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49 Best Premium WordPress Themes For Personal Blogs

Premium WordPress Themes For Personal Blogs

When it comes to blogging, I’m a bit of a theme addict. I can’t count the times where I’ve changed, tweaked and re-jigged my WordPress theme, yet no-matter how many times I install something shiny and new, I can never quite find a theme that I am 100% happy with.

For me, a theme needs to represent a little part of your personality – even more so if you are a personal blogger because people come to your blog, in order to read what you have to say, therefore if your theme can help in showing off the quirky, creative or thoughtful side of yourself, the chances are, that your readers will see that too, making the whole blog-reading process, that little bit more enjoyable.

In this post, I have hand-picked 49 Premium WordPress themes, that I feel do a great job at providing something unique and visually pleasing to the discerning reader and who knows, perhaps your next theme change will be one of them. Let’s face it, normal really is boring.

Disclosure: there are affiliate links in this post which means we make a small commission when you make a purchase. Purchasing helps support us and keep the lights on (so to speak). Our opinions are our own and would still stand whether affiliate links were included or not.

Create a great first impression with these premium WordPress themes

If you want your blog to stand out, you need a premium WordPress theme.

Not only will you get better support, you will also add that professional look that will make people stop and notice your blog.

NewsSetter by Theme Fuse ($59)

NewsSetter Premium WP Theme

If you like bright, bold and the colour yellow, then you can’t go wrong with NewSetter. This modern and responsive theme is not only great for showcasing reviews but its magazine style layout, makes it perfect for blogging in any flavor and is one of my favorite personal blog themes right now.

You can get access to NewsSetter and every other theme produced by Theme Fuse by joining their theme club ($17 per month), click here to learn more.

Download View Demo

Writer by Theme Fuse ($49)

Writer Theme for Personal Blogs
What caught my eye about Writer, was its simple, well-structured layout, peppered with bright bursts of color. It’s not over the top, leaving plenty of neutral space for your content, yet it adds character to something which otherwise be a bit plain. Writer comes in four different ‘flavours’, with three headers to choose from and numerous short-codes, to truly customize your blog.

You can get access to Writer and the rest of the themes that Theme Fuse has created by joining their theme club ($17 per month), click here to learn more.

Download – View Demo

Quickly – Theme Forest ($40)

Quickly Premium WordPress Theme
Quirky, carefully hand-crafted and responsive. This grid-style WordPress theme, oozes charm with its sleek design and neutral tones. Quickly comes in four color options, with custom patterns and responsive video embeds. The border-less look of this theme, makes it really easy on the eyes and is one of my personal favorites.

Download View Demo

Milli – Theme Forest ($35)

Milli Premium WordPress Theme
There’s nothing like a big block of color, to make you sit up and take notice, something the designer of Millie certainly understood and if you’re not quite digging the yellow thing, then fear not because this theme comes with options to change the colors. Other features in this eye-catching theme include a light and dark style options, social share icons and even a contact form, with integrated Google Maps! Oh and did I mention that it is easy to use?

Download View Demo

Blogger – Theme Forest ($40)

Blogger Theme from Theme Forest
Blogger is all about showing off your best assets. Its standard blog post with a featured image, gives  you the perfect opportunity to display some of your top content. This theme has over 300 background patters, to make it your own and supports the WordPress post formats, such as links, quotes and galleries. If you’re worried about your widgets, then Blogger has a widgetised footer for your social icons, subscription box and so on and boasts a fully responsive design, making it perfect for mobile browsing too.

Download View Demo

Basic – Theme Forest ($35)

Basic Premium WordPress Theme
If you’re someone who doesn’t like a lot of color and fancy layouts, then Basic could be the theme for you. This theme is easily customizable and its neutral colors, draw the focus onto your content. Basic is fully responsive, with an ultra-clean design, taking the word ‘Basic’ to a whole  new level of meaning.

Download View Demo

BlogPhix – Theme Forest ($40)

BlogPhix Endless Scrolling WordPress Theme
Gorgeous isn’t it? BlogPhix is one of those themes that really doesn’t need much of a description – the theme speaks for itself. It’s clean, minimal, responsive and adaptive and boasts over 300 Google web fonts, 45+ transparent patterns, infinite scrolling and social sharing / social icons to give your posts, maximum coverage.

