get another perspective on things as well as being a great source of inspiration.

There are plenty of ways to position these interviews. You could do written interviews or you could start a podcast. A great example is John Lee Dumas who interviews entrepreneurs with inspiring stories.

This is a great way of kick starting the relationship building process and chances are that the influencer will share the interview with their followers.

Put together a group interview

When done right, group interviews can be amazing.

It’s one thing to mention an influential blogger, but when you invite them to contribute; they are far more invested in the success of the post.

I’ve had some great results from this; a post I published last year received a few thousand shares and around 5,000 visits within a few days.

Group Interviews

Invite influential bloggers to contribute to your blog

Think of this as guest blogging, but in reverse.

It can be a great way of getting more content and expanding your audience at the same time.

A good approach for this is to find out who is guest blogging on other blogs in your niche and invite them to contribute to yours too.

The important thing here is to frame your pitch the right way, similar to how you would with guest blogging or any other form of blogger outreach – think “what’s in it for them?”

Monitor trends and write newsworthy content

Finding out what’s hot right now and writing about it is a great way to get more traffic.

The key here is to monitor for new trends and be one of the first to write about them.

There are a few ways to approach this, but one way that I see a lot of people doing is following larger publications, waiting for them to make a stir then publishing a post as a response.

For more on this topic, check out this post by Ann Smarty.

Repurpose your content for another audience

Repurposing your content is a great way to gain access to another audience.

The reality is that we all prefer different mediums to learn. I prefer written content, but others may prefer audio or video.

It’s also worth considering infographics and Slideshare presentations too.

A great example of this in action is the post I mentioned as an example for group interviews.

With the help of 24Slides and Niall from TweakYourBiz, it was converted into an infographic and published by TweakYourBiz.


What was the result?

The repurposed post on Tweak Your Biz received 2,500+ social shares and more than 21,000 visitors.

Improve your blog

Streamline your blog’s design

Design matters – when your blog’s design is clear and crisp, people will want to keep coming back to it.

You may find yourself being mentioned on other blog’s as an example to follow when done right.

The great thing is that you don’t need to be a designer or developer to have an impressive blog design.

So if you use WordPress, you’re in luck because there are so many impressive themes out there.

Sure, you could use a free theme and there are some decent ones about but the best tend to be paid.

Here are some resources to help you pick out a rockin’ theme:

  • Tribe Theme – This is the theme I currently use, it’s not available to the public yet but you can sign up for the waiting list in the meantime.
  • Divi by Elegant Themes (aff) – A great theme to start out with and because it’s by Elegant Themes you get a lot of value for your money. For $89/year you get access to over 80 themes and a bunch of impressive plugins.
  • StudioPress (aff) – I’m a big fan of the StudioPress themes, I’ve used them on Blogging Wizard before and they have some great designs. Not as easy to customize as the Divi theme but they are light weight and look great.

All of these themes are mobile responsive too, which will become even more important as time goes on.

Remove unnecessary distractions from your blog

A big part of traffic generation is keeping the traffic you have, so ask yourself this question – are there any elements on my blog that I don’t need?

Everything on your blog must have a purpose that is focused around helping you achieve your goals.

For example, do you have any blog directory badges that aren’t really helping you? Or are you displaying CPC ads that aren’t performing very well?

Improve your blog’s loading time

Loading times are so important.

Slow loading times have proven to cause a huge drop in conversions.

While it’s true that page loading times are a ranking factor for search engines like Google, it’s only a small part of their algorithm so it may increase traffic but not by too much.

The real benefit here is in keeping your existing readers coming back to your site and providing an awesome user experience.

Tools to improve page load times

  • Load Impact – Checking your blog with this tool will show you how load times hold up with multiple simultaneous visitors. It will give you a clear picture of how your web host copes with traffic spikes.
  • PageSpeed Insights by Google – This tool will give you an idea of exactly how to improve page load times.

When using Load Impact, an ideal test should be similar to this:

Load Impact Test

The green line shows more virtual users and the blue line shows the page load time.

Resources to help you improve page load times

You may need the help of a developer, but if you’re a WordPress user, there are plenty of resources on the web that can point you in the right direction:

Add relevant internal links

When you add relevant internal links to your blog, you make it easier for people to find your best content and you also make it easier for search engines to index your content.

