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12 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress In 2014

Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

Note: this entire post has been rewritten as of September 2014.

Finding a decent social sharing plugin for WordPress is more difficult than it should be.

Crazy isn’t it?

There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress repository yet I’ve found myself switching plugins far too often.

It shouldn’t be this way though.

It should be easier for us to find a functional social sharing plugin that does what we need it to.

Then there is the all important element of getting support when we need it.

The truth is that the right social plugin is out there for you. I’ve included my personal go-to social sharing plugin in this list along with some other plugins that will help you.

Whether it’s adding social share buttons, follower counts, encouraging social shares or monitoring social shares in WordPress – there’s a plugin here for you.

I’ve also included free and paid options for you.

Top social sharing plugins for WordPress

My top pick: Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress

I have hunted around for a social sharing plugin that does what I need it to do for a few years now.

I thought I would have to pay a developer to build a plugin that did what I wanted; thankfully I found this powerful plugin.

The problem is that most social share buttons are usually generic and give no control over how share counts are displayed.

This plugin is different; you can choose various ways of displaying share counts including total number of shares. You can also choose to disable share counts if they are below a certain number.

Why is this important?

When you have a post with a low number of shares, this tells people that your content isn’t getting shared – this has a negative impact on your visitor’s perceptions (we call this negative social proof).

The ability to set when share counts are displayed means that you can avoid negative social proof and leverage positive social proof when the opportunity presents itself.

This is powerful stuff.


  • Support for 20 social networks.
  • 12 native social like, follow & subscribe buttons.
  • Social fans counter.
  • 12 built in templates.
  • 8 different counter styles.
  • Support for various positions.
  • Support for shortcode placement.
  • Customizable button text.
  • Built in social metrics.
  • Supports any custom post types.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, JigoShop, WP eCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Price: $14 (the best $14 I have spent on a plugin).

More Details


Monarch From Elegant Themes

Monarch is a new social sharing plugin created by the team at Elegant Themes.

This plugin boasts some impressive features, similar to Easy Social Share Buttons, it allows you to display share counts after they reach a certain number.

In addition you can display social icons in your sidebar or other widget areas and you can monitor social shares in an impressive looking interface.

There are also several interesting placement options which include triggered popups and fly ins – these are designed to help you encourage social shares.

The plugin is well optimized and built with speed in mind but it still has all the important features you will need to encourage social shares.


  • Support for popular social networks.
  • Multiple display options.
  • Choose when share counts are displayed.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Popover and fly in share boxes to encourage sharing.
  • Display social media icons in widgets or with shortcode.
  • Track social shares, likes and follows with built in statistics.

Price: $89/year (cancel anytime and get access to other plugins as well as 80+ WordPress themes).

More Details

Display share buttons and related content with Shareaholic

Shareaholic For WordPress

Shareaholic is more than just a WordPress plugin; you can also use it for a variety of different content management systems.

You have access to a variety of different looks for your social sharing buttons, all of which are more eye-catching than the usual native buttons.

You will need to register an account to access all of the features that Shareaholic has to offer, but it’s free which is awesome.


  • Control whether or not share counts are displayed.
  • Support for WordPress, Tumblr, Drupal, Shopify and more.
  • Support for shortcode placement.
  • Support for social analytics.
  • Display related content.

Price: Free.

More Details

Simple Share Buttons Adder does what it says on the tin

Simple Share Buttons Adder Plugin

This is a straight forward and easy to use plugin that allows you to add basic share buttons to your posts or pages.

Choose your location, placement, share text and image set – then you are ready to go.

I personally find this plugin lacking in features, but its very light weight.


  • Very light weight.
  • Various image sets.
  • Support for custom images.

Price: Free.

More Details

Encourage social sharing with Social Share & Locker Pro

Social Share And Content Locker

This handy plugin comes with plenty of features.

First of all you can do the important stuff which involves adding eye-catching social share buttons to your posts and pages.

Secondly, it also acts as a content locker, this means you can offer bonuses and exclusive content in exchange for a tweet for example.