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Retro – Theme Forest ($35)

Retro WordPress Theme
I love a bit of old-school and can’t help but be attracted to all things vintage. Retro does exactly what its name suggests. It combines classic visuals with a modern design and features such as a sidebar generator, a Nivo slider, custom widgets, Lightbox and the graphic project’s PDFs, to enable you to make this theme an embodiment of your very own retro self.

Download View Demo

Urban – Theme Forest ($40)

Urban Premium WP Theme
This theme reminds me of American History X, not that I’m suggesting you go shave your hair off and start a riot. If you like a bit of grunge however and can’t stand the glossy, girly themes, of which there are so many of, then install Urban and get your angst on. Urban literally has an infinite amount of color schemes, ten valid layouts and a unique side graphic element, to give that personal touch. It doesn’t stop there either, with this theme you also get a responsive layout, an animated portfolio and the option of a world clock! Now that’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Download View Demo

Fast Blog – Theme Forest ($40)

Fast Blog - WordPress Theme
Quick or you’ll miss it! Fast Blog is a tumblr-like WordPress theme, designed with the speedy blogger in mind. If you’re not keen on the white text on black background look, then it’s easily changeable. Throw in over 100 short-code variations, full translation support, 106 social media icons and implementation for Twitter and Flicker and you’ve got a fast, clean personal blog to fit your busy life-style.

Download View Demo

Tatami – Elma Studio (€12)

Tatami from Elma Studio
Tatami is a responsive, minimal and versatile theme, where content is King. Its off-canvas layout, places your information at the center of attention and does so with an air of elegance. This theme has 3, 2 and single column options and a big widgetised footer area, where you can place one of the many external widgets that are provided. At the bargain price of €12, this a real treat.

Download View Demo

Pohutukawa – Elma Studio (€12)

Pohutukawa - WP Theme from Elma Studio
I’ve used this theme many times and still keep going back to it, to suit my personal blogging needs. The main feature of Pohutukawa, is the massive page header. It makes a great, bold statement and is a great opportunity for you to show off your design or photography skills. Also responsive and minimal, with clear typography and widgetised sidebar and footer, Pohutukawa gives a personal blog that professional feeling, with minimal effort needed.

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Function – Woo Themes ($70)

Function Theme - Woo Themes
If you need something smart, easy to navigate and responsive, then take a look at Function. It’s a clean, blogging/business and store theme, with options to use the Woo-Commerce powered shop and the ability to truly tailor it to your needs. I’ve seen this theme implemented well on many a blog  and have always loved what I’ve seen.

Download View Demo

Revonge – Mojo Themes ($49)

Revonge Premium WordPress Theme
Time to get a bit more color back in to your blogging. The modern look and table-less design of Revonge, gives you a platform to get creative with your content. Designers or photo-bloggers would be best suited to this theme and its filtered and animated portfolio, however there’s no reason why this can’t work as a personal blog too, given the stylish typography and category options.

Download View Demo

Freshly – Mojo Themes ($25)

Freshly WP Theme
Freshly is well…fresh! Responsive, clean and brimming with short-codes, it makes for a wonderful portfolio to display your work. Included with the theme, are 20 fully layered, Adobe Photoshop PSD. Files, with 2 and 3 column portfolio pages, making Freshly a good choice for graphic heavy blogs.

Download View Demo

Whiteout – Mojo Themes ($49)

Whiteout Premium WP Theme
Similar to Freshly, Whiteout is another minimal WordPress theme that is all about the content. The unlimited sidebars and theme colors however, makes this theme incredibly versatile in terms of how you use it, which is perfect for personal, business and portfolio blogs combined.

Download View Demo

Tranquility – Mojo Themes ($39)

Tranquility Premium WordPress Theme
If you’re a sucker for a bit of elegance then join the club. I love Tranquility and with its 9 different skins, unlimited sidebars, unlimited portfolios and enormous collection of short-codes, I’m sure you will too. The responsive and clean design with a huge array of fonts, makes it perfect for individual and business bloggers alike.

Download View Demo

Balance – Studio Press ($79.95)

Balance Theme from Studio Press
Balance is another responsive, minimal and clean WordPress theme, that puts the focus on content. The unique selling point of this theme however, is that it runs on the Genesis framework (included in the price), a hugely popular framework, with killer SEO options to get your quality content found and read. The theme includes 5 color styles, 3 layout options, a custom background, custom header,and featured images to name a few, making it a perfect base to further customize from.

If you’re looking to get a bunch of themes try the Studio Press Pro package, that comes with all of their child themes and the Genesis Framework – click here for more.