Don’t add internal links just for the sake of it; add them only when you feel it’s relevant and helpful to readers.

Add social share buttons to your blog

It’s important to make it easy for your followers to share your blog posts.

But adding too many social sharing buttons could potentially have a negative impact.

The key is to identify the most important social networks for your audience.

For example, Neil Patel offers the option to share to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ on

Neil Patel QuickSprout

If your content is written for small businesses, it may be helpful to include a LinkedIn share button.

So how can you add share buttons to your blog?

Most blogging platforms will have their own options built in but if you use WordPress there are a wide range of plugins you can use to add uniquely styled share buttons.

Read this post to find out more.

Make it easy to share your visual content

Earlier we discussed the importance of visual content.

And while visual content alone will help you get more traffic, it’s important to make it easy for your readers to share your visual content.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to SumoMe’s Image Sharer app.

This app will let you display share buttons as your readers move their mouse curser over images on your blog.

The great thing is that the app is free and can be used on any website with a small snippet of code. For WordPress users, there’s a plugin to simplify things further.

SumoMe Image Sharer App

Thanks to the Image Sharer app, I’ve received around 1000 more social shares (mostly to Pinterest).

Related note: check out Elna Cain’s post on driving traffic to your blog from Pinterest – it’s easy to get started.

Add “click to tweet” widgets within your content

This can be a great way get more social shares for your blog posts and in turn, more traffic.

For example, on some posts I add a phrase or quote that people can click to tweet.

It looks something like this:

Want to drive more traffic to your blog? Find 32 ways to increase your blog’s traffic hereClick To Tweet

If you use WordPress, these are easy to setup with the help of one of the following plugins:

  • Better Click To Tweet – Free plugin which is easy to use but only comes with a basic design.
  • TweetDis – Premium plugin which starts at $27. It comes with a bunch of smart designs and other features.
  • Social Warfare – This plugin does far more than just adding sharable quote boxes. It’s a full on social sharing plugin that comes with plenty of features you can use to get more traffic from social media. Prices start at $24/year (cancel whenever you like).

Alternatively you could try using but its more time consuming and you can only use regular hyperlinks instead of the funky widget in my example above.

Leverage email marketing

Focus on building your email list

Out of all of the other tactics in this post, the most dependable is this one.

Social networks may come and go but your email list will always be yours.

Growing your email list boils down to two things:

  • Make it easy for your readers to sign up to your list
  • Offer them a compelling reason to join your list

The truth is that there are a huge number of specific tactics you can use for this so it’s worth reading this post to find out more (you probably won’t need to read another post about building your list after reading it).

As your list grows, the more traffic you’ll be able to send to your latest posts.

Send one email with one goal

A lot of people tend to send out emails about their latest content which includes links to a few posts.

It works and that will get you traffic, but there may be a better way for you.

For example, I usually send each email with a single goal in mind.

If I want my subscribers to read my latest post, I won’t ask them to do anything else. Well, most of the time!

Recently I wanted to see what would happen if I sent emails asking my subscribers to read more than 2 or more posts.

What was the result?

Click through rates dropped by almost half!

I’m not saying this will definitely be the same for you and there are some circumstances where you have to email out links to multiple posts. For example, if you publish a lot of content and want to avoid emailing your subscribers too often.

But this is definitely something worth testing for yourself.

Create an auto responder to drip feed your best content to your list

If you publish evergreen content, it’s a good idea to setup an auto responder to get the word out to your new subscribers.

This ensures that your subscribers don’t miss out on some of your best content.

Include a link to your blog in your email signature

If you send a lot of emails, linking to your blog can be a great way of driving a bit of extra traffic.

You could also take things a step further by linking to your latest blog post – this is made easy thanks to tools like Wisestamp.

Your Signature

Leverage other websites

Avoid any potentially dangerous link building tactics

You might be thinking, how can this be a way to drive more traffic to your blog?

The simple truth is that in the long term, anyone who uses dodgy link building tactics will get less traffic from Google than someone who didn’t.

The best way to think about this is to ask yourself this question before trying any link building – “Would I still want this link if Google didn’t exist?”

For more advice on finding the right approach to link building, read this post.

Be present on social networks

Growing a presence on social media can be a great way to increase your traffic but it can’t be done without being present.

