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Hybrid Connect Review: The Ultimate List Building Plugin?

Hybrid Connect Plugin Review
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  • Hybrid Connect
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  • Last modified: March 12, 2015
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Important note: Hybrid Connect has been taken off the market and been replaced by a plugin that is far better in every way. It’s called Thrive Leads, read my review to find out how you can use it to rapidly grow your email list.

In the following post you’re going to discover the inner workings of what I can only describe as one of the best mailing list plugins available for WordPress right now. You’ll learn everything you need to know to make a decision and also exactly why I bought it and use it on all of my websites.

If you have been here before, then you may have noticed that I’m a big fan of Hybrid Connect.

I use it on plenty of my sites but the big question is – is it all just hype? And is it going to help you?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Hybrid Connect plugin reviewed

Hybrid Connect is a WordPress plugin that is designed specifically to make it extremely easy for you to integrate almost any mailing list provider and create powerful, converting opt-in forms.

These converting opt-in forms will get people on to your mailing list which you can then use to keep bringing traffic back to your blog and promoting products to.

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The good

Hybrid Connect has an impressive array of features and combine together to make this one of the most powerful list building plugins available.

Here are some examples of the main features:

  • Responsive forms
  • Entirely drag and drop, no coding required form builder
  • Add forms using short code
  • Unlimited forms and unlimited lists
  • GoToWebinar integration
  • In depth statistics
  • Facebook connect integration
  • Built in split testing functionality
  • 30 impressive templates to get you started
  • Save your own templates
  • Embed video in your opt-in forms

The bad

The main downside to Hybrid Connect is that it’s a resource intensive plugin.

It will slow down your website, but in a way this is to be expected.

That’s the downside of adding all this extra functionality into WordPress – there are plugins that are less resource intensive but you will not get anywhere near this level of functionality.

There are always trade offs and performance is the main one here.

This is definitely an important consideration before purchasing this.

Where can you add opt-in forms with Hybrid Connect?

Hybrid Connect allows you to add opt-in forms in the following locations on your blog:

  • Sidebar opt-ins
  • Pop-up light boxes
  • Below your post
  • Slide-in
  • In-content
  • Opt-in tick box for your comments
  • Facebook pages
  • Squeeze pages

Which auto responder services are supported?

A lot of plugins that are available either don’t support many mailing list/auto responder services or they list a few of the big names and leave it at that meaning that sometimes you’re just not sure what will work.

  • iContact
  • GetResponse
  • Infusionsoft
  • Mail Chimp
  • Constant Contact
  • AWeber
  • Office Auto Pilot
  • Imnica Mail
  • And more..

If your mailing list provider supports HTML web forms then it will work with Hybrid Connect.

Just how good is the form builder interface?

One of the reasons why I bought Hybrid Connect was because I had been searching for a new Opt-in plugin for a good while, I tried a lot of the main plugins and I was always disappointed.

You could customise a lot them but only to a certain point, then after that you would definitely need to know HTML and CSS to get the sort of look that you want.

I wanted a mailing list plugin that was 100% customisable, no need for messing around with code – just an easy and straight forward way to building powerful converting opt-in forms.

Let’s take a look at the types of things you’ll be able to do with the Hybrid Connect interface.

You start off with the option to pick a template:

Hybrid Connect Review
You then get the option to change headline text, descriptions, bullet styles, call to actions, button text and privacy policy:

Hybrid Connect Review: Ultimate Form Builder
Now we’re on to the actual customization options which allow you to change every aspect of the template:

Hybrid Connect Customisation Options
Each one of the sections above expands to reveal settings that give you complete control over your opt-in form’s look.

Next you can add images, change margins, positioning and more:

Upload images with Hybrid Connect

The verdict on Hybrid Connect

Hybrid Connect is an impressive plugin with all of the features that you will need to skyrocket your mailing list.

You have over 30 well designed templates to get you started, but you have the option to change anything on whichever template you want to use, you can customise every aspect with an intuitive form builder interface.