  • 10 themes included.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, BuddyPress and JigoShop.
  • Built in content locker to encourage social sharing.
  • Various placement options supported.
  • Support for shortcode placement.
  • Fully responsive and retina ready.
  • Display share counts.
  • Option to change button text.
  • Black & White theme pack available for $8.

Price: $14.

More Details

Display social share buttons and fan counters with Ultimate Social Deux

Ultimate Social Deux For WordPress

Ultimate Social Deux is another great plugin for adding social buttons.

These buttons have a completely different look to most that I have seen and you’ve got all the important stuff like: share counts, shortcode support and plenty of display options.

You also get the option to display follower counts.


  • Fully responsive.
  • Fan counters included.
  • Support for native share buttons.
  • Support for shortcode placement.
  • Support for various ecommerce solutions.
  • Support for the main social networks.
  • Various placement options
  • Option to display or not display share counts.

Price: $14.

More Details

Add shareable quotes with TweetDis

Add Shareable Quotes With TweetDis

Adding shareable quotes is a great way to get more engagement for your content.

The problem has always been that existing solutions are more time consuming than they should be or the features you get are limited and force you to display ‘powered by’ links.

To add ‘click to tweet’ style quotes within my content I use TweetDis, here’s how it looks:

These tweet boxes stand out and work great because people love to tweet quotes.


  • Various design layouts.
  • Options to customize tweet boxes.
  • Customize your call to action.
  • Support for text highlighting.
  • Tag a default @username in your tweets.
  • Bitly support.

Price: $17 for a single license, $37 for a multi-site license.

More Details

Make pinning images easy with Power Pinner

Easy Image Sharing With Power Pinner

This is a relatively new plugin but it’s brimming with potential.

Here’s the thing: when you give your visitors a direct call-to-action, they will be more likely to take an action.

So the idea with this plugin is that instead of merely displaying a Pinterest logo over your images, it will display a direct call-to-action which urges your visitors to share to Pinterest.


  • 4 call-to-action designs.
  • Customize your call-to-action.
  • Autofill pin descriptions.
  • Pin full images when used on thumbnails.

Price: $16.

More Details

SumoMe’s Image Sharer makes image sharing easy across multiple networks

Sumo Me Makes Image Sharing Easy

The Image Sharer from SumoMe is a great way to encourage people to share your images.

Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are supported with some very handy features such as URL shortening and control over where the share buttons are displayed over your images.

You will need to register for an account, but it’s free and makes installing other apps very easy.


  • Support for Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Basic sharing stats.
  • URL shortening option.
  • Supports using image alt text when sharing.
  • Choose where share buttons are displayed (bottom left, top right etc).
  • Support for a default Twitter username to be included in tweets.
  • Support for HTML code to use outside of WordPress.

Price: Free or $10 to hide branding.

More Details

Use WP Sharely to encourage social sharing

Encourage Social Sharing With WP Sharely

WP Sharely is a content locker that allows you to ethically bribe your readers into sharing your content.

It’s easy to use and comes with a number of themes for your content lockers along with some other great features.

I have used this plugin successfully to boost social shares on certain posts by 30-40%.

It’s compatible with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and has some great functionality.

Below is an example of exactly how it works, just click one of the share buttons to see how well this works:


  • 4 themes for your content locker.
  • Choose to hide the locker on mobile devices.
  • Built in analytics.
  • Customize tweet message.
  • Support to alter the URL that visitors are able to share.
  • Option to hide the locked content from your source code.

Price: Starts from $37.

More Details Read Review

Advanced Social Widget makes it easy to connect

Advanced Social Widget

The Advanced Social Widget will make it extremely easy for all of your blogs readers to connect with you via social media.

You can integrate all of the main social networks along with your RSS feed and while giving your visitors the option to subscribe via email.

While this version is only compatible with Feedburner, there are other versions available that allow you to integrate other mailing list providers such as AWeber and MailChimp.

There are 4 different layouts that this plugin comes with but there’s not where the customization ends because you can change the majority of colours of the design and choose from 38 backgrounds. This means you can easily customize the plugin to fit your blog perfectly.