The more you venture out onto the web and engage with others, the faster your following will grow and the more influence you will have.

Setup your own tribe on Triberr and invite other bloggers in your niche

Triberr is an incredible social platform for bloggers.

The platform connects bloggers who have similar interests and makes it easy for people to share each other’s content.

It works on the reciprocity principle, so the more you share other peoples content, the more shares you’ll get.

Triberr Blogging Wizard

Here’s how it usually works:

  • Sign up for an account and add your RSS feed
  • Apply to join some relevant tribes
  • When the head of a tribe approves you as a full member, other members will see your content in their tribal stream (note: until that point you’ll be a follower so you’ll only be able to share other people’s content)

Another great way to utilize Triberr is to setup your own tribes and invite other influencers.

Publish content directly to LinkedIn

A while back, LinkedIn opened up its publisher platform called the Pulse which means you can publish blog posts directly to LinkedIn.

Publish Content LinkedIn

Occasionally, articles will be picked up and featured on the Pulse so they can potentially be a great form of traffic.

If your content is written with businesses in mind – this is worth trying.

Find out more about how to leverage LinkedIn for traffic in this post by Brian Lang.

Write a guest post for another blog

This is one of the most effective ways to increase your blog’s traffic.

Let me be clear – you’re not going to get floods of traffic in most cases and the time required to invest in this tactic is pretty high.

But, what matters here is that guest blogging is a long term strategy and what matters more than traffic is building your online presence.

Building your authority and making yourself known is one of the main benefits. This will pay off in the long term.

You may need to start off on small blogs first and work your way up to the larger publications, so stick with it and your blog will grow faster.

What about selecting blogs to contribute to?

A lot of people use all sorts of metrics, including SEO related metrics like Domain Authority (DA) etc but the truth is that there’s only one thing you should look for…

…An engaged audience.

That means real comments and real social shares.

There are plenty of “top lists” of blogs within any number of niches which you can easily find using Google but it makes sense to leverage your existing contacts first. Instead of pitching random blogs, ask the bloggers in your niche whom you already have an existing relationship with.

How should I pitch other bloggers?

Connect with them first (via social/comments/email) and only pitch once you’ve got to know them and their blog better.

When you do pitch them ensure you frame your pitch in a way that makes it all about how your post will benefit them.

Read this post for more on blogger outreach (it includes a really effective process that works well).

How to make guest posting do more for your blog

There’s one thing that I wish I’d done differently when I first started contributing to other blogs.

And that’s using them to build an email list.

So how can you build your list this way?

  • Put together a free download/lead magnet
  • Offer it on a landing page
  • Include a link to the landing page in your author bio

Sue Anne Dunlevie put together a helpful post on using guest blogging to build an email list which covers the process in more detail, find it here.

Leave genuinely helpful comments on other blogs

This is a great way to help you become more visible within your niche but it has to be done the right way.

You shouldn’t just go around commenting on blogs just to get a link back to your site or open with “hey you should totally check out this tool/site [insert link], you should add it to your post” – that’ll do more harm than good.

The reality is that you probably won’t get much in the way of direct traffic but that’s not what commenting should be about.

Focus your comments around being helpful and building a relationship with the blogger. The results you’ll see will be more indirect than anything and take a while to build up but these relationships will open doors for you.

Some great examples to follow when it comes to blog comments include Adrienne Smith, Ryan Biddulph, Donna Merrill and Don Purdum.

Leverage paid traffic

The truth about traffic generation is that while it’s easy to see certain tactics as being free, they aren’t really.

You pay, but with your time instead of money. And your time is valuable.

The great thing is that there are certain platforms that make it easy to get high quality traffic, without paying through the nose for it.

Occasionally I use Outbrain and StumbleUpon Ads – I’ve had some great results with both platforms, but StumbleUpon is particularly useful because you get a chance to earn viral traffic that you won’t pay anything extra for.

Other ways to increase your blog traffic

Identify a problem and create a free tool to solve it

This is one of the most challenging tactics, but it can also be one of the most rewarding.

For example, Portent created a helpful content idea generator:

Content Idea Generator

I’m not sure exactly how much traffic this tool gets but the fact that it’s earned links from over 1,100+ referring domains and 1,000s of social shares leads me to believe it could be a huge amount.

