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6 Tools To Make Publishing And Scheduling Social Media Updates Easy

Social Media Scheduling Tools

If you write a post that is never read, did you even write it at all?

When maintaining a social media presence, publishing and sharing content is key. Only by spreading your content through your social networks can you be assured that the largest possible target audience viewed your post. Yet, as the Internet evolves, more social platforms emerge and become popular.

With this growth comes the headache of maintaining a lively presence on all of them. Between Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, all seeing a hefty share of traffic, producing content and publishing to all of these channels can take time.

Luckily, many companies have addressed the problem of a multi-platform overload by developing third party apps that help with the often time-consuming, but necessary, task of sharing content.

These apps cut down on posting time by allowing you to publish across all your platforms at once.

Here’s a list of six tools that make publishing across multiple social networks simple.

6 Easy to use social media scheduling tools


Dominate Social Media With Social Oomph

SocialOomph allows you to schedule tweets and keep your Twitter streams ticking even when you’re not in front of your computer.

We all know that social media isn’t a 24/7 job and with SocialOomph you can publish tweets when you know your international followers are online, even if it’s when you’re asleep. To avoid repetitive typing and spare time, you can save draft tweets to publish at a later time or create and use saved templates to update Twitter accounts.

Tired of long URLs that eat up space for your update? SocialOomph also comes with an URL shortening service,, that turns long URLs into shorter ones and tracks clicks to yield useful and insightful click statistics.

Upgrading to SocialOomph’s professional suite keeps your Facebook status updates fresh by scheduling them to post on your account at specified dates and times, eliminating the need to rush or find online access to post time-sensitive updates. When you schedule your Facebook updates with SocialOomph you can be certain your Facebook is updated at the right time. Users can also upload and schedule photos to be published on the walls of your Facebook account, Facebook Page, or Facebook Group.

Are you active on LinkedIn?  With SocialOomph you can keep the shares on your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn Group, and LinkedIn Company Page climbing by sharing interesting content for your connections. SocialOomph also connects with your Plurk profile,, and your RSS feed.

SocialOomph’s biggest advantage is its email integration. Send emails from your existing email address to your connected SocialOomph profile. Those emails are turned into standard social updates and published on your Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn shares, and other connected social accounts.

SocialOomph is a great social media scheduling tool and the recent improvements to it’s interface have made it even better.

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Sprout Social

Powerful Social Media Software - Sprout Social

Keep your social media channels up-to-date with Sprout Social.  Connect your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to simultaneously post messages from one easy-to-use message composition tool.

Sprout Social offers a variety of perks that make content publishing easy: shorten links, attach images, target your audience on Facebook, customize your posts, and much more.

Got a lot on your mind?  Sprout Social allows users to draft messages for easy approval from a peer or review from another member in the department. Whether you want to jot down a quick idea for an upcoming post or save content for peer review, the drafts feature in helps you capture your thoughts for future social publishing.

Additionally, Sprout Social’s shared Team Content Calendar gives users a comprehensive view of scheduled messages across the entire team. This tool is handy when working with a team where multiple users have access to company social media accounts.  The calendar allows all users to review published content, make changes to the existing schedule, and add content where needed to ensure that only the right content is published, avoiding potential mishaps or accidental post disasters.

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Scheduling Social Updates With Hootsuite

With Hootsuite, you have the most popular messaging suite at your fingertips.   And it didn’t get that title for no reason!

Hootsuite’s message scheduling allows users to plan ahead and schedule updates throughout the day, making it easy to keep your social media channels lively and up-to-date.  Short on time? Users can quickly load hundreds of tweets with Hootsuite’s bulk .csv uploader.

All you need to do is coordinate the document offline and upload to Hootsuite – hundreds of posts are automatically scheduled to your specific needs.  Additionally, geo-targeting for Facebook posts allows Hootsuite users to hone in and specifically target your key audiences based on content or campaign.

If you’re looking to see how well your posted links are performing, Hootsuite’s native URL shortener not only shortens those long URLs to give you more room for content, but also tracks click-through rates and site visits. Hootsuite’s advanced provides metrics help determine which posted messages are the most effective with your audience so you can continue to get the optimal visibility and engagement for your content.

You can use Hootsuite from anywhere as the tool comes as a web-app and is also available for download through the iPhone, Android, and iPad.  Social media never sleeps, so stay on top of things even while you’re on the go.

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Social Scheduling With Buffer

Nearly one million users around the world turn to Buffer for customized scheduling, multiple account management, team member access, and detailed analytics.

Buffer offers a personal, efficient solution to handle sharing on social media.

Buffer is best known for what’s considered its biggest advantage – the easy-to-use auto-scheduling feature that makes your life easier by providing a smarter way to schedule the great content you create and find.