  • Responsive layout.
  • 12 background patterns.
  • Supports the main social networks.
  • Helpful customization options.
  • Various Feedburner subscription form layouts.
  • Support for shortcodes.

Price: $11.

More Details

Keep track of your social media progress with Easy Social Metrics Pro

Easy Social Metrics Pro

Monitoring is the key to understanding how your social media strategy is progressing.

The plugin I use to do this is Easy Social Metrics Pro; it’s a new plugin that does the job perfectly.

What I especially love is being able to see which networks I’m gaining ground on and which posts are performing well – all at a glance without having to dig deep into reports.

Previously I was using a plugin that only tracked 5 social networks and listed posts on an individual basis – this is a huge improvement.


  • Supports all custom post types.
  • Supports 12 different social networks.
  • Manual update option to re-scan your content.
  • Monitor social shares for a particular time frame.
  • See your top posts at a glance.
  • See which networks are gaining the most traction.
  • See which networks are gaining traction on a daily basis.

Price: $28.

More Details

Over to you

Which features do you look for in a social sharing plugin?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. Opinions are our own and we only recommend plugins that we believe will genuinely help you.

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  • Sabih Ahmed

    Flare is good but I am facing some issues with it. First is that, I am unable to fix its position (it overlaps on the footer) and secondly the counts are not actual. It shows different count to me on different intervals.

    Apart from this, I found it a very effective and easy to use plugin with a very good UI.

    Anyone had the same issue?

    • Adam Connell

      Hey Sabih,

      The counts on mine were always really steady, although I have noticed occasional fluctuations in Google+ counts but this has only ever been in a metrics plugin that I see on the backend of my site and nothing to do with flare.

      I agree with you about it being easy to use with a good UI but I recently went back to Digg Digg, the more recent updates seem to be much better than when I first used it.

      • Sabih Ahmed

        I have read a couple of reviews about Digg Digg but have’t tried it yet. How do you rate it in comparison with Flare and others. What I notice is that with every WordPress update a lot of such plugins get some bugs in it. May be there is some API issues.

        • Adam Connell

          Digg Digg’s sharing buttons aren’t as attractive as Flare’s but Digg Digg supports way more social media platforms and has a lot more customisable options. Also on most sites that I use Flare to add social buttons above and below posts I tend to have strange spacing issues (well recently anyway) – Digg Digg seems to be much better now thanks to the Buffer team. You just have so many more options to customize with Digg Digg.

          There will always be occasional bugs – with so many pieces of code and themes that it’s bound to cause issues.

          After every release there is going to be a time period of testing, receiving bug reports then pushing out updates I guess.

          Thanks for your comment!

  • Manthan

    Nice One.. Useful for our site Oshopindia.

    • Adam Connell

      Glad to hear :)

  • Anis Thoha Manshur

    Hi Adam,

    Have you look at sexy bookmark or shareaholic, it also nice plugin I thought

    • Adam Connell

      You’re right, it’s a very good plugin.The truth is there are just so many social sharing plugins right now. Personally I’ve never found Sexy bookmarks, that sexy – but I’m just talking about aesthetics and I guess that’s always going to be a more personal thing.

  • Eric Huges

    Quick question Adam( love the favicon and the logo by the way) is there a widget for a multi-colored popular post widget like the one you have on your website? Also, I see you are using disquis. Whats the advantage of that over facebook comments, or the standard run of the mill wordpress comments thats come built in to every post. Thanks Adam

    • Adam Connell

      Hey Eric, thanks for the kind words.

      It’s a plugin called ‘Postskin’, you can find it here: (my affiliate link) or directly at

      There’s a few advantages over the native WordPress comments: earlier this year there was an update to Scrapebox that rendered pretty much all spam blocking plugins useless and majorly increased the level of spam. I went from 2 spam comments a day to well over 100.

      I installed Disqus and they stopped completely.

      You also get notifications and there’s a community tab to show top commenters etc.