This works because it solves a real problem that people are facing and it’s completely free.

Find out what’s already working and do more of it

With all the different tactics available for us to try, it’s easy to forget one of the most effective.

So open up your analytics tool and take a look at exactly which channels/websites are sending you the most traffic.

If you use Google Analytics, you will find it helpful to first look at which channels are sending you the most traffic.

To get to this menu, click the “Acquisition” tab, then “Channels”.

Tracking Channels

This will likely include (possibly more):

  • Organic search
  • Social
  • Direct
  • Referral
  • Email

You can then filter these results to find out exactly where your traffic is coming from.

Become an expert source for journalists

Using tools like Help A Reporter Out (HARO), you can find PR opportunities easily.

Help A Reporter Out

Journalists all over the world need expert sources for their stories and you could be one of those experts.

Just sign up for a free account and you’ll start to get emails with opportunities through. Keep an eye out for one that’s a good fit and send them a pitch.

Keep your pitches succinct and highlight why you’re a good fit.

In the past I’ve used this tactic to get featured on HuffPost, CIO and more – each response only took me around 10 minutes, not bad right?!

Ask your close contacts to share your post

If you don’t’ ask, you don’t get.

Sometimes you can get a great amount of traction just by asking your contacts to help spread the word about a post.

But, try not to use this too much – other bloggers likely have inbox’s full of emails from people asking them to do something to help them out.

So use this sparingly and be careful how you position your pitch.

This works best when you either help your contacts out first or offer to help them out with something. For example, if using email you could end your email with “let me know if you need my help with anything – I want to return the favour!”

It all comes down to creating good will and if you just ask for help all the time, it’ll run out.

Your next steps

You’ve now got plenty of tactics you can use to start getting more traffic to your blog, but it’s important that you pick the tactics that are the best fit for your blog and will provide you with the most relevant traffic.

If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve got an analytics tool setup. Don’t rely on stats provided by your web host, get a third party tool like Google Analytics setup.

Download a free copy of the checklist version of this post below:

Once you’ve got the checklist, pick a tactic from the list and work on implementing it.

You could try multiple tactics but this works best if you focus on one.

So go out there and get started!

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  • Great Tips Adam.
    I would also like to mention that some bloggers may think creating great content is the key to traffic but this does not apply to a new blog !

    Great content only works if we have a long email list. So more chances of getting shares, backlinks and favored!

    • Thanks Kaushik!

      Great content is definitely a component, but I agree, on a new blog you need more than just great content.

      It helps a lot but you also need to put the time in to promote your blog too.

  • Adam, this is one of the best posts I’ve read in a while filled with blogging tips.
    When you say to update an old post and you use same URL would you add new date with updated at top of the post?
    I also send email with my last three posts, I will switch to one to test it.
    Thank you so much for these great tips, I can’t wait to start trying them out.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Lisa!

      Yes, updating the date and making a note the post has been updated is a good way to go.

      I’ve also seen some bloggers tweak their blog to display the “last updated” date rather than “date published” which could work well too.

      Let me know how it goes with the change to how many posts you email out!

      My pleasure – thanks for the comment!

    • Sue Anne Dunlevie

      Hi, Lisa,

      I just started testing my emails and it makes a big difference. The other thing – I cleaned up (and cleaned out!) some subscribers who hadn’t opened emails in a long time and now my CTRs are much higher! Who knew?


      • This is awesome, Sue!

        When you cleaned your list, how far did you go back to consider someone inactive? Was it a few months?

        Definitely need to try this soon.

  • I used the influencer mention strategy you posted above and yes, that made a difference in the number of readers (comments) on my post that day. It’s definitely one I’ll be using more often as well. Great share on all of these tactics.

    • Great to hear you’ve had success with this already, Megan!

  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks so much for the mention! Adrienne, Don and Donna are champ commentors; I learned from the best.

    List posts are pure gold. I’ve said it before, I know it may noted, again and again, by successful bloggers but if you will just listen to prospering folks and take their lead you can mimic their success. If I note 10 reasons or 15 tips or 12 steps my views go through the roof. I’ve also named a few of my eBooks list style, and even if I don’t, I am including numbers more frequently to boost page views and buys.

