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17 Powerful WordPress Plugins For Bloggers And Content Marketers

Best WordPress Plugins For Bloggers & Content Marketers

Have you ever wondered which WordPress plugins could help your content marketing efforts?

You’re not the only one but the problem is there are thousands of plugins out there, both free and paid – finding which plugins will actually help your blog can be a challenging and time consuming task.

To give you a helping hand, I’ve put together a collection of some of the most useful plugins available.

If you use WordPress and you’re serious about blogging and content marketing – you’ll find this post helpful.

These plugins will save you time, improve your editorial workflow, make it easy for your readers to share content, build your email list faster and lot’s more.

Let’s dive in!


As this is a fairly large post, I have broken the plugins down into categories and added quick links so you can easily navigate. Just click on a link and you’ll be taken to the relevant section:

Improve your editorial workflow

In the past I’ve juggled editorial calendars using clunky spreadsheets that have ended up costing me valuable time.

The editorial plugins below will help you save time, stay organized and collaborate easier.

Organize your content with Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

If you want to get a bird’s eye view of your publishing schedule, Editorial Calendar is the perfect plugin to help you.

What I like about this is that you can drag & drop your blog posts onto other days of the week which makes it easy to adjust when posts are scheduled for.

I wouldn’t say this plugin is a necessity but if you prefer a more visual approach, it’s great. And it will likely save time if you find yourself adjusting your post schedule.

Price: Free.

More Details

Improve your workflow with Edit Flow

Edit Flow

Sometimes a calendar isn’t enough.

If you’re working with contributors or publishing a large amount of content, you can use Edit Flow to design your own editorial workflow.

You still get access to a calendar but you also get additional features such as custom statuses, editorial comments, groups and more.

Being able to create your own post statuses may not seem like a big deal but it can be so helpful!

Price: Free.

More Details

Save time and increase your reach with CoSchedule


CoSchedule is an editorial calendar app that ties directly into WordPress with a helpful plugin.

Aside from being able to plan and schedule posts you can use this plugin to schedule social media messages, monitor social shares as well as improving your editorial workflow with their handy CRM.

You can choose to access CoSchedule directly from within WordPress or via the web app.

One of the features that I find incredibly useful is the social scheduling functionality which makes it easy to schedule new messages and integrates with Buffer.

I’ve used the other editorial plugins on various sites but I find CoSchedule to save me the most time, partly due to the social sharing functionality.

Price: Starts at $10/month with free trial available.

More Details

Make it easy for your readers to share your content

If you want to expand your content’s reach, it’s essential to make it easy for people to share your content – these plugins will help.

Add share buttons with Simple Share Buttons

Simple Share Buttons

If you want a simple plugin that makes it easy to add social sharing buttons, Simple Share Button Adder is a great choice.

It’s highly customizable giving you options to choose from a large number of social networks and choose whether or not to display share counts.

There’s plenty of styling options but you can easily use custom CSS if you want to take things further.

Price: Free.

More Details

Display share buttons and track shares with Monarch by Elegant Themes


I love the idea of being able to display larger social sharing buttons and have plenty of options for exactly where these buttons appear.

Monarch makes it easy to display eye-catching social sharing buttons and gives plenty of locations to display them as well as various styling functionality.

You can display slide-ins and popovers to accelerate social shares, I don’t personally use these but the option is there. You can also display share buttons on images.

You can also display social media follow icons and view social sharing analytics. Although analytics rely on the plugin being used to share – will give you a good idea of how many people are using your share buttons.

Price: $89/year (get access to 80+ themes and some other great plugins – cancel whenever you like)

More Details

Note: For alternative social sharing plugins, see this post.

Encourage social sharing and drive more traffic to your website with Social Warfare

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a new addition to this list.

After some recommendations in the comments from great folks like Danny Brown and David Hartshorne, I decided it was time to check out this plugin and see what it can really do.

Right out of the gate, I love the look of the social share buttons but there are a few features that have so much potential to boost shares and drive more traffic.

These features include:

  • Custom Pinterest images and descriptions – I’ve found that taller images get more traction on Pinterest but the size of my featured images are horizontal. Thankfully this plugin will enable me to upload Pinterest-friendly images while keeping my featured images the way they are.
  • Add sharable quotes in posts – I’ve got another plugin for this which works really well but I like the idea of having this built into my regular social sharing plugin. These “click to tweet” style quotes are a growing trend, I’ve found them to work very well.
  • Custom tweets – Sometimes you may want to include hashtags in tweets when your posts are shared but most plugins use the default title within WordPress. Adding hashtags to post titles in WordPress isn’t a good way to go but Social Warfare provides the perfect solution.
  • Hide social share counts – When you display high share counts it looks impressive and people are usually more likely to share (we call this social proof). Usually, the problem is that low share counts can have a negative impact. Fortunately you can set a minimum share count to ensure you avoid any negative social proof.

