How To Get All Of Your Biggest Questions About Blogging Answered In One Place

Get your blogging questions answered

This morning I set at my desk with an insanely huge document full of blog post ideas, ready to get started on my next post.

I was trying to think about how I could make a big difference to you – my readers.

Now, I already do a Reader Q&A for my mailing list subscribers where I write in depth posts to answer particular questions – the last one was over 3,000+ words.

This is still quite a recent thing but I wanted to do more to help you.

How this all came about

I have received an incredible amount of responses to the survey that I send to my subscribers and I try to respond to as many individually as I can.

Typically I look for the meatiest question and add that to my editorial calendar then answer the shorter questions individually.

I received a lot of similar questions so I began to see that there were a lot of questions that required shorter and more direct answers.

I talked to a few other bloggers who mentioned that they had received some similar questions and then it hit me, the idea was so simple.

The answers to all of your questions

So, here’s the idea – to create a database of FAQs from bloggers where everyone can go to find out the answers to their questions.

This will work as a typical FAQ section.

I have spent the entire day filling in some of the questions that I have already received (those that require shorter answers).

Despite that, I am sure there are loads more questions that need to be added, so I will be looking to you, my readers to let me know what questions you have in a survey.

You can fill in the survey here.

I can’t promise that I can get back to everyone individually with answers, but I will sure do my best.

Check out the Blogger FAQs page >>

Now this is where I need your help

The initial feedback that I’ve received off bloggers today while building this resource has been incredible.

But the reality is that people can’t find this unless they know about it.

So if you think this is a great idea and you know people that might value from it – let them know!

Or take it a step further and blog about it.

Whether you just take part and submit your questions or you share and maybe blog about it – I will be incredibly grateful!

And I’m sure the people you recommend this resource to will be very grateful too!

Check out the Blogger FAQs page >>

Over to you

What are your thoughts?

Do you think a resource like this can be useful for bloggers?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    Great idea, This will be very useful

    • Adam Connell

      Glad you like the idea, Alison :)

  • Cheri

    Adam, this is absolutely great. I have bookmarked the blogging FAQ’s so that when a question comes up, I can find the answer. Many, many thanks — super idea!

    • Adam Connell

      Really glad you’re liking this idea, Cheri!

      Feel free to fill in the survey and add your own questions so I can get them answered :)

  • Nathan Ambrose

    Great idea, Adam. Bookmarked!

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks Nathan!