    Numbers create order in your mind. You seek out that which creates order because it just feels so good to you, that you can’t turn it down. Numbers – big ones – captivate folks because they want more, so go with double figure list style posts and deliver with the content to supersize your traffic.

    Fab post Adam!

    Tweeting from Bali.


    • Hi Ryan,

      You’re most welcome – it was your blog comments that first helped me discover your blog. Completely agree, Adrienne, Don and Donna are comment pro’s!

      So true – list posts consistently perform well.

      Great point about numbers creating order in our minds. It makes a big difference.

      Thanks buddy!

  • Sue Anne Dunlevie

    LOVE this massive post, Adam! Will refer to it again and again.

    Thanks for the mention of my guest post on your blog. I got great feedback from your readers on that one.

    And, look downward at Megan Cooper’s comment —- she just left a comment on my blog, so she is already applying your tips, Adam!


    • Thanks Sue! So glad you’ll find this helpful 🙂

      My pleasure – it was a great post!

      So awesome Megan is taking action.

      All the best,

  • Adam, Fantastic tips and I really appreciate you having the checklist download it will really help out a lot. I have been thinking about updating a few old articles after reading this I think I will.

    • Glad you’ve found this helpful 🙂 Updating old articles is a great way to go!

  • Hi Adam,

    This is a really helpful and in-depth quality article. I do many of the things you mention and have found some massive success.

    I started blogging last summer with the intention of connecting with influencers and it paid off BIG time. But, defining influencers I think is really important. I’m not looking for superstars that I can’t benefit. Besides, those quality people have way too many coming at them.

    However, there are influencers that have hundreds or thousands of followers that when they ask their followers to do something; they do! That’s an influencer in my book.

    I just got a subscription to SEMrush. Of course I blog for them monthly and I’ve now done a webinar and a podcast with them as well. I’m looking forward to diving in and learning how to use their system.

    Thank you so much for the mention!!! I will be reading your article a few more times. There is a lot to digest and learn from.

    Have a great end to your week Adam!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hi Don,

      Thanks! Great to hear you’re already having success with some of the tips I listed.

      It’s still crazy to think it’s only last summer that you started blogging – you’ve grown your presence incredibly fast! Great point about how you define influencers.

      A good example was a recent ” top posts” roundup post I was featured in. It was on a blog I’d never heard of but that one mention sent me 300+ highly targeted visitors.

      Great to hear you’ve got a SEMrush subscription, it’s one of my favourite marketing tools at the moment. I remember you mentioned the webinar, didn’t realize you had done a podcast too, that’s great!

      My pleasure, Don – you’re a shining example.

      Thanks! Have a great end to your week too!

      – Adam

      • Hi Adam,

        300+ highly targeted visitors – WOW! That’s awesome. That got your attention didn’t it? LOL…

        I’m looking forward to learning how to use SEMrush, I may pop in to their offices sometime soon and force them to teach me. I know they would love that! 🙂

        Thank you so much for the very kind words Adam.

        I hope you’re off to a great start this week.

        ~ Don

        • Hi Don,

          Yes! It definitely did haha 🙂

          That would be awesome! I think you’ll really love finding your way around SEMrush.

          My pleasure, Don.

          My week is off to a great start thanks, hope yours is too!

  • Hi Adam,

    As usual, top quality content presented in an easy-to-read format with a PDF download thrown in for good measure.

    I can confirm from my experience that certain posts attract more visitors. I’m not in your 5,000 visitor category yet! But the ‘mention’ posts, the ‘expert roundup’ posts, always win.
    I like the Load Impact tool, and the results confirmed what I knew – I need to speed up!

    Thanks for sharing all of these tips Adam.
    – David

    • Hi David,


      So true about the ‘mention’ and ‘expert roundup’ posts.

      The Load Impact tool is an eye opener. I’ve used Pingdom a lot and it can be great for finding quick ways to speed things up but it’s so helpful to see how speed changes when more visitors use the site.

      My pleasure, glad you’ve found them helpful!


  • Wow Adam,

    It seems like you’ve covered so much in this post my friend. Gosh, going through this entire thing I can’t think of a thing you have left out. I’m sure there are plenty more things to share but wow. This is a very impressive resources and like Sue had mentioned, I’ll be referring back to this one for sure.