Price: Starts from $24/year (cancel anytime).

More Details

Display tweetable quotes using Better Click To Tweet

Better Click To Tweet

Displaying Tweetable quotes can be a great way of encouraging social shares.

I’ve tried this myself on a number of posts and seems to work great.

With Better Click To Tweet you can easily make quotes tweetable by adding the plugins shortcodes.

These tweetable quotes will look like the image above.

There are alternatives like but this requires that you create links and add them into WordPress directly. I’ve found this to be more time consuming than using a plugin.

Price: Free.

More Details

Take tweetable quotes further using TweetDis


If you’d like a smart set of designs to choose from as well as additional features – TweetDis is a great alternative.

There are a number of great designs to choose from.  You can integrate with URL shorteners such as TinyURL and Bitly.

You can also use TweetDis to make parts of regular text and images tweetable.

Price: starts from $27.

More Details

Grow your email list and generate leads with these plugins

It is essential to provide a next step for your readers and joining your email list is a great next step.

Email is personal, it’s immediate and the email list that you grow is ultimately yours. And 73% of marketers agree that email marketing is core to their business.

So whether you would like to reach your followers easier, want more leads or both – building an email list is essential.

The plugins listed below will help you grow your list faster and easier.

Display opt-in forms, split test and more with Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

When it comes to building an email list, it’s important to have a plugin that makes things easy for you and easy for your readers.

This means it must be easy for you to deploy opt-in forms and the right features to make it easy for your readers to sign up.

One of the most feature packed is Thrive Leads, it supports:

  • Popovers
  • Widgets
  • In content
  • After post
  • Ribbon (top or bottom)
  • Shortcode placement
  • 2 step opt-ins

Since reviewing Thrive Leads earlier this year, the plugin has continued to be developed.

More recently, a new feature was added enabling the use of multiple choice opt-in forms.

You may have seen the likes of sites like Quicksprout use these – instead of displaying an opt-in form straight away, you’ll be asked something like “do you want more traffic?” and if you click yes, you’ll be presented with an opt-in form.

The idea behind this is that when someone makes a small commitment, they’re more likely to sign up.

You can also run various split tests with Thrive Leads. For example if you want to see whether an after post opt-in will convert better than a widget – you can do it.

There’s built in reporting too, plenty of templates, a drag & drop editor and any autoresponder that supports custom HTML forms is supported.

Price: Starts from $67.

More Details

Offer content upgrades with Content Upgrades Pro

Content Upgrades Pro

One of the most effective ways of growing an email list is to use the content upgrade technique.

The idea is that when you write a blog post, you put together a bonus piece of content related to the post. This could be a checklist, cheat sheet or even just a PDF version of the post.

Content Upgrades Pro is one of the newest plugins in the market but it’s extremely promising.

I don’t currently use this plugin; I’m using LeadPages (I’ll talk about this more in a moment) but it’s an expensive tool and can initially be difficult to justify the cost which makes Content Upgrades Pro a great solution.

There’s a free version too but features are limited and a powered by link is displayed. But still, it’s a great way to try before you buy.

Price: Starts from $27. A free version with limited features is available.

More Details

Create custom landing pages and page layouts with Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder

Landing pages are essential to the growth of your email list.

The idea here is that you offer exclusive downloads (or lead magnets) from a page that has no distractions. No menu elements, no social media widgets.

One page with one goal – and that goal is to convert.

This is where Thrive Content Builder comes in. It enables you to create custom landing pages using a handy drag & drop interface.

You get access to plenty of smart landing pages templates but what makes this even better is that they’re all designed in sets.

So for example, the landing page template in the image above is from a set that also includes; a thank you page, confirmation page, 2 step opt-in landing page, video lesson page, sales page and a video sales page. All in the same style – perfect for keeping consistency.

You can also use Thrive Content Builder to create custom page layouts that utilize your existing theme.

This works for both posts and pages. For example, when a reader subscribes to my email list I give away access to a bunch of resources – I created the download page using this plugin, here’s how part of it looks:

Thrive Content Builder Example

And similar to Thrive Leads, any autoresponder that uses custom HTML forms is supported. This will include MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber and a lot more.

Price: Starts from $67.

