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12 Powerful Tools To Grow Your Blog Faster

12 Powerful Tools To Accelerate Your Blog's Growth

You start a blog, create great content and wait for the floods of visitors that will soon become part of your community.

There’s a trickle, but nothing like you expected.

I experienced the same thing and there were times when I thought I was never going to get the traffic that I was hoping for.

Then everything changed.


I found the right combination of tactics and the all-important tools that helped me use those tactics to rapidly accelerate my blog’s growth.

In this post I’m going to show you some incredibly effective tools that you can use to do the same thing for your blog – most of them are free.

Are you ready to accelerate your blog’s growth?

Let’s get started!

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Identify influencers and top performing content with BuzzSumo


If you’re serious about growing your blog, you need to do up front research to pave the way for rapid growth.

It’s essential to answer two questions early on:

  • Who are the people that influence my target audience?
  • What content is performing best for my competitors and other blogs in my niche?

With BuzzSumo you can easily find answers to both of these questions. No dipping and diving between different platforms, just type in research terms and you’ll have answers in minutes.

The results are limited on the free version but the data it gives can still prove incredibly insightful.

Price: Starts from free, unlock additional features from $99/month

Improve your headlines with CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Coschedule Headline Analyzer

I’ve been using the EMV Headline Analyzer to help me write better headlines but there was always a limit to how much you could get out of it.

Then the CoSchedule team put together a new headline analyzer that took things to the next level.

Instead of just getting a simple score and type of emotion, this tool goes into:

  • Word balance
  • Headline type
  • Previews in search and email subject lines
  • Sentiment
  • Keywords
  • And more

There’s also links to helpful articles that explains each section in depth and how you can use it to write better headlines.

Price: Free

Organize your content and promote it with CoSchedule

Coschedule Promotion

It’s important to keep your content organized and having an editorial calendar is the best way to do that.

There are WordPress plugins which are free that you can use for an editorial calendar but nothing I’ve tried so far comes close to CoSchedule.

But how can an editorial calendar help you grow your blog?

The truth is that most can’t, but that’s what makes CoSchedule unique – it has built in social sharing functionality.

You can use it as an app or from within WordPress.

So for example, if you’re about to schedule a post to be published next week, you can schedule social messages to be shared on unlimited accounts at the time you want them to be published.

The timing is focused around how many days, weeks or months after a post is published, you can then specify a time frame or select to add the post to your Buffer account (yes, Buffer integration!)

What about if you move a scheduled post to another date? All social messages move with it – such a time saver!

You can even drag and drop any of your social messages or posts from within the calendar view (via WordPress or the web app).

You can monitor your social shares and also access the “top posts” section, allowing you to find your most shared posts and you can filter by date/author.

Coschedule Social Messages

This is perfect for highlighting which of your content is performing best; you can then schedule more social shares directly using the share post button on the right hand side.

Price: $10/month per WordPress blog

Improve your content with Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach

Getting traffic is one thing, but you need to ensure your audience is returning to your site.

A great way to do this is by making sure your content is written in a way that will resonate with your readers.

Atomic Reach is a great tool that uses content scoring to help you take your content to the next level.

While it’s a paid tool, you can use the web app version of Atomic Reach for free. Just enter your title and post content, then hit the score button.

You’ll quickly get some actionable tips to improve readability, grammar, emotion in your writing, structure and more.

Price: Web app is free and plans using the complete platform start at $9.99/month

Use Ninja Outreach to find influencers and manage the outreach process

Ninja Outreach

Blogger outreach is one of the most effective tactics you can use to grow your blog.

The great thing is that there are so many ways to use this, right from pitching a guest post or inviting an influencer to take part in an interview.

The problem is that it’s difficult to keep track of after a while. You can manage it with spreadsheets but the truth is they aren’t really designed for it.

You need a tool to manage each stage of the outreach process, right from research to contacting other bloggers.

This is where Ninja Outreach comes in; it’s a new tool that makes every stage of outreach easier.

I particularly like that it pulls in a lot of engagement metrics, not just the usual SEO metrics like PageRank and Domain Authority.

At the time of writing this post, it’s only just out of beta so we should see some great feature enhancements.

Price: Starts from $19/month

Note: If you want to find out how to write better outreach emails, read this post.