    Can’t thank you enough for the mention too. How kind of you to include me alongside Ryan, Donna and Don. All people I so admire and have come to know and appreciate as well and just what you said about the commenting alone, priceless. People just don’t get how or why this works so well. It’s about the connections that will end up bringing you more traffic.

    Thank you again Adam for this fabulous resource and the kind mention. Yep, this is now bookmarked and a keeper.


    • Thanks so much, Adrienne – really appreciate the comment and the kind words.

      My pleasure, yourself, Ryan, Donna and Don are all shining examples of how to engage and build powerful relationships. Like you say, it’s all about the connections.

      You’re most welcome!

      Have a great weekend.

      – Adam

  • Damn Adam talk about giving away the farm, what a treasure trove of tips.

    I haven’t tried posting on LinkedIn before but I hear more and more people talk about how it is a really great place going to have to give this one a try.

    Plus you also reminded of things that made me kick myself because I should have been doing this ages ago (I’m too embarrassed to even say what it is)

    Thanks for sharing a great resource that I can come back to again and again.

    • Hi Mark,


      Definitely worth giving LinkedIn a shot – I’ve seen a lot of people republish content from their blog’s and just add “originally published on …..” so it doesn’t have to be too time consuming.

      It’s usually the way! Just writing this reminded me of a few things I need to focus on too.

      My pleasure – thanks for checking this out.

  • Lori English

    Adam, What a great post, and I liked where you said if you can use the Wordress social plugins, but if you use too many it could backfire. I am testing my site with Flares to see if I can get more shares. Thank You! Lori English .

    • Thanks Lori! Very true, got to keep the # of plugins you use in check. P3 Plugin Profiler is a good plugin to use to get an idea of how plugins impact page load times.

      My pleasure!


      • Lori English

        Thanks Adam, I am trying it out as of now. I’ll get back to You! Thanks Again!

        • You’re most welcome, Lori – looking forward to hearing how things go for you!

          • Lori English

            Thank you! I’ll keep you posted !

      • Lori English

        Thanks Adam.
        I appreciate your blog it’s informative.

        • My pleasure, Lori.

          • Lori English

            A questions I am changing theme in wet or esteem. How do I upload the new one and put it in the place of th his one ?

          • If you use WordPress, you would find a new theme, uploaded it and then activate it by going to appearance and then themes (there’s an activate button next to each theme).

            But, before changing the theme, it’s best to check to see if there is any specific theme functionality that you may lose.

            For example, if you’re using shortcodes that come with the theme, you may need to go through old blog posts and change them.

            Hope this helps.

  • Hey Adam,

    I tip my hat off to you for this great list of options to increase incoming traffic to your blog.

    I found an increase when I started creating better headlines, especially the list ones. I use coschedule headline analyzer, buzzsumo, EMV, and SEMrush. And yes it takes me a while to come up with a great headline. As a matter of fact it takes me a week to write just one blog post. But I rather make it more quality than putting more quantity of posts out there.

    There are a few things that is miss from my routine though. I need to do more guest posts, round ups, and also let other bloggers know that i linked out to their content. I don’t expect for this to catapult my blog by a lot, but it’ll give me much more traffic that I have now.

    I also did the speed test and the user experience is great, but I do need to improve the mobile experience. I like the fact that the google test tool gives you some instructions on how to fixe the problems!

    Thanks Adam for sharing! I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hey Sherman,


      List posts always seem to do well. You’ve got a great selection of tools that you’re using. Using most of them myself too – BuzzSumo and SEMrush have been especially helpful.

      Adding those extra’s to your routine will definitely make a difference. Guest posts are a big one, they don’t generate huge amounts of traffic but what they do get you is super targeted visitors.

      Great to hear your page speeds are looking good. Mobile is definitely a big one to focus on, Google is due to roll out an update on this soon.

      You’re most welcome, Sherman – have a great weekend too!

  • Hi Adam

    So diversity counts a lot in every blogging chore as you pointed out here several sources to drive more traffic.

    Just sticking to a few methods can bring good amount of traffic in the short term but for long term traffic growth it is equally beneficial in this field as well to avoid putting all eggs into the one basket.

    You are right the just sharing or responding fast at social media as a formality will never bring desired results. One has to spend sometime there without wasting the time to be familiar with others organically

    Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful list of driving more traffic at our blog.

