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100+ Bite-Sized Tips To Get You More Social Shares (And Traffic)


It all sounds so easy.

Create a blog, write some content and then wait for the traffic to magically appear in your analytics.

Then more time goes by, and still – not much happens.

Barely any traffic to speak of, let alone people sharing your content.

We’ve all been there, desperately wanting our voice to be heard by the masses.

But, what if I could show you how to get the masses sharing your content?

What if I could show you some quick and easy tips that will help you finally get more eyeballs on your content?

Would you give it a try?

Here are 100+ easy to digest tips to help you get started:

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4 Reasons you need more social shares

I can definitely see how social shares can be perceived as a bit of a vanity metric, and I wouldn’t disagree.

But, the truth is that they can do a lot for you.

Here are a few reasons why:

Leverage social proof to get better results

There are plenty of explanations floating around the web, but I quite like how Ed Hallen worded it on the Buffer blog:

Social proof is the concept that people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.

When someone visits your blog and reads a post that gets lots of social shares, it has a positive effect on how they perceive your blog and how important it is.

It can make people more likely to share your content.

The truth is that it works both ways.

For example, if you don’t get many social shares and those numbers are displayed on your blog – it can have a negative impact.

This is even more important when you consider that first impressions about your website are made in 50 milliseconds, and that even fact cannot change first impressions.

Your visibility may reach new heights

When someone shares your content, your name (along with your blog and/or brand) then becomes visible to a potentially large group of people.

People may not click on the link this time, but they may click on the next link that mentions your name.

The more people see mentions of your name (especially when shared by influencers), the more curious they will get over time.

The opportunity to generate more traffic for your blog can skyrocket

This is one of the main benefits.

The more shares you get, the more likely you are to get more traffic for your blog.

How much traffic will depend on how influential the people sharing your content are.

Your engagement can go through the roof

When you get more traffic, you will have more people reading your content.

This opens the door to generating a lot more engagement, for example; comments on your blog.

21 Ways to get more social shares on Twitter

Get more tweets and retweets

Twitters base of users is still growing, when they released their first quarter of 2014 results, Twitter confirmed an increase of 25% year-over-year [source].

Thanks to some of the tips below, Twitter makes up 59% of all social media referrals to my blog.

  1. Add a share button to your blog (using a tool that allows you to include your Twitter handle works best)
  2. Include ‘Please ReTweet’ at the beginning of your Tweet to generate as much as 4x more ReTweets (Hubspot’s study revealed this a while back, but it can annoy people – use sparingly and with caution)
  3. @mention influencers that you included in your content
  4. @mention any individual or company that you have included in your content
  5. Use a tool like Followerwonk or Manage Flitter to figure out the best times to post (lots of people have shared this type of data but it works best based on your followers)
  6. Use Sponsored Tweets (not officially through Twitter)
  7. Use Promoted Tweets (officially through Twitter)
  8. Use a tool like Followerwonk to figure out exactly what topics are most important to your audience
  9. Post a variety of content not just links (e.g. quotes)
  10. Post more often (within reason – tools like Social Oomph can help here)
  11. Sign up for Triberr and join relevant tribes (try creating tribes of your own and inviting influencers)
  12. Post better quality content
  13. Include trending hashtags in your tweets
  14. Optimize your hashtags (can be done easily with tools like Ritetag)
  15. Optimize your tweets (the more compelling the better)
  16. Engage more with your followers (cultivating relationships is key)
  17. Share other peoples content (not just yours)
  18. Share content that is controversial, shocking, or uplifting
  19. Tweet images
  20. Embed tweets in your content
  21. Add ‘Tweet this’ links next to quotes in your content (this can be done easily with tools like Click To Tweet)

Note: if you want to get more Twitter followers, check out this detailed post which discusses each tactic in more depth.

15 Ways to get more social shares on Google+

Get more shares on Google+

Out of all of the social networks that I currently use, Google+ has been the easiest to build a following on by far.

More than 25% of the worldwide internet users are now active at least once a month which makes it quite a force to be reckoned with. [Source]

Despite the rubbish that Tech Crunch has been spouting, G+ isn’t going anywhere.