More Details

Access a suite of lead generation tools with Lead Pages


LeadPages is more than just a plugin – it’s a lead generation platform.

The main use of LeadPages is to quickly create and deploy landing pages. There’s a huge number of landing page templates and LeadPages takes care of the hosting as well as file delivery.

The one gripe I have is that customization options are limited but in most situations I’ve found a template that does what I need to do. If I don’t, I’ll use Thrive Content Builder to build something custom.

I’ve been a customer for a long time so I’ve learned to appreciate the stripped back customization options because it makes it much faster to customize pages.

Another great feature which I make good use of is LeadBoxes – this allows you to display clickable popovers, timed popovers or exit intent popovers.

I use the clickable popovers here on Blogging Wizard to offer post specific bonuses (content upgrades).

Here’s an example of how this would look:

LeadBoxes Example

The WordPress plugin that LeadPages provide makes it easy to add your landing pages and add timed/exit intent popovers.

You can also use LeadPages with any HTML based website and all major auto responder services are supported (e.g. MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber, Infusionsoft and more).

Price: Starts from $37/month.

More Details

Make SEO easy with these plugins

When it comes to SEO, there are only two plugins that I’d install on every site I use. The best part is that they’re easy to use and free.

Take care of your on-page SEO with All in One SEO Pack

All In One SEO Pack

For a long time, I’ve been a supporter of the Yoast SEO plugin. I’ve used it on countless sites but a recent update has ruined the usability of the plugin.

But the great thing about WordPress is that there are always other options.

All in One SEO Pack was the first SEO plugin I ever tried. Since then it’s received plenty of updates and it has all the essential features you need.

What I particularly like is that outside of the general settings, it gives you the option to enable or disable certain features.

So if you don’t want to have the import/export feature enabled, you can disable it to ensure you’re only using what you need to use.

Price: Free with a premium version available.

More Details

Take control of redirects and fix broken links with Redirection


If you change a URL in WordPress the result is that anyone trying to view the old URL will be shown a 404 error page.

Whether it’s your readers or search engines like Google – broken links can cause huge problems.

So what should you do? Add redirects to ensure anyone accessing the old URL finds their way to the new one.

You can either do this manually via a .htaccess file or you can use the Redirection plugin.

Personally I prefer to use the Redirection plugin because if I change the permalink for a blog post, a redirect is added manually.

There are also situations where people will link to your website with an incorrect link – you could let them know about it, they may or may not update it but what you can do is add a redirect on your own blog to ensure people find the correct post. I’ve found Google Webmaster Tools is a good way of finding these.

Internal broken links can also be an issue but I’d recommend avoiding the use of a plugin for searching for these – tools like Xenu’s Link Sleuth are a great alternative.

Price: Free.

More Details

Test, monitor and increase conversions

If you’re serious about improving conversions – whether it be your email subscription rate or product sales, you need to be able to run tests and then monitor your results. These plugins will help.

Optimize your post titles with Title Experiments

Title Experiments

The titles of your blog posts are incredibly important. They can make or break a post.

With the Title Experiments plugin you can easily split test headlines. In the visual editor you’ll see an option to add a new title just below where you’d usually type your title.

The plugin will then display different titles to different people in order to find the best performing title. The downside is the statistics are very basic in the free version.

Price: Free with pro version available.

More Details

Monitor your traffic and conversions with Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free analytics package which is easy to setup and provides lots of actionable data.

For most of my sites I use Yoast’s plugin (Google Analytics For WordPress) to connect to Google Analytics. I could add the code manually but I prefer the ease of use that the plugin provides.

It makes it easy to ignore logged in users – this is a great way to stop data from being skewed.

We talked about plugins to grow your email list earlier and while some of these include reporting functionality, you can setup goal tracking in Google Analytics to get even more data.

The way this works is by adding the URL for your confirmation page – after you’ve done this you’ll be able to find out exactly which traffic sources are converting for you.

This tutorial was written a while back but explains the process in depth.

Price: Free.

More Details

One more super helpful plugin

There’s one particular plugin which does so many things that it deserves it’s very own category.

Take your content further with SumoMe


SumoMe is a collection of apps to help you grow your traffic.

You can add these apps to any website that supports HTML but there’s a dedicated plugin for WordPress.