      There’s also a content recommendation engine, it’s similar to the likes of Nrelate and Outbrain. You can choose to display related content on your own site or you can choose to splice that with external content and earn a bit of money from clicks (although you’d need a lot of traffic to make anything worthwhile).

      The main reason I keep Disqus is because of the spam protection. You can see when commenters have been flagged for spam in the past and they get an overall rep, unlike using systems like Akismet you can ultimately make the decision yourself as to whether you approve comments.

      Thanks again for your comment!

      • Eric Huges

        Thanks Adam!

        • Adam Connell

          No problem :)

  • Andrey Andreev

    Hello, which plugin do you use on the images in this website for social network sharing?

    • Adam Connell

      Hi Andrey, it’s not a plugin, just a line of code. It’s free to setup at

  • Ethan Green


    Thanks for this useful list. I have a question I’m hoping you can help with. I’ve been using Get Social, but it sits on top of the content for mobile and IPad users, and I can’t work out how to stop it, so am thinking to change to another one like DiggDigg. But I don’t want to lose all the share counts that I have. Do you know if changing them will import the old counts?

    And also, sorry for the questions (can’t find help elsewhere!) do you know what might be causing a share bar like Get Social to sit on top of the content?

    Thanks so much

    • Adam Connell

      Hi Ethan,

      No problem at all.

      Don’t worry, if you change sharing plugin you will still keep the sharing counts, these come directly from the social network itself.

      There are a number of things that could cause this type of thing – it could be the theme itself or it could be another plugin that you have installed.

      Troubleshooting it could involve switching back to a default WordPress theme and deactivating all other plugins but ultimately that’s a bit of a meither and can interrupt the smooth operation of your website so it would probably be easiest to just switch over to Digg Digg instead.

      • Ethan Green

        Thanks for the reply Adam – very helpful and much appreciated:-)

  • Alison R

    Great article! Are you using Triberr for your bio plugin? How did you get all your additional information in the author area?

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks Alison! It’s not the Triberr plugin, it’s a plugin called ‘Fanciest Author Box’ that makes it all possible. It is a paid plugin, although there is a free version that has limited functionality (you can find more here:

      Thanks for checking out the post.

  • Melroy van den Berg

    I’m searching for the FASTEST loading social plugin (sharing plugin) for WordPress.

    I notice there are some bad pluginswhich increase the load time significantly ;(


    • Adam Connell

      Melroy – I haven’t tested each and every social plugin unfortunately and there can be a variance when testing these types of things so I may get a different result to you.

      As a starting point you could try Sociable as it appeared quite fast on my last test and also Digg Digg.

      You can then test them with the P3 Profiler Plugin to see which one is best with your current setup.

      • Melroy van den Berg

        Yea, p3 profiler is great. I also use Yslow plugin for Firebug, to measure the impact of my site.

        I currently use social plugin from shareaholic (sexybookmarks), works great and fast. Maybe I will try anyadd or something.

        • Adam Connell

          I like Yslow too but if the Shareaholic plugin is working well for you and running fast I’m not sure why you would want to change it.

    • Geoff S.

      If you’re using Genesis framework there is a plugin called Genesis optimized total share that loads all scripts asynchronously, which really helps your page load times.

      • Adam Connell

        Geoff – thanks for mentioning Genesis Optimized Social Share. Looks very interesting, definitely going to take a look at this for possibly using on some of my sites.

  • Anirudh Bahadur

    Digg Digg is my all time fav! Great post Adam. :)

    • Adam Connell

      One of my all time fav’s too! Thanks Anirudh!

  • Muskie

    I was a long time Digg Digg user, but I switched to Professional Share this summer, never looked back. I also use a second plugin to layer Pin It buttons on top of images and of course a custom theme which makes my blog support all the structured meta data formats.

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks for your comment, Andrew.

      Interesting to here about Professional Share, what’s it like in terms of features?

      Layer Pin is very good, but I’ve started using which allows for Pin buttons and other share buttons. It also adds share buttons when content is highlighted.