  1. Add a share button to your blog (rather than a +1 button)
  2. Include a title in bold type using asterisks either side of your title, e.g. – *title*
  3. Include a sub title in italics by adding underscores either side of your sub title, e.g. – _sub title_
  4. Tag niche influencers in your G+ post (when relevant)
  5. Share infographics
  6. Stop sharing your posts directly with your circles – this usually gets you muted, good luck once that happens
  7. Create a targeted circle of people that want updates about your content – H/T to Mike Allton for this one
  8. Embed G+ posts in your content
  9. Create a unique post that adds value that cannot be found within the content on your blog – this post by Demian Farnworth from Copyblogger is a great example
  10. Run a regular HOA (Hangout on Air)
  11. Curate multiple posts into a single G+ post
  12. Ask your followers a question
  13. Keep a balance when using #hashtags
  14. Ask your followers to share your post
  15. Share your posts in relevant communities but avoid dropping links – add something to the discussion

11 Ways to get more pins and re-pins on Pinterest

Get more pins and re-pins on Pinterest

Adding high impact visuals to your content is important and with Pinterest being all about the visuals, it’s an opportunity worth capitalising on.

While Pinterest isn’t the biggest social network, you can still get some great results, when you do things right.

  1. Add Pinterest sharing buttons to your blog
  2. Share your images on group boards (the larger the following – the better)
  3. Share your pins on other networks – a great example is how Rebekah Radice incorporates Pinterest links into her Google+ shares
  4. Use a service like Markerly or Shareaholic to add Pinterest buttons to your images
  5. Write more detailed image descriptions and ‘alt tags’
  6. Share images that are relevant to your followers
  7. Share images that are eye catching
  8. Share more original pins than re-pins
  9. Share your pins on multiple boards
  10. Share taller images (infographics work great)
  11. Ask people to share your pin in your description

25 Ways to get more social shares on Facebook (and boost your organic reach)

Get more shares and increase your reach on Facebook

Due to how Facebook’s algorithm works, it can be more of a challenge to actually get people to see your updates, especially if you are sharing from a Facebook page.

Social@Ogilvy conducted a study which found that on average, organic reach for most Facebook pages had dropped to 6%. That’s crazy!

So after we get into some of the ways to specifically get more Facebook shares, I’ll talk through some tips to help you increase your reach. That will help you get even more shares.

13 Ways to get more social shares on Facebook

  1. Share your content manually unless you use a tool like Post Planner that works from within Facebook (Facebook doesn’t like it when you use external tools)
  2. Embed Facebook posts in your content
  3. Have at least one image in your post
  4. Use eye catching images
  5. Ask people to share your post directly
  6. Optimize your copy – writing more engaging and compelling content will help
  7. Share a variety of content – try sharing relevant videos and images
  8. Write about trending topics
  9. Share only what’s relevant to your audience
  10. Share exclusive content that you don’t share on other networks
  11. Keep any text to a minimum – according to Buffer, the ideal length is less than 40 characters
  12. Share content that will invoke an emotional response
  13. Add call to action buttons – this won’t directly boost your shares but it will boost your click through rate which can lead to an indirect boost in social shares. Follow this guide to set this up.

12 Tips to grow your Facebook organic reach by up to 875% (and get even more shares)

I have used some of these tips to grow organic reach by up to 875% on rare occasions.

These results aren’t typical and while they weren’t ‘a flash in the pan’, I did replicate similar results, but you should never expect to get the same results.

And this was after the Social@Ogilvy study, which showed a steep drop in organic reach for most pages.

While these are all tips that will help you grow your reach, getting your posts seen means getting more shares.

  1. Grow an audience naturally – don’t buy followers (it looks cool but it will hurt your progress in the long run and people quickly notice the huge difference in engagement vs likes)
  2. Tag industry influencers in your posts when relevant
  3. Post more photos and video
  4. Share photo’s that are self-explanatory
  5. Share regularly
  6. Encourage engagement – the more people who react, the more people that will see your post
  7. Engage with others more often
  8. Keep the quality and relevance to your audience high – negative comments will have an impact
  9. Respond to comments on your post
  10. Ask questions in your posts and get people talking
  11. Avoid using external apps to share to Facebook – try Post Planner as an alternative, as it operates within Facebook
  12. Use promoted posts

37 Ways to get more social shares no matter which platform you use

Get more social shares on any platform

16 Ways to plan your content better and skyrocket your social shares

I recently published a post where I talked about how to plan your blog posts better to ensure that you have the best chance of generating traffic. Read it here.