Create eye-catching visuals with Canva


If you want your blog to stand out, you need to focus more on visual content to enhance your blog posts.

It used to be that you would have to buy software like Photoshop and spend a long time learning how to use it if you wanted to create better visuals.

But now you don’t have to, thanks to free tools like Canva.

Canva is extremely easy to use, just pick a template or enter custom dimensions and you can start creating your own images right away.

Any of the existing design templates come with a variety of ready-made layouts for you to customize – these are great for inspiration.

Layouts and Templates

There are plenty of icons, backgrounds and images that come with Canva to help you create awesome visuals.

Price: Free with option to buy cheap stock images within the platform ($1 each)

Find interview opportunities using MyBlogU


To create a popular blog you need to focus on growing your audience and becoming more visible in your niche, making yourself available to be interviewed or contribute to group interviews is a great way to do this.

The problem is that it’s difficult to find these opportunities when you first get started.

That’s where MyBlogU comes in; it’s a great community of bloggers where you can easily find interview opportunities.

You can also list your own interviews/group interviews and invite other bloggers to contribute; this is another way to grow your audience.


When someone contributes to a piece of content, they’re already invested in it and they’re far more likely to share it with their audience. And it’s a great tool to help you network.

Price: Free

Get cheap, relevant and engaged traffic using Outbrain


Have you ever seen those recommended links at the bottom of articles on sites like CNN, Slate and Fast Company etc?

You can get your articles displayed in those recommended links – it’s one of the cheapest ways to get paid traffic that’s relevant and engaged.

Using tools like Outbrain you can import your posts, select how much you’re willing to pay per click and wait till the traffic starts pouring in.

The more you pay per click, the faster you’ll get the traffic but I have managed to get clicks as low as $0.05 – that’s incredible when you compare it to other paid traffic like StumbleUpon and Google AdWords etc.

The price will likely vary slightly depending on your niche and it depends on how enticing your headline is. And the more enticing, the better but deliver the promise your headline makes.

Price: Clicks as cheap as $0.05, minimum $10 budget

Build your following using your email signature with WiseStamp

WiseStamp Signature

If you use email a lot and don’t have a signature, you could be missing a great opportunity to build your following.

In the past I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to design my own email signatures and usually ended up not using them at all.

The truth is that in that time I’ve conversed with 100s, maybe 1,000s of people in that time and I could have been using those emails to drive traffic to my content and social networks.

With WiseStamp you can quickly put together your own smartly designed and well optimized email signature.

You can use it to share important information about yourself, links to social profiles, your latest posts via an RSS feed and so much more.

It connects directly to the likes of Gmail or you can copy and paste your signatures into clients like Outlook.

There are plenty more widgets you can use as well, for example:

  • Banners
  • Custom HTML
  • QR vCard
  • Random quotes
  • Latest tweets
  • And much more

Price: Free with branding or $4/month billed annually to remove branding and unlock full features

Expand your reach and network with other bloggers using Triberr


You need to network with other bloggers. One of my favorite tools for this is Triberr, a social networking platform for bloggers; we could also call it the “reach multiplier” because that’s exactly what it can do for your blog.

You can use it to network with other bloggers, find awesome content to share and get more eye-balls on your own content at the same time.

It all starts with tribes:

  • Add your blog and RSS feed
  • Find a relevant tribe
  • Share their content
  • Ask to be promoted to a full member so other members will see your content in their tribal stream

You can create your own tribe too and invite other bloggers in your niche to join up.

Triberr works on the reciprocity principal – you share my stuff and I’ll share yours. Don’t feel that you have to share everything though, share what will vibe with your audience.

Price: Free but paid plans are available for extra awesomeness

Effectively manage and measure your social media campaigns with Oktopost


If you want to ensure that you’re getting results from your social media efforts, the first step is measuring your progress. But, the problem with most social tools is that they only allow you to view individual tweets which is a limitation.

This is where Oktopost comes in; it allows you to distribute your social messages and groups them into campaigns to get a better understanding of how well your social efforts are paying off.

You can also respond to your followers, curate content and there’s support for social groups (LinkedIn and Facebook).

