• http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

    Hi Nirmala,

    So glad that you’ve found this post useful :)

    Great to know that you’re already following a lot of these.

    Sure thing, got plenty more lined up!

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    Thanks for this great article. Plenty of material for me to try out.

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      Nathan, you’re most welcome! Thanks for checking out the post.

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    Excellent tips for bloggers as usual @adamjayc:disqus! Thanks for including me in your post.

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      Thanks Christian! My pleasure, your post is a great resource for sure.

  • Diana Scholten

    Fantastic Post Adam! Thank you for sharing these tips with us!

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      My pleasure, Diana – thanks for your comment :)

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    Thanks Mandie :)

    I totally understand how you feel about asking for RT’s.

    My main reason for including it was a study done by Hubspot: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/14982/New-Data-Proves-Please-ReTweet-Generates-4x-More-ReTweets-Data.aspx

    Data suggested 4 time more ReTweets.

    I tried it a while back and did get some good results from it.

    As a fellow rebel, I can totally relate to that :)

    • Mandie Sanders

      Wow, good to know! I might do a test run with it. I’m going to have to edit my “How to Annoy People on Twitter” article. Lol

      • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

        It’s still probably worth keeping in, it can still annoy people – but can work for others lol :)

  • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

    Thanks Ryan. I’ve noticed some of your embedded vids on your blog – they look great.

    How are they performing for you at the moment?

  • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

    Hi Bhanu,

    Thanks for the kind words – really glad you’ve found my post useful.

    I know what you mean, but there are definitely more bloggers starting to move towards longer articles.

    I’ve always found that more detailed posts get better traction and it’s well worth spending the extra time.

    Also, your comments show that it’s a good way to go.

    Strangely enough, I’ve written posts a lot longer than this but managed to cram a lot of actionable tips in here.

    My pleasure – happy to help :)

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    We can always count on you for fantastic content Adam. You definitely offer helpful advice, clear and concise that anyone can implement.

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      Thanks so much Suzie! :) there’s plenty more lined up!

  • Joseph Wagner

    Good article Adam. Regarding the social proof at the beginning, I’ve noticed that if you have a new blog with little interaction, no built following yet, but good content, it might actually be better to hide your engagement at the beginning. People see a new post with 0 likes as uncool and are less likely to like in the early stages. I’ve noticed this on a few of my posts recently through experimentation that my view/like ratio was substantially higher earlier if I didn’t display social plugins, but then later displayed after gathering early likes. Thanks for the tips!

    • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

      Thanks Joseph,

      That’s a good point – there is definitely the potential negative social proof to have an impact. It’s something I’ve experienced on some blogs too.

      I like your idea of displaying share counts after you’ve got some good shares on a post. I think there’s a social plugin somewhere that hides the count if it’s below a certain number – must have a look for it and do some testing.

      Anytime – thanks for a great comment.

  • http://www.highpoweredseo.com/ Steven J Wilson

    This is an excellent post Adam. Tons of great content and resources.

    Google+ is now my favorite social network by far. I have found that one of the most affective ways I generate traffic is of course a great headline but also adding some value to the description before I place the link. This method also works even better for me when you use relevant groups that you are active in.

    I enjoyed this post for sure. Especially, Pinterest since that will be one of the platforms I have next on my to dos.

    Take care Adam!

    • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

      Thanks Steven.

      Great to see you’re focusing more on Google+.

      I’ve had a similar experience there, the formatting options and ability to use ‘full bleed’ images definitely works wonders.

      Pinterest will be another solid traffic driver for you and eye-catching images are very easy to create using a tool like Canva.

      Thanks Steven, you too!

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    Whew! Great content. Just glad it’s bite-sized. You have a lot of great content here. I’ll be visiting a lot more often. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks Leslie :)

      Sometimes bite-sized is the perfect size!

      My pleasure – hope to see you back soon.

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    Hey Adam,

    Wow this is quite impressive here. You can’t go wrong with the tips you shared, especially with twitter. I a couple of occasions I’ve gotten over 200 tweets within a couple of days, and the strategy I use goes along the lines of what you recommended. This post would definitely be a great reference! Thanks for sharing!

    • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

      Hey Sherman,

      Thanks for the kind words! Great to know that you’ve been using similar tactics and getting great results.

      My pleasure, hope you can use some of the other tips to get even better results!

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    Great content Adam, thanks for sharing!

    • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

      No worries, Mike. Thanks for checking out the post.

  • http://earninghabits.com Stuart Laing

    Really great post Adam, you’ve packed it with so many ideas. In fact, each tip could be used as the basis for a new article.

    I agree with your point about content curation. This could be one of the greatest promotional opportunities at present. There is so much content online these days and most people don’t have the time to search for the truly brilliant content from the rest.

    • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

      Thanks Stuart – there’s definitely some room for some new posts to spawn from this and some particular tips that would need further explanation.

      I’m with you – I think there is always potential to spread ourselves a bit too thin, which is where the value of these type of curated posts comes in. I’m seeing a lot more of this type of thing.

      Thanks for checking out the post.

  • http://www.bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

    Hey Adrienne,

    Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the delay responding – I’ve been ill for a few weeks, easing back into things with the important stuff – comments :)

    Thanks so much for the kind words – that really means a lot!

    So true, there’s a lot to work with here, just a few of the tips I’ve mentioned have had a huge impact on my social shares.

    I can definitely relate to that – there’s only so much that we can do and this blogging thing is time consuming. It’s good to test what works best for your audience and then focus on the tips yield the best results.

    My pleasure, Adrienne – have an awesome weekend!

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    Awesome post Adam! Keep up the great work.

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      Thanks Brian :)

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    Hi Harleena,

    Thanks so much :)

    I was stoked to read Adrienne’s email and then find my post there.

    That’s so true, we can only do so much. Definitely, it’s all about finding that healthy balance. I find the best way to balance things out is to put the focus more on where your target audience hangs out and the social networks that give the best results.

    My pleasure, thanks for the great comment and enjoy the rest of your week :)

  • http://www.bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

    Hey Sherman,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Glad you stopped by too my friend!

    Great to hear you’re finding Followerwonk useful, the integration with Buffer is something that I really like too.

    I think with social media and blogging, you’ve got to have your own groove – what works for one, doesn’t work for the other.

    I usually post once a week, I check my Twitter several times a day and then try to be on Google+ at least once a day.

    Find your groove and go with what works.

    I’m sure the other tips will come in useful.

    Thanks, have a great weekend too!