A number of the same tactics still apply and they are explained in much more detail, so it’s worth a read, but here is what you need to know:

  1. Write about hot topics before anyone else – otherwise known as newsjacking
  2. Promote your old (evergreen) content regularly
  3. Maintain a level of trust (people share content that looks trust worthy)
  4. Share content that solves your audience’s problems
  5. Map your content to your audience personas – I talk about this in more detail here
  6. Publish more detailed and higher quality content
  7. Run a giveaway using a tool like Rafflecopter
  8. How to and list posts can get up to 47% more shares [source]
  9. Publish a case study
  10. Publish a post that includes an infographic (people love to share infographics)
  11. Mention influencers in your content and tell them about it
  12. Use compelling copy in your headlines and make people curious
  13. Look at your competitor’s most popular content using BuzzSumo to identify which topics will resonate with your audience
  14. Stop writing dull content
  15. Write about causes that resonate with your audience
  16. Repurpose your content into other mediums – think about video, infographics and Slideshare presentations for example

7 Blog tweaks to get even more social shares

How your blog is designed can have an impact, as evidenced by this split test on, using Optimizley which resulted in a 28% increase in social shares.

  1. Remove unnecessary distractions from your site
  2. Add social share buttons to your blog – there are plenty of social sharing plugins for WordPress and services like Shareaholic make it easy to add them to any website
  3. Only add social share buttons for key social sites – too many buttons can decrease shares
  4. Hide your share counts if you don’t get many social shares and avoid negative social proof
  5. Add larger social sharing buttons
  6. Add share buttons to emails to your mailing list subscribers
  7. Hide exclusive content behind a share locker like WP Sharely – alternatively you could offer downloadable PDF versions of your content behind the share locker

14 Other tactics for generating more social shares

The fun continues, because there are still more tactics we can use to help out content gain more traction using social media.

  1. Add an image when you share your post – make it vivid and emotive
  2. Share other people’s content and let them know about it – chances are they might return the favour at some point
  3. Ask your readers to share – this can be at the end of your content, on posts on social media platforms or in an email to your mailing list
  4. Focus on building a natural and targeted following that wants to hear what you have to say
  5. Use Triberr to network with bloggers in your niche – this works best for Twitter, but users can add other social networks too
  6. Share your content on niche social networks – for example, if you’re in the gaming niche try
  7. Be active on social media – it’s hard to influence people without ‘being there’
  8. Ask your readers what they want to read using a poll or survey – can work well for this
  9. Promote your content through guest posting on authoritative blogs in your niche
  10. Share more often – sharing other people’s content as well as your own typically works best
  11. Email influencers, individuals or brands that you have mentioned and ask them to share your content
  12. Get people talking and ask questions
  13. Ask a friend to share your content
  14. Use a service like Markerly that will add share buttons when users highlight text or hover over an image

Over to you

A lot of the tips above will help you to get more shares in a short amount of time, but don’t expect the results to come over night. 

Some of these tips require you to put time and effort in, and if you don’t see results straight away, keep at it but don’t forget that these tips are just part of the process – you need a social media strategy in place to leverage them effectively.

These things can take time, but you can do it.

And if you only take a single tactic/tool away with you to implement – get on Triberr.

It’s incredible.

Do you have any tips to add?

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Sources: Social Media Marketing Writing, Buffer, Econsultancy, Hubspot, Search Engine Journal and Robert Ryan.

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  • Nirmala Santhakumar

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    Blog posts with attractive image & title, trendy topic, in-depth data would pull more social signals naturally. Keep on sharing your innovative ideas Adam :)

    • Adam Connell

      Hi Nirmala,

      So glad that you’ve found this post useful :)

      Great to know that you’re already following a lot of these.

      Sure thing, got plenty more lined up!

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    Excellent Adam! I shoot videos on my Android Tablet, upload to Google Plus quickly than embed on my blog as a post…definitely boosts those social shares pronto 😉

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks Ryan. I’ve noticed some of your embedded vids on your blog – they look great.

      How are they performing for you at the moment?

  • Bhanu Chander

    Way to go Adam !

    Really a fantastic article – I can say a mix of articles. I have to appreciate you for taking time to write such an awesome post. I especially liked your 16 ways, G+ guide and blog tactics. It’s really hard to see posts that contain more words, many bloggers usually restrict their writing to say 1000 words or something like that. I’m glad to see that you didn’t cared for any such thing, instead you concentrated only on the content ! That’s really great way of delivering and interestingly your article made me read everything (from top to bottom) without skipping some (Usually I do that if I don’t find the article interesting !).