Price: Starts from $49/month

Easily schedule social messages using Buffer


Sometimes you just need a tool to help you schedule social messages, Buffer is perfect for this; it’s one of the easiest scheduling tools that I’ve found so far.

The way it works is you pick a schedule for your social updates, so you might want 5 updates to be shared to your Twitter every day (you can specify times).

You then just load content into your Buffer account and it will publish the next update in accordance with your schedule.

You can schedule your updates from within the platform or you can install the Chrome extension and share directly from your content (or other people’s content).

Price: Starts from free

Over to you

It’s time to start growing your audience, there’s a lot of tools in this list so go on and see how much of a difference it makes for your blog.

Are there any other tools you’re using to grow your audience?

Let us know in the comments.

About Adam Connell

Adam used to run a team of marketers. Now he shares what he’s learned about growing blogs and businesses here on Blogging Wizard. He’s a fan of Firefly and Chinese takeaways. Click here to join the Blogging Wizard newsletter; you’ll get our best content & 15+ guides to grow your online presence faster.

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  • Wow! Thanks for including MyBlogU here! That’s an awesome list of tool! We are truly honored, Adam

    • My pleasure, Ann. Love what you’re doing with MyBlogU!

    • Hi Ann
      Just signed up to MyBlogU – hope to connect with you!

    • Hello Ann,

      Just signed up and setting up my profile! Looking forward to make use of MyBlogU real soon!

  • Thanks Adam, this is exactly what I was looking for. My blog is slowly creeping along at the moment, but I think I may be able to change some of that with these tools.

    • My pleasure, Tom. Really great to hear you’ll find this post helpful.

      Let me know how you get on with your blog!

  • Sue Anne Dunlevie

    Incredibly informative post, Adam! I use CoSchedule and their headline analyzer, NinjaOutreach, Triberr and WiseStamp (a new find).

    Now I’m going to check out these other great resources you discussed.

    Thanks as always for wonderful info!

    • Thanks Sue!

      Wow, you’re already using quite a few on this list already!

      Let me know how you get on with the other tools 🙂

      My pleasure, thanks so much for checking out the post, Sue!

      All the best,

      • Hey Sue – thanks for the shout out, likewise Adam!

        I didn’t know about CoScheduler’s headline analyzer, and that’s an area I’m pretty weak in. Thanks for mentioning it!

    • Hey Sue, I’m not super active on Triberr, but I just sent you an invite to my Online Superstars tribe.

      Oh, and Adam, I’m also using JustRetweet.

      • Awesome you’re using JustRetweet too, Lorraine.

  • Hi Adam,

    Great roundup of tools to help with our blog growth!

    I’ve been using the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer over the past few weeks and I think its very clever. Just changing an odd word or two can have a massive impact. I think its also intuitive. I entered my blog post title for this week and scored 73 straight away without any tweaking!

    I’ve been contemplating the CoSchedule tool. I must give it a free trial at least. As I’m solo I just wondered if it would have any benefit? From what you have written it seems one of the main benefits is the Social Media scheduling.

    I’m using the free version of Buffer, although I’ve been tempted to give Hootsuite a shot. What’s your take on that?

    I like the look of WiseStamp – that’ll go on my To Try List!

    Thanks again Adam!
    – David

    • Thanks David!

      I agree, really smart tool and I like how the link to helpful resources. 73 is a great score without any tweaking – awesome!

      It’s definitely worth trying CoSchedule out. It’s most useful for teams but I think you could find it very helpful. Just the social media scheduling can be a huge time saver but I’ve found the editorial calendar to be really useful for keeping track of what content is going out.

      There’s also a “top posts” feature which gives you a quick share option so you can keep your best posts circulating.

      It’ll integrate nicely with Buffer – that’s one of the things I like, it makes scheduling even easier.

      I like Hootsuite but it can be a bit clunky. The streams are helpful in a way but makes it easier to miss @mentions. Recently started using Sprout Social, it’s way more expensive but they have a “smart inbox” which allows you to mark @mentions/messages etc as complete which has been a huge time saver.

      In some areas such as management of Twitter lists, Hootsuite is better but for me saving time is a huge factor.

      My pleasure, David, thanks for checking out the post!


  • Hey Adam,

    Great resource list for bloggers to check out. These are some of the best as far as outreach and content creation. Especially the first you mentioned, BuzzSumo. I use this tool as well for influencer searching as well as checking out popular content.