You can hook in any auto responder that you like providing it supports HTML forms and then there’s split testing which will allow you to ensure your forms are converting extremely well.

Hybrid Connect is a must have mailing list plugin. Nothing else seems to match it in terms of features.

… I’m not the only one who thinks that because 1,000’s of other bloggers like you are already benefiting from Hybrid Connect.

Click here for more details on Hybrid Connect

Hybrid Connect

Summary: Hybrid Connect is a must have plugin that makes it easy to add high converting opt-in forms to your website. You will love how easy you can customize your opt-in forms.

Rated 4 stars

About Adam Connell

Adam is the founder of Blogging Wizard and co-founder of Purcus. My day job is the Marketing Director at a UK based marketing agency. Want to grow your blog faster? Join my free newsletter and get access to 15+ blogging templates, checklists, and guides.

  • Xenia

    Hi Adam
    Thank you for the review. It is excellent and has convinced me that this is ideal for my website. I will buy it through your affiliate link :-) Adam I just have one question. Do I have to use aWeber or mailchimp? Can it just be utilized by my website?

    Many thanks Adam
    Warm Regards

    • Adam Connell

      Hi Xenia, My pleasure and thanks for checking this out – it’s much appreciated :)

      You can use any auto-responder service that generates HTML forms, but I haven’t tested it with a system where it runs directly from your site, I know plugins can allow you to do that, but I’ve not seen one that would be compatible.

      I’d recommend using an auto-responder service as opposed to running them through your server though.

      Just picked up your email and will get a response over to you asap.


  • Leon

    Can I insert into the feature box? before the posts I use thesis 1.8.

    • Adam Connell

      It’s possible. Hybrid Connect does provide PHP code as well as short code but I’ve found adding feature boxes a bit easier using Plugmatter’s Feature Box plugin, you can find it here:


      • David (

        Hey Adam,

        Thanks for the great review. I’m also in the process of looking for a better optin plugin.

        Would you recommend using both Plugmatter’s Feature Box and Hybrid Connect together? I’m comfortable getting into the code, so as long as it’s possible to add with a php snippet it should be fine.

        Just checking if there is a separate reason why you prefer Plugmatter?

        Since Hybrid Connect is already resource intensive, I’m hesitant to add a second optin plugin to the mix.



        • Adam Connell

          Hey David,

          My pleasure – sorry I’m only just getting round to your comments.

          With Hybrid Connect already being resource intensive, I’d be hesitant.

          Although if you’re comfortable with getting into the code, you could add something similar to Plugmatter using Hybrid Connect.

          The main reason I recommend Plugmatter for the feature boxes is because it is designed for it. Hybrid Connect it’s possible but doesn’t come with guidance, you do get a PHP snippet though.

          I noticed David Risley was able to do something similar with Hybrid Connect a while back so it’s definitely possible. He updated his site a few times since then so unfortunately I don’t have an example to show you.


  • Craig Carpenter

    I wanted to thank you for this review Adam. I’m currently researching which opt in form I’d like to buy and this was really helpful! I hope to eventually write my own article at my Modernpreneur site about my findings as well.

    It seems that building an email list is something that a lot of small business owners and self employed professional ignore.

    • Adam Connell

      Hey Craig – thanks for stopping by. Really glad that my post was able to help you.

      You’re right – so many small businesses don’t consider building an email list when it is such a powerful lead generation tool.

  • Sascha Thattil

    So what would you recommend? OptinMonster or Hybrid Connect?

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks Sascha,

      It depends, they both have their strong points and limitations.

      If you wanted the freedom to customize a form and make it look how you want it to – go with Hybrid Connect. You also get the benefit of adding an opt-in box to your comments, Facebook hybrid forms etc. Over all there’s more features.

      You can also switch to using a call to action rather than an opt-in which can be useful.

      It’s nice to have the option to make mini landing pages though.

      OptinMonster does limited you with the customization (although it is very easy), so I’ve had problems getting forms look how I want them too.

      On the upside it’s a lighter so won’t impact your load times as much. And does have exit intent but you do lose a lot of handy features.