    Thanks for sharing your views. I need to apply some of these ideas :)

    • Adam Connell

      Hi Bhanu,

      Thanks for the kind words – really glad you’ve found my post useful.

      I know what you mean, but there are definitely more bloggers starting to move towards longer articles.

      I’ve always found that more detailed posts get better traction and it’s well worth spending the extra time.

      Also, your comments show that it’s a good way to go.

      Strangely enough, I’ve written posts a lot longer than this but managed to cram a lot of actionable tips in here.

      My pleasure – happy to help :)

  • Mandie Sanders

    Really great tips – bookmarking this page! The only thing that surprised me was putting “Please ReTweet” on your tweets. Does this really work? Personally, every time I see that I just find it really annoying and I purposely WON’T retweet it, even if I did find it interesting. (“Don’t tell me what to do, tweet!”) Haha, then again, I’m kind of a rebel. :)

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks Mandie :)

      I totally understand how you feel about asking for RT’s.

      My main reason for including it was a study done by Hubspot:

      Data suggested 4 time more ReTweets.

      I tried it a while back and did get some good results from it.

      As a fellow rebel, I can totally relate to that :)

      • Mandie Sanders

        Wow, good to know! I might do a test run with it. I’m going to have to edit my “How to Annoy People on Twitter” article. Lol

        • Adam Connell

          It’s still probably worth keeping in, it can still annoy people – but can work for others lol :)

  • Ace Concierge

    We can always count on you for fantastic content Adam. You definitely offer helpful advice, clear and concise that anyone can implement.

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks so much Suzie! :) there’s plenty more lined up!

  • Joseph Wagner

    Good article Adam. Regarding the social proof at the beginning, I’ve noticed that if you have a new blog with little interaction, no built following yet, but good content, it might actually be better to hide your engagement at the beginning. People see a new post with 0 likes as uncool and are less likely to like in the early stages. I’ve noticed this on a few of my posts recently through experimentation that my view/like ratio was substantially higher earlier if I didn’t display social plugins, but then later displayed after gathering early likes. Thanks for the tips!

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks Joseph,

      That’s a good point – there is definitely the potential negative social proof to have an impact. It’s something I’ve experienced on some blogs too.

      I like your idea of displaying share counts after you’ve got some good shares on a post. I think there’s a social plugin somewhere that hides the count if it’s below a certain number – must have a look for it and do some testing.

      Anytime – thanks for a great comment.

  • Steven J Wilson

    This is an excellent post Adam. Tons of great content and resources.

    Google+ is now my favorite social network by far. I have found that one of the most affective ways I generate traffic is of course a great headline but also adding some value to the description before I place the link. This method also works even better for me when you use relevant groups that you are active in.

    I enjoyed this post for sure. Especially, Pinterest since that will be one of the platforms I have next on my to dos.

    Take care Adam!

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks Steven.

      Great to see you’re focusing more on Google+.

      I’ve had a similar experience there, the formatting options and ability to use ‘full bleed’ images definitely works wonders.

      Pinterest will be another solid traffic driver for you and eye-catching images are very easy to create using a tool like Canva.

      Thanks Steven, you too!

  • Leslie L Denning

    Whew! Great content. Just glad it’s bite-sized. You have a lot of great content here. I’ll be visiting a lot more often. Thanks for sharing.

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks Leslie :)

      Sometimes bite-sized is the perfect size!

      My pleasure – hope to see you back soon.

  • Sherman Smith

    Hey Adam,

    Wow this is quite impressive here. You can’t go wrong with the tips you shared, especially with twitter. I a couple of occasions I’ve gotten over 200 tweets within a couple of days, and the strategy I use goes along the lines of what you recommended. This post would definitely be a great reference! Thanks for sharing!

    • Adam Connell

      Hey Sherman,

      Thanks for the kind words! Great to know that you’ve been using similar tactics and getting great results.

      My pleasure, hope you can use some of the other tips to get even better results!

  • Mike Rafati

    Great content Adam, thanks for sharing!

    • Adam Connell

      No worries, Mike. Thanks for checking out the post.

  • Stuart Laing

    Really great post Adam, you’ve packed it with so many ideas. In fact, each tip could be used as the basis for a new article.

    I agree with your point about content curation. This could be one of the greatest promotional opportunities at present. There is so much content online these days and most people don’t have the time to search for the truly brilliant content from the rest.