    The only tools I recommend in addition are lead capture and conversion ones as it is important to make sure we are gathering leads in addition to content promotion. I’d recommend taking a look at LeadPages or ClickFunnels to capture visitors information. Also, OptinMonster is another great one to check out.

    • Hey Ben,

      Thanks! I’m with you, BuzzSumo is fantastic.

      Great point about including lead capture tools (I’m a big fan of LeadPages).

      I’ll try and add some of these types of tools which I’m using to the post in the future.

  • Rogue London

    You have the most informative posts I have ever seen. THANK YOU

  • Will Blunt

    Hey Adam,

    Great post as always.

    Just started using CoSchedule and didn’t even know about the headline analyzer, can’t wait to use it!

    I’ve had a less than perfect experience with Atomic Reach and its content scoring system. I used it a little while ago and it was super buggy.

    Do you think it’s worth another try?



    • Hey Will,


      Let me know what you think about the headline analyzer when you take it for a whirl.

      Sorry to hear about the experience with Atomic Reach.

      I had a few issues with the plugin initially but they were resolved pretty quick.

      I find the web app more straight forward to use though – feels easier just copying and pasting the content in, but then we can’t use the content scoring dashboard.

      Still, I love the feedback it provides.


  • Hi Adam,

    Triberr’s my fave tool! I am living on the site it seems, these days. I tell clients and anybody who’ll listen it’s the ultimate place to connect with power brokers, from your niche or just about any niche for that matter. I enjoy connecting, comment and sharing content to drill the point home; if you want to grow, your blog, or personally, other people are going to play a huge part in that growth. You can’t grow in a vacuum. You need friends, and supporters, to carry you through up and down times and to leverage the heck out of your presence online.

    Right now, I have Triberr, Feedly and Hootsuite open. I have a few list streams set up on Hootsuite. All I do is visit each tool and click on blog post links, read the posts, comment on the posts and share my friend’s content. I build on old bonds and make new connections, and this has helped me Blog from Paradise. Just by creating helpful stuff and by using tools to connect with folks I’ve engineered a freeing life, as have you Adam.

    Super post dude!

    Tweeting from Bali.


    • Hi Ryan,

      I’m not surprised, Triberr is ground breaking! So true, every blogger should be using it.

      Really vibed with what you said about not being able to grow in a vacuum. So true!

      Love your approach with Triberr, Feedly and Hootsuite. Seeing what you’ve accomplished with your blog shows how well it works.

      Thanks buddy, appreciate it!

      Talk soon,

  • Neil

    Hi Adam
    Fantastic list. I use Buzzsumo and Buffer. There are some great tools. Your post inspired me to start on triberr and MyblogU. Thanks

    • Thanks Neil. Great to hear you’ve got started on Triberr and MyBlogU – both great tools.

  • Hi Adam,

    Fantastic list of great resources some of which I use, some that I will now take a closer look at.

    Perhaps its a stretch but I love it really does improve your writing and it’s free.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Justin,


      HemingwayApp is a great suggestion – I love the simplicity of the tool!

      Sure thing.

  • FrancesCaballo

    This is another one of your information-packed posts. Wow! I love your blog and it will take me a little while to absorb all the information you have here. I had been using BuzzSumo (free version) for a while so maybe I need to ramp up. I love Canva and started using it right when it first came out. I like the folks at Buffer and their blog but I don’t like their application. I prefer SocialOomph. I just recently became aware of CoSchedule and I subscribe to their blog but I need to check out it out more, I know. I’d never heard of Atomic Reach so I definitely need to check it out. I just love your blog. Thanks for all these resources to help all of us out there take our blogs to the next level.

    • Thanks Frances that really means a lot!

      Sounds like you’re already familiar with some of these tools which is awesome!

      SocialOomph is a tool I’ve used in the past, I see why you prefer it to the Buffer app – the social queue feature is awesome.

      What I’d love to see is a tool that takes the best from Buffer and SocialOomph – that would be incredible!

      My pleasure, Frances!

      Also thank you so much for your support – from commenting and sharing to the mentions on your blog, I really appreciate it!