Download View Demo

Eleven40 – Studio Press ($79.95)

Eleven40 WP Theme by Studio Press
Eleven40 is another theme built for the Genesis framework. Its layout and over-all style works well for a multitude of uses, making business sites look professional and sleek, while giving personal blogs a layout that is uncomplicated and easy to use. What’s more, Elven40 is mobile responsive, enabling your blog to adapt to smartphones and tablets – a medium that increasing numbers of people now use to browse the internet with. Other features include: 4 colour schemes, 6 layout options, footer widgets and threaded comments, to further engage your audience.

Similar to the Balance theme, you can get all of the Studio Press themes in a bundle to save some cash – click here for more.

Download View Demo

SympalPress – Theme Furnace ($49)

Sympal Press Premium WordPress Theme
If you want to make a statement but also keep things simple, then SympalPress can meet your needs. This theme provides you with a wide range of tools, such as custom menus, header and footer logos, accent color chooser and a fully responsive design, while keeping the look and feel of your blog, clean and simple.

You can get a single theme for $49 or for $99 per year you can get access to all of the themes from Theme Furnace – click here for more.

Download View Demo

Gonzo – Theme Forest or Theme Pure ($45)

Gonzo is a great looking, hand-crafted theme, that combines bold typography with bright color accents that will draw in your readers. Let this WordPress 3.0+ ready theme do the talking, by utilizing its powerful theme options panel and customizing the theme colors to suit your needs. Add in the multiple portfolio templates and columns and you have endless ways to display your content, in the way that you want it.

At the time of writing this post, Theme Pure are doing an offer which means you can get all of their themes for $39 – and that’s a one off fee, no yearly charges or anything! click here for more.

Download View Demo

Liquid Folio – Quel’Dorei Themes ($45)

Liquid Folio
Did I mention that I like a bit of color? I think I did and Liquid Folio is no exception. With this responsive, retina-ready theme, I particularly like the left sidebar menu placement, it acts like a great focal point, which naturally draws the eye to the page content. Liquid Folio is not only eye-catching and stylish, it also works great for blogs with heavy social interaction, by integrating a Facebook comments system and the ability to place your social icons, almost anywhere. Going back to colors – the options are unlimited!

Download View Demo

Renkon – Elma Studio (€ 12)

Renkon by Elma Studio
With Renkon you get a theme that is perfect for showcasing your photography and designs. The off-canvas sidebar, leaves extra space for the grid-style layout and massive header image, which would otherwise detract from your content. This theme is also photo-responsive, meaning your images will look just as good on mobile devices.

Download View Demo

Oita – Elma Studio (€ 12)

Oita WP Theme by Elma Studio
Oita, like Renkon, is another off-canvas theme that places content at the forefront of its design. With the menu off-screen to the left and sidebar to the right, it leaves you with a clean and responsive base for whatever content you wish to post. Unlike Renkon, Oita is versatile and can be used for personal blogging, photography, businesses and portfolios and is a steal at such a low price.

Download View Demo

Buzzard – Theme Forest ($35)

I adore this them. No, really I do and it’s on my to-purchase list since writing this post. I’m not sure what it is about it that I love. Perhaps it’s the bright and bold color scheme, or the simplicity of its design but it speaks volumes to me, personally. Buzzard is fully responsive, widget and localization ready and supports all WordPress post formats, making it a perfect theme for the personal blogger, who wants something straight out of the box.

Download View Demo

Spaces – Theme Forest ($40)

Spaces is another one of my favorites, combining a clean, minimal, fully responsive layout, with a unique, grid-based design that echos some of Pinterest’s better features. Being 100% retina – ready and coming with three different color schemes, it can easily showcase a whole range of content types, to their full effect.

Download View Demo

Hyper – Theme Forest ($45)

Hyper is a theme with something special. It’s eye-catching, attention-grabbing and a bit of a show-off, which makes it ideal for a portfolio. However, personal bloggers can really benefit from this attractive theme too.

The great use of masonry layouts and AJAX, means that your readers will have an enjoyable experience, when navigating your blog.

The entire design has been coded with search engines in mind and multiple post formats, really gives you a chance to experiment with how you display your content.

Download View Demo

Phrase – Theme Forest ($35)

Phrase is simple, unfussy and a pleasure to look-at. Not only is it a fully responsive WordPress theme, it’s also built on the Bootstrap framework for responsive development. This theme is a stunner that is SEO ready, and supports unlimited sidebars, 5 custom widgets and 10 post formats, giving magazines and personal blogs that extra wow factor that plainer themes lack.