Load your desired content into Buffer and it automatically posts throughout the day – you don’t even have to set a time! Simply keep Buffer filled with updates and they ensure you have a consistent social media presence all day long.

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Viral Heat Social Media Publishing

Disclaimer: I work with the team at Viral Heat.

Viralheat’s social media marketing suite makes posting across your social networks easier than ever. This platform allows you to connect multiple accounts to publish to in a single click, including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

Viralheat comes with many advanced publishing features to enhance your content. Add images to your posts using the simple drag-and-drop interface or use the Viralheat link shortener to shrink those peksy URLs to make more room for your content.  You can also schedule posts in advance to publish on your networks to maintain strong engagement throughout the day. Viralheat also offers bulk scheduling – upload a .csv of up to 200 posts and schedule posts by date, time, and time zone to ensure content gets out at the right moment.

Advanced Facebook targeting allows you to choose your audience based on detailed demographics so you can ensure your message reaches the right audience. Target your Facebook audience by location, age, marital status, education, and more or use Viralheat’s built in message preview to view how a post with a link or image will appear on your wall and timeline. You can even edit text sections of the populated link information to customize what you want to appear before you post.

Viralheat also offers quick publishing access even when you’re not logged into the tool with its Flint browser extension. Available on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, Flint offers the full Viralheat publishing suite and allows businesses to seamlessly share content by offering users the option to share a URL, image, quote, etc. directly from the website with one click.

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Sidekick HQ

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Sidekick HQ allows users to connect an unlimited number of social accounts to manage from a single, consolidated dashboard. Because SidekickHQ was built for scale, it’s a great tool for those who manage a single business as well of those who manage hundreds of clients.

The easy-to-use interface and campaign-level organization makes managing any number of social accounts incredibly easy. SidekickHQ integrates with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr, allowing all users to connect unlimited social profiles, pages, groups, and WordPress sites.

Editors note: Since this post was first written, Sidekick HQ has closed it’s doors.


Remember that content is key. Social media has provided our generation with the ability to search for and find the exact content they’re looking for. Don’t miss out on the chance to engage with your target audience – try one of these social tools today and see how seamless sharing content can be.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means so – which social media tools are you using for scheduling and publishing updates? I’d love to hear more in the comments below.

Photo Credit: mkhmarketing via Compfight cc

About Jeff Anaya

Jeff Anaya is part of the marketing team with Viralheat, the social media marketing suite for business. When he’s not talking, writing, or researching about the growing world of social media marketing, you can find him quoting movies from the 90, podcasting at a pirate radio station in San Francisco’s Mission District, or planning a road trip.

  • Brit at Sprout Social

    Appreciate you including Sprout Social in the round-up, Jeff. Thank you.

    • Jeff Anaya

      No problemo, Brit. You guys make great stuff!

  • Toshiba Burton

    I tried Buffer recently & they got hacked (which could happen to just about anyone’s site) I deleted my account & got rid of them after this. So far, the best one I’ve used is Hootsuite, I do like the fact that you can manage several different accounts from one network.

    • Adam Connell

      Toshiba, I’m a fan of Hootsuite myself – although the recent issue with Buffer hasn’t put me off too much though. Thanks for checking out Jeff’s post!

    • Jeff Anaya

      Hey Toshiba, thanks for the update (I was unaware that Buffer was potentially unsafe!). Hootsuite works well, although once you start adding on a lot of accounts i find it hard to manage, but it’s definitely the standard in social management.

  • Guy R Cook

    The request I have from someone is to schedule tweets that have various images within each tweet, is there a way to do that?

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks for your comment Guy, Jeff might be able to answer this one better (especially when it comes to Viral Heat) but one tool that I use a lot is Social Oomph.

      When you add an update you can choose to add an image whether you’re publishing to Twitter (or Facebook, Linkedin etc), you can then choose to schedule these posts at a variety of timings or add them to your tweet reservoir – there’s a lot of options!

      • Guy R Cook

        Thanks Adam, someone else suggested Social Oomph too, so will give that a go.

        • Adam Connell

          No problem, happy to help!

          For a closer look at some other things Social Oomph can do, I’d suggest taking a look at my review:


    • Jeff Anaya

      Hey Guy (sorry for such a late reply). You can only post 1 image per tweet. Some work arounds are making multiple photos into 1 collage, such as ‘PhotoShake’ or adding an outbound link within your tweets that directs to a slideshow (Slide Share is the one i would use, but thats up to you).

  • Carlos Herrera

    Great information thank you

  • Pat Hutchinson

    Hi Jeff, great post. Another one you may want to check out is It’s SMB focused and really gets your social posts noticed!