      • Muskie

        Shares made in Professional Share are properly counted in Google Analytics. This is the killer feature of social sharing in general. You want all your analytics in one single place. You also want all your structured meta data correct.

        • Adam Connell

          Andrew, thanks for the explanation – sounds like a fantastic feature for sure!

  • RollTideWarEagle

    Great info. I’m downloading Flare to give it a run. Thank you.

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks for the comment – happy to help.

  • Dennis Manzhul

    Great article! Great tip with Markerly. Images are a huge part of my website as you can see

    The question I have is the social links you have at the top of your blog, right of your blog logo/name. How do I set something up like that for my website. It would fit perfectly. With the neutral gray lighting up as you hover over the image with the different colors of the social buttons.

    • Adam Connell

      Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Those social links are actually part of my theme.

      There is a plugin that does something very similar but I’m sure it requires the Gensis Framework to run.

      Here is another alternative you could try:

  • Om Livin’

    I have been using sharaholic & love the look, however I have noticed too many bugs & errors after their updates. I am going to switch to flare (*based on the comments below) Thank you for the article. :D

    • Adam Connell

      Happy to help. Quite interested to know what issues you have been having with Shareaholic?


      • Om Livin’

        The issues have been resolved now & I switched back. Their update switched all the features to their default settings & would not change. Also, the twitter button never lets me post & my google+ always shows 0 ….I hope they get those fixed too.

        • Adam Connell

          That’s good to know, thanks!

          Hope they do – it’s a great plugin.

  • marie george clouet

    Hi Adam and thank you for your list :)
    May I recommand you the ” most shared plugin” ? It concerns those who are using the authorship markup, The plugin is able to display and import the articles you have tagged, even from outside your blog.

    • Adam Connell

      Hi Marie, my pleasure.

      Thanks for your suggestion – I’ll check it out.

  • Linda Sherman

    I still have Sharaholic on several of my blogs, but I installed Simple Share Buttons Adder on AskLindaSherman dot com and I really like it. Very light. It doesn’t attempt to read your analytics. It has a vertical option. I need to spend some time playing with customizing it, when I get some time (no time soon). What you see on my blog is the default. I found it in a blog post at ManageWP.

    Thanks for the update on Flare Adam. I’ve been seeing it around and was curious too. I looked at Nick Patel’s blog (after fighting my way through at least 5 pop-ups) and looking at “view source” I think “TrulySocial” is now his social sharing plug-in. I had previously looked at the source on a site that is currently using Flare and saw Moz mentioned in the Flare css. I see Moz uses Flare but are they more deeply connected?

    • Adam Connell

      Hi Linda, thanks for your comment!

      I really like the look of Simple Share Buttons Adder, not so keen on the forced attribution link though. That might have changed though, it was a while since I last tried it.

      I definitely like how it looks!

      My pleasure. I think Neil Patel has had his sharing plugin custom designed – I’ve tried tracking down the actual plugin but can’t seem to find it.

      I think the mention of Moz is short for Mozilla – not 100% sure because I’m not a coder though. I think Moz use regular social buttons that Twitter, Facebook and G+ provide.

      Thanks for commenting :)

    • Kenny Eliason

      Any luck finding that trulysocial plugin?? I noticed it on Neil’s blog too and really want to have it on my own site! :)

      • Adam Connell

        Hey Kenny,

        I’ve been doing some more searching but still no look.

        I’m pretty sure it’s a custom job.

        The guys at managed to replicate it on their own blog but again, they did it as a custom job too.

        • Kenny Eliason

          Looks like they’re using a jquery plugin:

          Gunna look into that.

          • Adam Connell

            Good find, thanks Kenny!

  • Rio Q

    This is thorough review on social plugins. I learned many aspects of this plugin. So far I am using Add This and pretty happy with it. But seems I have to explore the other plugins, especially the premium plugins because the freebie sometimes not exactly can satisfy my needs. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks Rio. Great to hear you’re getting on well with AddThis. I’ve had exactly the same experience and recently moved to a premium sharing plugin myself. My pleasure.