Download View Demo

Thumb – Theme Forest ($45)

Take a look at Thumb and you will understand what it’s all about. This theme has been made with a love of designing, that leaks through onto the page. It takes simplicity to a new level, without compromising on looks or responsiveness, making Thumb an excellent personal blogging choice. Other features of this premium WordPress theme, include easy install and color customization, retina-ready display and 600+ Google fonts that will stop your readers dead in their tracks.

Download View Demo

Quarter – Theme Forest ($35)

I look at quarter and feel like swooning. This theme is pure elegance and simplicity combined and if I don’t stop looking at it, I may begin to drool. Quarter has a fully responsive design and has fancybox 2 integrated to all posts with images, making it a breeze to read through and perfect for someone after something simple yet stylish at the same time.

Download View Demo

Grunge – Theme Forest ($35)

Time to get your angst on again! Actually hold that thought because Grunge isn’t in your face or angsty at all, far from it. Grunge is more like Angsty’s younger brother (or sister), balancing a light and dark theme, with colorful accents. With a unique, responsive design, different sidebar positions and easy customization, you can create an impressionable blog on almost any subject.

Download View Demo

Textural – Theme Forest ($35)

Textural may look like simple Simon but don’t let it deceive you. The simplicity is all behind the scenes, through the use of WordPress’s theme customiser. In a matter of minutes, you can upload your logo, link your social profiles, change the accent colours and theme skin, giving you much more time to create quality content.

Download View Demo

Blogdrops – Theme Forest ($40)

This magazine style WordPress theme is responsive, minimal and would suite the needs of both personal blogs and magazines. Keeping it simple with masonry, custom colours and infinite scrolling, Blogdrops is certainly not style over substance.

Download View Demo

Dario – Theme Forest ($40)

I want this one. When can I buy it? Diario has a unique name and a unique look to go with it. It’s responsive, stylish, multi-functional and downright gorgeous. It also includes 20 social media icons, over 1000 web icons and 300+ background patterns, which when combined with how easy it is to set up, ticks all of the boxes. The fact that Diario is so different, is what’s appealing. A drab, standard blog can be completely transformed with a theme like this, which is exactly what a theme should try to do!

Download View Demo

Foodie – Theme Forest ($45)

I couldn’t write this post, without including something just a little bit cute. By cute however, I don’t necessarily mean girly. Foodie, although obviously named after it’s gastro companions, doesn’t have to be limited to food blogs. It may have an inbuilt tool that allows you to quickly share recipes, yet do a bit of style and widget tweaking and you have yourself a blog of many uses.

Download View Demo

Structure – Theme Forest ($35)

It’s big. It’s bold. It’s beautiful, clean, responsive and retina-ready. Customise the accent colours and blog away. Simples.

Download View Demo

Sann – Theme Forest ($40)

Focusing on simplicity once more, I give you a personal theme that is timeline oriented, grid-based and adaptive. The custom theme options, accent colours and custom Google fonts, only add to the charm of this simple and modern theme. Sann would be an ideal choice for the personal blogger, who doesn’t want any extra fuss.

Download View Demo

Author – Theme Forest ($40)

If you’re a blogger, then chances are you’re a writer too and if so, this theme would be a great choice. It’s clean, responsive, and minimal – perfect for focusing on your most important assets – your content. Other features include a custom contact form, social media icons and fully scalable galleries and videos giving your writing precedence.

Download View Demo

Sofa Lathika – Theme Forest ($40)

Sofa Lathika
Modern and simple, this theme does what it says on the tin. It’s built on Skeleton CSS framework, fits multiple screen sizes and devices and provides the user with powerful theme options. A unique selling point of this WordPress theme, is the ability to maintain your portfolio section, beside your blog, giving your site a more personal feel.

Download View Demo

Leap – Theme Forest ($40)

As I mentioned in my opening couple of paragraphs, being able to add a bit of personality to your blog, makes a huge difference when it comes to reader engagement. Leap allows you to do this with its informal layout and typography, by putting the ‘fun’ in functionality.

Leap also has both a light and dark colour scheme, with red, green, blue and orange for further customisation. Mobile friendly, with several custom widgets, page templates and integrated social media buttons, you can really add a spark of yourself into your work with this theme.