      Hope this quick run through helps, I’m planning on doing a more detailed comparison post when I get some spare time.


      • Sascha Thattil

        Hi Adam,

        Great! Thank you for replying so quickly and also with such detail.

        The Loading Time issue was also a concern of mine, therefore I am tending more towards OptinMonster (only the high cost is keeping a little bit away from it). But I guess that Hybrid Connect will take too much loading time, to my already cluttered up WordPress Blog :)

        Also…everywhere I read about Hybrid Connect, and then check with the Code of those who write, I see that they all use OptinMonster (even though it seems, that OptinMonster has a lot less of modification options to change the appearance of their pop ups, banners etc.).

        Looking forward to a possible blog article, comparing those two Newsletter Optin Modules. Desperately looking for a good one, as I need to up my Email Subscribers.

        Kind Regards

        • Adam Connell

          Hi Sascha,

          My pleasure – happy to help!

          If you’ve already got some resource intensive plugins then I’d lean more towards OptinMonster.

          I wonder if those posts were written before OptinMonster was released. It’s also possible some of them may be testing how the plugin performs – I do that quite a lot on some sites.

          I know some people who switched just to have the option to use exit intent but a few who switched did notice that the limitation is the number of templates.

          For example, the template I’m using right now – it’s everywhere! And that can have an impact on conversion rates.

          That being said, OptinMonster should have some new templates soon, I’m sure they’re going to be for each opt-in form type but will be interesting to see how they look.

          Despite how I’ve been using OptinMonster for a while now, it still niggles me that I can’t customize forms.

          That’s the big feature I miss from Hybrid Connect.

          I guess there will always be a trade off in some way.

          In the meantime, you might find this blog post helpful:

          Hellobar is also worth a go too, it’s completely free. There’s definitely a need for adding opt-in forms to sidebars, below blog posts and using popovers when it makes sense but could be a good stopgap measure.

          • Sascha Thattil

            Sorry for asking this Adam. I have the following question: I have about 100 visitors a day to my blog. How many of those do you think I could make to Subscribers for the Blog, if I had a well defined Hello Bar, Side Bar Optin, End-Of-Post Optin and Popup? I know its hard to give an answer to that, but may be there is some number or percentage which holds true in most of the cases?

            The reason why I am asking this: If the normal rate would be like 1 %, then it would not make sense for me to build a list, because that would mean, that every day I would just have 1 new subscriber…after one year that would make 365 Subscribers, which is not really impressive…

            In such a case it would make more sense for me, to try to get the visitors to the contact page…or something similar…

          • Adam Connell

            Hi Sascha,

            It’s a question that I really wish I could answer.

            There are so many variables that come into play:

            * Quality of content
            * Relevance of content
            * What you’re offering subscribers (note: a 100 page guide may not get you more subscribers than a 5 page guide. It’s about positioning).
            * How compelling your copy is
            * The quality of traffic (e.g. If I get traffic from a blog that I guest post on, I am more likely to convert than if I’m relying on traffic from Google).
            * Your niche
            * How well you have mapped your content, positioning and your entire brand to audience personas

            For a lot of blogs they run at 1-2% conversion rate but frequently jump up much higher.

            There are other tactics that you can employ and tools you can use to improve things.

            And guest posting on influential blogs within your niche is one of the best ways.

            Here’s the thing, I made a big mistake with my first few blogs.

            I didn’t make a list and even though I wouldn’t have gotten many subscribers, I would have had a solid base to launch my next blog, products and other projects.

            When all other sources of traffic dry up, your email list is the thing you can usually rely on to keep things going.

            The important thing is having an auto responder sequence in place to help accomplish your primary goals.

  • Gilbert Jerry

    Can you please tell me If I can use it on my HTML websites and not WordPress?

    I can setup it on my WordPress website but I would like to install “Connect with Facebook” button on my HTML website where users can just click on that button and add my Facebook application in their account.

    Please let me know.


    • Adam Connell

      Hi Gilbert,

      This is a WordPress plugin and not available on HTML websites, sorry.

      All the best,