    • Hi Mi,

      Great point about diversity – the more diverse, the better. It comes down to creating as many routes to your website as possible.

      That’s it! Can never rely on one or two methods, they may not be around forever.

      A good example is Facebook, a lot of people relied on their pages to send traffic back to their blogs – now organic reach has dropped making it incredibly difficult for a lot of people (although there are ways to get around this).

      My pleasure – thanks for the great comment!

  • Great tips Adam, as always.
    I was just checking out WiseStamp to create beautiful email signatures. I’m thinking about giving it a try for my personal email address (we have a template for the work one).
    I know it’s a long shot but do you track clicks from your email signature somehow? I always thought about it as a bonus but that doesn’t bring much traffic.

    • Thanks Aurelie!

      I don’t currently track them but I’m planning on doing this in the future. My plan is to use Google’s Custom URL builder:

      This would make sure visits show up in your analytics.

      This traffic method largely depends on the number of emails you send. It won’t be a large amount of traffic in most cases but the important thing is that it will be the right traffic (people who want to learn more about you and what you do).

  • Corina Ramos

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you for putting this post together for us. You’ve given me a lot of info to soak up here. I’ll be taking a closer look at this over the weekend and start working on some of your suggestions here. Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • Hi Corina,

      My pleasure!

      Let me know how you get on and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

      Have a great weekend too 🙂

  • Elna Cain

    Hi Adam,
    What a great comprehensive post you got here. I will surely bookmark this and refer to it to help me grow my traffic.
    I really value social media to help drive traffic to my blog and it’s great that you mentioned some tactics like Triberr and LinkedIn. I have to use those platforms more often, I think.
    Blog commenting is a huge factor as well. As a blogger it’s our job to support other bloggers and provide meaningful comments. I’m a freelance writer, I sort of have stopped commenting on people’s blogs because I’m too busy, but after reading your post and some other posts, I have to make it a part of my tasks to do for the day.
    I occasionally use Twtrland to find out who is tweeting my posts and to find influencers in my niche. It’s a great and easy tool to use.
    Great post!

    • Hi Elna,


      Social is a really great way to drive traffic. Triberr especially has been a big help there.

      Definitely! Well worth doing more blog commenting if you have time.

      Completely agree with you about Twtrland – super helpful tool.


  • Adam, this is an excellent list. I didn’t know that Stumbleupon Ads existed… but they are quite pricey. 🙁

    I have already started using LinkedIn to publish posts. I’ve published two, so far.

    Keep up the great work. Your resources always help other bloggers! 🙂

    • Thanks Lorraine!

      You’re right, they can be. I’ve found Outbrain to be a lot cheaper at times, but I like that StumbleUpon Ads can earn stumbles. Depends a lot on the content but definitely some potential there.

      Great to hear you’ve started using LinkedIn to publish.

      Will do, Lorraine! Thanks : )

  • Wow, Adam! This is an outstanding post! Triberr is definitely on the top of my list. In fact, I think that is where we met. 🙂 I use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer and Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer. They have both been invaluable tools.

    I’ve been working on the speed of our website and am considering setting up a CDN. Have you tried this?

    I also need to do more guest posts, round ups, as well as letting other bloggers know that I have linked to their content.

    Thanks for this golden post. I will be book markeing it and sharing it all over 🙂

    • Thanks Robin! Yes, I think it was Triberr 🙂 – Triberr makes such a huge difference.

      A CDN is definitely worth while. I’m using MaxCDN at the moment, originally switched over from Cloudflare.

      I had the free railgun option with my old host and while it did help, I had a bunch of random login glitches. And every day the site would randomly go down because of communication issues with my web host, although I didn’t have issues before Cloudflare.

      I’m on the lowest MaxCDN plan, I think it’s around $9/month for two sites and is serving me very well!

      Guest posting, round ups and letting other bloggers know when you’ve mentioned them – these all work wonders, time consuming but definitely worth while.

      You’re most welcome, Robin. Glad you’ve found this helpful and thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for this great post. Some of them are new to me. Promoting a blog and getting the target traffic is very essential. Thanks for sharing this info, will try these

  • Solid post, Adam. As usual.

  • The Google analytics “Channels” tab for seeing which places are sending you traffic is a good one, Adam. I’m discovering that Facebook is sending me a lot of traffic which is surprising because my page gets very little views, especially since the coverage change there and I don’t post links to my site much either. My only guess is that it’s coming from the groups I take part in. I don’t do much promoting of my blog in these, though.