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks Stuart – there’s definitely some room for some new posts to spawn from this and some particular tips that would need further explanation.

      I’m with you – I think there is always potential to spread ourselves a bit too thin, which is where the value of these type of curated posts comes in. I’m seeing a lot more of this type of thing.

      Thanks for checking out the post.

  • Adrienne

    Well you already know this is an awesome post and I came over here because Sherryl Perry had missed it as well and shared it in her roundup. I’m surprised I missed this one too but I guess I did. You really do know how to give us the goods Adam, you’re just a genius.

    If someone can’t find something on this list to help them on any of these platforms then they just obviously aren’t here for the right reasons or willing to put themselves out there.

    You really did share the goods on how we can get more social shares on all the platforms. I’m going to have to study this list a little more to see how I can improve as well. I’ve been falling behind lately just being so busy that I’m not able to “do it all” at the moment. I certainly don’t want that to hurt me in the long run but it will if I don’t pick it up.

    Thank you Adam again, awesome tips my friend.


    • Adam Connell

      Hey Adrienne,

      Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the delay responding – I’ve been ill for a few weeks, easing back into things with the important stuff – comments :)

      Thanks so much for the kind words – that really means a lot!

      So true, there’s a lot to work with here, just a few of the tips I’ve mentioned have had a huge impact on my social shares.

      I can definitely relate to that – there’s only so much that we can do and this blogging thing is time consuming. It’s good to test what works best for your audience and then focus on the tips yield the best results.

      My pleasure, Adrienne – have an awesome weekend!

  • Brian Jackson

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    • Adam Connell

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  • Harleena Singh

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    What an awesome post! :)

    I was just over at Adrienne’s where she mentioned your post, and the title caught my eye, bringing me right here. Yes, I think I saw it on Triberr too, but good to read through it now.

    Loved all your tips, some that I do follow, and some I need to follow. I guess one can’t do everything nor be everywhere, but it does help to be guided in the right direction, and we cannot ignore any of these social platforms either. Moderation is the key, though you need to find time to be on all the above mentioned platforms, as having an online presence on such social platforms is essential too.

    Thanks for these wonderful tips, once again. Have a nice rest of the week :)

    • Adam Connell

      Hi Harleena,

      Thanks so much :)

      I was stoked to read Adrienne’s email and then find my post there.

      That’s so true, we can only do so much. Definitely, it’s all about finding that healthy balance. I find the best way to balance things out is to put the focus more on where your target audience hangs out and the social networks that give the best results.

      My pleasure, thanks for the great comment and enjoy the rest of your week :)

  • Sherman Smith

    Hey Adam,

    Time and time again you always give us a mouthful of great information.

    I did find this blog post in Adrienne Smiths for her thankful thursday and I have to say that I’m glad that I stopped by!

    You mentioned using followerwonk. I just started using followerwonk a couple of months ago, and it does work to my advantage. I can figure out the peak times people are on twitter and I can adjust Buffer to tweet my blog post around those time. It does help a lot.

    I’m off and on when it comes to social media. I usually just comment on what people post instead of writing about what comes to mind. For me it works better like this. Other than that, I’m usually posting my blog post once a week, or always posting others on social media!

    But I’ll definitely keep some of the other tips you mentioned in mind! Thanks for the share and I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Adam Connell

      Hey Sherman,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      Glad you stopped by too my friend!

      Great to hear you’re finding Followerwonk useful, the integration with Buffer is something that I really like too.

      I think with social media and blogging, you’ve got to have your own groove – what works for one, doesn’t work for the other.

      I usually post once a week, I check my Twitter several times a day and then try to be on Google+ at least once a day.

      Find your groove and go with what works.

      I’m sure the other tips will come in useful.

      Thanks, have a great weekend too!

  • Josh Coffy

    Hey Adam!

    Fantastic post, my man. Keep it up. I like how you broke down the individual networks! :)


    P.S. How are the ‘downloadable PDFs’ with leadpages doing for you? Thinking of doing the same! Are you adding them all to a general list or list-segment?

    • Adam Connell

      Hey Josh,

      Thanks for the kind words – glad you liked the post!

      They’re doing good but I had to take my foot off the gas with them due to a bunch of other projects.

      The convert especially well when you structure posts in 2 parts and have the 2nd part for the opt-in.

      I’m adding them to a general list right now. Got some plans on developing the content I have further at some stage.


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