Download View Demo

Website – Theme Forest ($45)

I love that with Website, you’re getting a responsive theme, without the messing around. This theme even has room for ad-placement in the header and a call to action or notice box, where you can highlight information that you don’t want your visitors to miss. The featured slider makes your best content stand out and with short-codes, galleries, post formats and portfolio, it gives you everything you need for both a design and personal blog.

Download View Demo

The Blog – Theme Forest ($40)

The Blog
The Blog can’t help but make you go, “Ooh!” It has the look and feel of a newspaper, without the ink stains on your fingers.

It provides unlimited options when it comes to colour and styles and includes features such as: customizable headers, custom sidebars, custom fonts and widgets, a smart background, modifiable layouts and slider managers and so much more. Lovers of style, customization and complete control over the look and feel of their blog, will do well to choose The Blog.

Download View Demo

Handmade – Theme Forest ($35)

Handmade is one of those themes that you either love or loathe. Personally, I’m in between but I’m including it in this round-up for the unique homepage and beautiful galleries that it has to offer. Handmade’s homepage, features all of your greatest posts and images in a unique collage, giving it that little something extra to stand out from the crowd.

Also featuring social sharing buttons and pop-up images, when you hover your curser over one, it gives you the edge in an online world, already full of blogs.

Download View Demo

PixelPower – Theme Forest ($40)

More power over your content, makes for a happy blogger and this tumblog-style WordPress theme, gives you just that. Perfect for a range of blogging needs, including personal blogging and design portfolios, it utilizes the power of its clean, minimal and responsive design, to place your content in the best place – centre stage!

PixelPower adds to the blogging power, by including a custom author bio widget, with a photo and social media links. enabling you to pass some of that power on to your readers.

Download View Demo

Revision – Theme Forest ($30)

It needs no introduction. Revision is bold and brazen, offering quality and a fresh, modern design. Lovingly made with different skins, it is ideal for personal blogging, magazines or to highlight portfolio work.

Its landing page is there to draw attention to what matters most and with cross browser support, it sends a clear message to your audience.

Download View Demo

Clean Blog – Theme Forest ($35)

Clean Blog
Clean Blog comes in two flavors, Oceanic and Rasberries. Well suited for personal blogs and portfolios, it comes equipped and ready for Twitter, Google Analytics, Flickr and widgets, along with being SEO friendly. The theme options page allows you to input your Twitter account information, change your logo and post your analytics code – helping you to get the most out of your blog.

Download View Demo

Metro – ($39)

Metro by
I’m a huge fan of the look and feel of Windows 8, therefore when I discovered Metro, I did a little jig. I never would have considered creating a blog design, based upon the Windows 8 start screen, however it works and still looks great. It’s responsive, bright and incorporates all of the colors that are available in Windows 8 and the tiled effect is created, buy using WordPress’s custom post formats, giving your blog a really unique look and feel.

At the time of writing this post, have an offer where you can get all of their themes for just ($69 – fantastic deal and it will save you a pretty penny!) click here to see their full portfolio of themes.

Download View Demo

Persona – Color Labs Project ($69)

Persona by Colour Project and Company
I may have used the word gorgeous a bit too much, however Persona really is all that. I love the uniformity of the grid-based layout, with the personal header. Much like reading a book, it enables you to connect with the author on a more personal level and it’s main selling point is in fact that very thing.

It creates a more sociable you, collecting all of the information that you’ve posted on the internet, whether it’s a picture on Instagram or a Tweet and putting it all in one place, giving an insight into what you have to say.

Persona is also a child theme of Backbone theme framework, making it even easier to get your website up and running, in no time at all.

Color Labs Project also have a few different bundles where you can pay a bit extra and get access to all of their themes – click here for more information.

Download View Demo

WowWay – Theme Forest ($45)

The final trick that I’m pulling out of the hat today, is WowWay, a highly responsive and SEO optimized theme, that doesn’t cut corners when it comes to style. WowWay’s unique design offers full-screen galleries, a paginated portfolio option, 3 side bar skins, custom backgrounds and a host of other features that will allow you to wow your audience. This theme really does let you put your personality out there and in full view. After all, if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it?

Download View Demo


So there you have it, 50 Premium WordPress themes, personally hand-picked for your enjoyment, experimenting or plain old theme-hoarding.

I love a good theme, therefore it’s been a joy to choose these ones for you and hopefully, you may just have your eye on a couple.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, I’d love for you to check out my post on portfolio themes, you can find it here.

Which themes do you have your eye on?

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