    Also, the tip about mentioning influencers and letting them know about it works best, I’ve found, if you also include in posts in which you mention them, reasons why you’ve mentioned them. Influencers are getting used to “click-bait” (as one influencer called it) and just send “Thank-you” responses in reply, rather than actually commenting or promoting your post to their audiences.

    I’m just starting out on Triberr and haven’t quite got it yet.

    • True, Tom – it is. Great that you’re getting some good traffic from FB. From a user perspective I always feel more inclined to engage in groups rather than with pages directly.

      Great point about letting influencers know why they’ve been mentioned. I can see this being even more important as time goes on.

      Let me know how things go with Triberr.

  • Hi Adam,

    What an Excellent guide to drive more traffic. You are absolutely right if we run here and there, we can’t get benefit properly since we can’t focus to get thing rights.

    But if we follow one way first and when we start to get good results for that, we can try second one.

    Mentioning influencers articles into post is a great way to capture influences audience attention. You are absolutely correct if we tell them, we have mentioned them and ask to share our content, it will look like we mentioned just to get share our content by them. But if we tell we have mentioned them and don’t say to share.

    Most of them will show their love to share our content at social media even sometimes by commenting also plus and a thank you message. Is it not cool? Off course it is cool.

    it is q totally win-win deal, we made relationship plus got traffic.

    I found amazing to test headlines, I never knew before about this cool tool.

    Thanks to share amazing ways with us.


    • Hi Jyoti,


      That’s it exactly – there are some tactics that I’ve known people to try and give up when they don’t see results in the short term. Sometimes all it takes is a quick tweak to the approach to make it work. There’s always a degree of trial and error.

      When mentioning influencers, you can also try to identify the social network they’re most active on and let them know there as an alternative to email.

      Definitely very cool – it all comes down to the relationship.

      Glad you’ve found the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer tool helpful!

      My pleasure – thanks for commenting!

  • Hi Adam,

    thanks for collecting all these tips. I’ve been on the fence with Triberr for some time now and can’t really decide whether it’s worth my time or not.

    Currently I’m more into regular guest posting and it work’s quite nice but it also is a big time thieve.

    In my eyes, the most important thing is to stick with it. Be consistent with your promotion efforts and the long term benefits will come later maybe even months down the road.

    Thanks again& keep up the great work 🙂

    • Hi Philip,

      No worries!

      Very true, you’ve got to be consistent with your efforts and the long term benefits eventually follow.

      For Triberr, I’ve found it to be extremely worthwhile. Once you’re setup, you can get some good results without investing too much time. Although like anything, the more you put in, the more you get out.

      Thanks 🙂

  • Thanks Adam. Very useful and effective tips that you have detailed out well here.

    • My pleasure, Sangeeta! Thanks for your comment.

  • Lori English

    THANKS ADAM .Such a great blog with all your helpful hints!

  • Hello Adam,

    Nice post here and am truly impressed that you have started your post from the point that why genuine traffic matters. Although there are many traffic generation techniques, but the most important thing is to choose the right ones to get the right and genuine traffic.I have seen many websites with a huge link-building, but they failed to achieve traffic as required because of the fact that they have chosen wrong platforms to make links and hence doesn’t provide any traffic.

    • Thanks Farid,

      Glad you liked the post!

      I agree, finding the right tactics that can generate the right traffic is the way to go.

      Using the wrong link building tactics can have the additional affect of potentially losing existing traffic from Google and other search engines.

  • Damir

    Hey Adam,

    Love this article! I just passed it along to our content marketing team as I am sure that they will pick a few useful strategies form there!


    Hello Adam,

    Definitely a very useful article for us. Yes, we need to create high quality content and add more value in our blog content. Selecting trending topics is a good idea to get more online exposure.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this useful post.

  • Your work is very good and I appreciate you and hopping for some more informative posts 😀

  • Graham Bell

    Hi Adam, This is an amazing and details blog post that I found really helpful. I’ve already gone ahead and implemented the (click to tweet) plugin on my site. Thanks again!

    • Thanks Graham, really glad you’ve found this helpful. Awesome that you’ve already got click to tweet working on your site!