  • Kim Noreen

    This is one of the most excellent list of suggestions I have ever read – THANK YOU!

    • My pleasure, Kim! Glad you found the list helpful 🙂

  • Nico

    Nice list of tools. Ninja Outreach looks like a good tool. I’m sure it’s only going to get better as it develops.

    • Thanks Nico. Definitely see a lot of improvements coming for Ninja Outreach.

  • Hi Adam,

    An excellent post. Informative an helpful, this is one post
    that is going to help bloggers all over the world.

    In my blogging career
    till now, I’ve effective use of social media is imperative for getting
    high traffic.

    Social media can be a great tool to identify and connect
    with the opinion leaders in the particular niche. Also the optimizing
    your headline definitely goes a long way in attracting traffic.

    again for the great suggestions, I would love to try a few tools from

    Have a perfect day!

    • Hi Nisha,

      Thanks so much for the kind words 🙂

      So true about social media, it’s great for connecting with other bloggers and industry influencers.

      My pleasure, have a great day too.

  • Totally awesome list, Adam. Must’ve taken you a while to assemble it! 😉

    • Thanks Lorraine 🙂 Definitely took a while but I love trying tools so find these a bit more straight forward than writing about tactics/strategies.

  • Hey Adam,

    Great info here in this post.

    I’ve heard of CoSchedule Headline Analyzer before, but never actually gave it a try. Like you, I’ve been using EMV Headline Analyzer but I’m always open to new stuff. It looks pretty advanced compared to EMV though.

    As far as the rest of the list, total awesomeness as usual. Some things I have to try out definitely.

    – Andrew

    • Hey Andrew,


      I think you’ll really like the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. Like you say, it’s pretty advanced compared to EMV. In some ways it’s easier to use. Mostly in terms of knowing how to improve headlines.

      Let me know how you get on with the tools!


  • Superb list ! Many are new to me. MyBlogU and Canva sounds really interesting, looking forward to use those.

  • Hey Adam,

    This is a nice list of tools you have here. The only tools that I use in the list are Buzzsumo and Buffer. I also use SEMrush tool for searching for the keywords my competitors use.

    For a headline analyzer I use the EMV headline analyzer but now I’m interested in coscheduler’s. Looks like you get a lot more out of it.

    I’m quite interested in the Atomic Reach app. I definitely would like to see if my content is relative to the interest of my audience and see what I can improve on. This sounds like a winner! I’ll look into it this weekend!

    Thanks for sharing Adam! You have a great weekend!

    • Hey Sherman,

      Thanks! SEMrush is another great tool – so helpful for competitor research.

      Atomic Reach is well worth trying. I find it most helpful with improving readability.

      My pleasure, Sherman, have a great week!

  • Hi Adam,

    Many thanks for this wonderful list you have put together. What a great reminder for me to get back on Triberr! I had to shave down some social sites, but I know how effective Triberr is.

    Currently I am using Canva and it is so great to produce unique images. I even had people contact me via email asking permission to use some of the images that showed up on Google images. What a surprise to get more traffic that way!

    Thanks for all you do,


    • Hi Donna,

      My pleasure, Donna. Glad you’ve found this helpful.

      It’s good you’re cutting down on some social sites – when we focus on less the results tend to increase. Triberr is a keeper I think though 🙂

      Wow, so great to hear how people have been asking permission to use your images – goes to show how helpful Canva is!

      Have a great week, Donna.

      Talk soon,

  • Fantastic list of blogging tools, Adam! It must have taken you some time to put this all together. I’m a real fan of Buffer, CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer, Wisestamp and love Triberr.

    I haven’t tried Atomic Reach, MyBlogU or Ninja Outreach and look forward to giving them a test drive.

    Thank you for all the great content!

    ~ Robin

    • Thanks Robin!

      Awesome to see you’re already using quite a few of these tools and still have a few new ones to try.

      My pleasure!


  • Hey Adam, very cool list of tools to help you grow your blog.

    First, I’d like to say thanks for including CoSchedule and our headline analyzer on your list! Very cool to see folks like you using those tools!

    I need to get back to using BuzzSumo more. Canva is always my best friend when our designer is super swamped. And now I’m going to have to check out Ninja Outreach.