  • Muscho

    Hey Adam, which plugin are you using on here?

    • Adam Connell

      Hey Muscho,

      It’s a plugin called ‘easy social share buttons for WordPress’.

      I’m planning a re-write of this post soon to include it, since it’s a plugin that I’ve only started using recently.

      I think it’s about $12.

      Here’s my aff link:

      They keep rolling out updates and one thing I like about it in particular is that the developers take user feedback very seriously. A while back I submitted 2 feature requests and both were implemented.

  • Martin Webster

    I appreciate the effort you’ve put into this list, Adam. I’ve tried numerous free social sharing plugins for and haven’t been entirely happy with any of them.

    Most recently I was using the Shareaholic plugin. The plus points are ease of use and customisation. But, I’ve found it to be buggy. For instance, only showing the Twitter button or showing everything twice on certain posts. Regrettably, I dropped it because I wasn’t getting any response from their support.

    So, I’ve gone with your current choice: Easy Social Share Buttons. Brilliant! And, a bargain.

    Thanks again.

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks Martin.

      I’ve noticed similar issues with Shareaholic, although I’ve usually got a fast response from them, particularly on Twitter.

      Still, more often than not, the most straight forward solution is to swap out free plugins for another.

      Glad you’re liking the Easy Social Share Buttons plugin, I completely agree – a great price.

      I love how their support team are able to roll out updates so fast.

      I asked for them to add support for They emailed me a beta version within 2 days. Never experienced anything like it.

      My pleasure, really glad you’ve found this helpful!

  • Wendy Krueger

    I have thought about moving to Flare. I bought Ultimate Social Deux from Code Canyon earlier in the year. I have been pretty happy with it. I like that you can match the icons to your site’s colors.

    • Adam Connell

      Hi Wendy,

      I like the look of the Ultimate Social Deux plugin. It’s on my list to check out, I’m noticing more and people use it.

      If you’re happy with it, I’d stick with it. A few days ago I read a comparison which showed Flare to be one of the slowest plugins to load.

      I’m planning to re-write this entire post soon to cover some of the newer plugins :)

  • Jeffrey Reyes

    great compilation! i’m using shareaholic on my site http://www.pisoandbeyond. com. Thanks for this!

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks Jeffrey! Shareaholic is great.

  • Adam Connell

    I’m sure you’ll find some of these useful, Bruno. Thanks for dropping by!

  • ajaniashish

    Excellent article Adam, I was looking for something similar where I can compare the social plugins according to requirements and came through this blog. I have already used some of them but not some premium ones. Thanks for sharing.

    • Adam Connell

      Thanks! Glad you’ve found the post useful :)

  • Martin

    I am quite disappointed by your article, especially because I believed that you wrote all important information. I bought your favorite plugin-Easy Social Share Buttons
    Don’t you think you forgot to mention that without Premium fee (24$) there is no possibilities to show only some icons. I don’t have Rss feed, Pinterest, Google +, but I still need to show all icons.
    Thank you I appreciate such help!

    • Adam Connell

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your comment and sorry you were disappointed, although I am a bit confused as to why.

      The cost of the plugin ($14) was stated below the features list, like with the other plugins. And it’s fit for the purpose of this post which is “social sharing plugins”. I use it myself and prefer it to every sharing plugin I have used in the past.

      Also you mentioned not having Pinterest, G+ etc but still needing to show all icons. Is there any particular reason why?

      From a user experience perspective, displaying links to social accounts you don’t have is bad practice. Users would have nowhere to go and it wouldn’t serve a purpose as far as I can see.

      Would be interested to hear why you are looking to do this.

      It’s worth noting that the developers of this plugin are incredibly helpful, if there is a feature that you want to see in the plugin that isn’t already there, they invite customers to give them suggestions

  • Adam Connell

    No worries, Martin. Very happy to hear that it is working fine :)

    I prefer to display basic icons which link to my social profiles. For this I use a widget included in my theme. There are plenty of free alternatives for this like:

    The one with Easy Social Share Buttons is more complex due to how much can be done with it, I’d recommend speaking with the developers, they should have some documentation for this or be able to explain how to do this easily.

  • thomas

    Hi Adam,
    your post is awesome, i totally agree on the fact that it’s not easy as it seems to find a good social plugin. Actually , I work on a website who will be on the Chinese Web.
    My problem is that every plugin you told us, are OK with facebook or occidental social networks.
    But i don’t find a good one with Jquery sliding, who countains Chinese social sharing. Like Weibo, Wechat, QQ.
    Maybe one of those you talk could be customed ? I looking threw web since 3 months, and i don’t find anything fine with that. I’m desperate ^^
    Thanks for your job!

    • Adam Connell

      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      Sounds like you need something very specific and I’m not 100% sure of any plugin that does include this.

      One option could be to list out the features you need then contact the developers of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. The reason I say this is they have a very good approach to user feedback.

      They may not be able to add the functionality you need but it’s worth asking.

      The alternative would be getting a custom built plugin, although it can be expensive. Maybe worth looking on

  • Ultimate-WP

    Thanks for listing us Adam!

    • Adam Connell

      My pleasure :)

  • Davidsneal

    Don’t forget Simple Share Buttons Plus ;)

    • Adam Connell

      Good call, David. Simple Share Buttons Plus is looking slick. Especially on mobile!

      • Davidsneal

        Thanks very much Adam!

        • Adam Connell

          No problem at all, David!

  • Robert A Lyon

    Hi Adam. I’m currently using Shareaholic, but their support is lousy. I emailed them with some questions three weeks ago, they did get back to me in a week, but haven’t responded to my follow up in over two weeks now. I’m trying to understand how the share tally works for all these plugins. So for example, say I make a post to my Facebook page and link back to my website post. Just for the sake of argument, say I get a total of 100 likes, shares, and comments. Will those engagements tally on the sharing plugin at my website post? If not, how does it actually work? Thanks.

    • Adam Connell

      Hi Robert, that’s disappointing to hear. I used to tweet them questions and they were pretty responsive. Might be worth tweeting them to see what’s going on because that support is rubbish.

      Yep, most plugins combine Facebook engagements into a single count to display in the plugin. Usually displaying the total. There are tools that will show you individually like

  • Gregory Preen

    Just what I was looking for, was looking for a light weight solution so going to give Simple Share Buttons Adder a try… Thanks!

    • Adam Connell

      Happy to help, Gregory!


    Hello Adam,

    I’m looking for a more flexible user friendly commenting system for my website. But it should not hijack whole commenting section like disqus. Because I’ve to use Audio Comment plug-in, too. Do you have any suggestions for me?

    This is my website:

    Looking forward to your reply.


    • Adam Connell

      There are plenty of them out there, but most of them end up hi-jacking the entire comment system like Disqus.

      I generally prefer Disqus because it works better than any spam blocking plugin.

      Ultimately it comes down to what your motivations are for looking for a commenting system – what exactly would you want it to do?


        I want to let visitors leave audio comments, because my website is for people to practice English speaking. They will answer questions by speaking to their microphone. I use audio-comment plugin for that.

        Besides, I want people to discuss within the audio comments. When I activate Disqus plugin, auido recorder disappears. So I’m looking for a way to make them work together.


        • Adam Connell

          Sorry, it’s not something I’ve ever tried before.

          I’d recommend posting on the forums, someone there should be able to point you in the right direction.

  • sandhan

    What a useful and well written article… I’ve subscribed to Elegant Themes and never realised they had a plugin for social sharing LOL Nor would I probably have worked that out without your help! What theme are you using for this website? Love the clean lines and breathing space…

    • Adam Connell

      Thank you – glad I could help :)

      I’m using “Tribe” theme, it’s in limited beta I think but more info is here:

  • Richard Delamore

    Just wanted to point out that I too suffered looking for a good social plugin, and having found your article made my day! I’ve just installed one of the plugins on my website http://www.actingaustralia com au

    • Adam Connell

      Glad I could help, Richard :)