    Very cool stuff, thanks again! Let me know if you’d ever be interested in providing something awesome about growing traffic for the CoSchedule blog. I’m sure we could think of something! 🙂

    • Hey Nathan,


      My pleasure – big fan of what you, Garrett and the team are doing over at CoSchedule.

      Same here, wish I had more time to spend on BuzzSumo. It’s very early days for Ninja Outreach but they should be launching their web app at some point over the next month or so.

      Thanks for the invite to contribute, that would be awesome! Schedule is a bit crazy over the next month or so but I’ve put a note in my calendar to drop you an email so we can talk more 🙂

      Thanks for checking out the post – much appreciated!

  • socialforsmallbiz

    Wow, I feel dumb for not having clicked on “new scheduler” in Buffer yet. It’s one of the things I was missing in it! smh

    Thanks for the other tips too. Definitely a few new ones to me in there.

    • Took me a while to spot it too – I think the process of adding a post to our Buffer account is so straight forward that it makes it more difficult to notice changes like this.

      My pleasure – glad you’ve found a few new tools to check out.

  • Simply WOW.
    Thanks a lot!

    • You got it, Bryan! Thanks for checking out the post.

  • Lara D

    As i already said on Twitter, this post is genuis! Thanks a lot for writing it!
    xoxo Lara

    • My pleasure, Lara! Thanks for dropping by to comment 🙂

  • Hey Adam,

    I use three tools you mentioned and I love them all: Wisestamp, Buzzsumo, and Triberr. Each has helped me immensley in different ways.

    I have never heard of Ninja Outreach, so I’m going to look into that one.

    Thanks for the great list of resources!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hey Don,

      Awesome to hear how well those 3 tools are helping you.

      Are there any tools outside those I’ve included which you’ve been getting really good results from?

      My pleasure – thanks so much for the comment!

      – Adam

  • Great article. I’m trying to get a blog up and running, so I’m going to give Triberr a test drive. Great advice for bloggers – thank you.

    • Thanks Malcolm. Triberr is a great tool to use once you launch.

  • Wow. Great tools Adam. Really loved them. I never heard some of guess tools before,like Atomic Reach and MyBlogU.

    I’ll try them for sure.

    Another tool is BuzzSumo. Wow that’s a lifesaver when I’m suffering from Writer’s block.


    • Thanks Akshay.

      I’m with you on BuzzSumo – it’s a tool that changed a lot for me.

      Like you say, it’s great for overcoming writers block 🙂

  • Fabulous one, Adam!

    I am bookmarking this post to read and check all the mentioned tools!

    Oh and BuzzSumo is a killer thing! 🙂

    • Thanks Adeel 🙂

      Completely agree with you about BuzzSumo!

  • Hi Adam. You’re awesome. Your proofs are great. I will focus on some special strategies you listed in this article. Thank you and keep posting more practical writing like that!

    • Thanks Coral – glad you found the post helpful 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this! I just started a blog so I am looking for ways to drive(and keep) more traffic to my site!

  • This is super helpful! I’m just launching a blog and needed these kind of tips! Two questions:
    In my head, I need to build up at least a few weeks, if not months, of consistent content before I start reaching out to guest bloggers – would you say that’s a good strategy?

    And, would you suggest targeting middle-influence bloggers in my genres rather than the top-level influencers because they might be more likely to participate? Or, go big or go home? 🙂


    • Thanks Katie!

      Definitely worth launching your blog with a nice selection of content ready to publish.

      I like to do this over a month or so, this would give you time to focus on generating traffic/promoting each of your posts.

      20 is the number I try to go with usually, but it depends on your ideal audience. I then publish a few on day 1, and a few more throughout the first 2 weeks, then I slow down – that way new readers will have plenty of content to check out & gives them more of an idea of what to expect.

      You could go for top-level influencers, but they’re more difficult to reach. You may find that easier later on. Middle-level influencers are great to start off with, not just because they’re likely to be easier to reach but mainly because they’ll be the top-level influencers of the future.

      Another good approach is to form your own tribe of bloggers, this could be through a mastermind group or something similar. Over time you’ll all be able to help each other increase your collective influence, come up with new ideas etc.

      Let me know if you’ve got any other questions – I’m always happy to help out whether via comments or email (adam[at]

      Good luck with your launch 🙂