I use a few of these apps here on Blogging Wizard, but there are a lot more. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Content Analytics – Find out how much of your content is being read.
  • Heat Maps – Find out exactly where people are clicking on your posts/pages.
  • Image Sharer – Add share buttons to images.
  • Share – Add share buttons to your posts/pages.
  • Highlighter – When text is highlighted, this app will display a prompt encouraging people to share.
  • List Builder – Add targeted popovers to build your email list.
  • Scroll Box – Display an opt-in form as people scroll down a page.
  • Smart Bar – Add a bar across the top of your content which displays an opt-in form or call to action.
  • Contact Form – Straight forward contact forms.

All of these apps can be used for free but there are paid plans to add extra features.

Price: Free with paid plans available.

More Details

Next steps

We’ve covered a number of powerful plugins in this post – all of which can be helpful for different things like SEO/social/list building etc.

Below I’ve put together some next steps for you to help you get the most out of this post:

  • Identify what you need help with (increasing subscribers for example)
  • Pick a plugin that will help you
  • Try it out and see how it improves things or helps you
  • Come back to this post to try another

Ultimately be careful with having too many plugins – try to prioritize and use them sparingly so your page load times aren’t impacted.

About Adam Connell

Adam used to run a team of marketers. Now he shares what he’s learned about growing blogs and businesses here on Blogging Wizard. He’s a fan of Firefly and Chinese takeaways. Click here to join the Blogging Wizard newsletter; you’ll get our best content & 15+ guides to grow your online presence faster.

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  • Nice List Adam !

    Can you get me a Social Plugin which looks like ?

    • Thanks Kaushik!

      I haven’t spotted any that look exactly like those unfortunately. I’m sure there are some that are similar – let me know if you find any 🙂

    • Spotted share buttons on another blog that looked very similar to this and it was using Might be a paid option, but it gives you a starting point.

      Hope this helps.

  • Thank you Adam, really great article, great tutorial for WordPress users.

    • My pleasure – thanks for checking out the post!

  • Great list Adam! I am already using most of these, however I have yet to try Title Experiments plugin. That looks great! Definitely going to give that a try. Keep up the great content.

    And TweetDis is on my list of things to buy 🙂 Sexiest looking tweet buttons out there.

    • Thanks Brian! Definitely worth a go, the free version is really good – I’m tempted to upgrade to get the improved analytics though.

      I agree – they recently added a bunch of designs, all of them are looking really smart.

  • riyaz08

    Thanks for the useful post 🙂 Tweet quote and thrive lead is my favourite.

  • Arthur

    A very nice balance between Blogging 101 and food-for-advanced-marketers. Thank you Adam !

    • My pleasure, Arthur – thanks for stopping by to comment!

  • Nirmala Santhakumar

    Great list Adam!

    I aware of few of awesome tools like SEO by Yoast, Monarch, Google Analytics for WordPress and CoSchedule. Other helpful tools are new for me. I’ve bookmarked this post for my future use as I have a plan to get some premium plugins to improve my blog. Thanks for consolidating this beneficial list for the bloggers to do an enhanced content marketing, have a great day ahead.

    • Thanks Nirmala!

      Glad you’ve found some new tools to check out in this post.

      Have a great day too.

  • All good and solid plugins Adam, thanks for sharing, I have already tried a few and going to try at least three more from your list.

    There is huge misconception that more the number of plugins, it slows your website down. I think the key is the quality of the plugins here. If they are well-coded and well-scripted, there is no harm to use them if and when required.

    For new bloggers (like me), they are definitely the life savers. I am currently using 27 plugins on my website and my speed and performance is fine. So my two pence would be to invest in good quality and well-coded plugins. Your list is a great start for ten. Cheers and thanks for sharing again. Sharing this article with my little community as well.

    • Thanks Ahmad!

      Great point about going for well-coded plugins – that’s a big one.

      I know what you mean. So many things can be made easier with plugins. I’m using a similar amount of plugins – an important thing for me is hosting. The right host and a CDN can work wonders.

      My pleasure, Ahmad – thanks for sharing the post and for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

  • Solid write-up Adam!

    What would you say is your top 5 plugins you could not live without?

    • Thanks Jason!

      Good question, these are my top 5 right now:

      > CoSchedule
      > WordPress SEO
      > Redirection
      > LeadPages
      > Thrive Content Builder

      There are a few plugins I wanted to mention, but the reality is that there are alternatives to a lot of them (although, a lot of alternatives aren’t quite as good).

  • Good stuff, Adam. I am using several of these plugins and they are very helpful.

  • Another great tools post, thanks man!

    Believe it or not I’ve actually heard and checked all these out and everyone I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to take their blog to the next level. I’m using some of them myself like Leadpages. Good stuff as always.

    • Sure thing, Ben! Thanks for stopping by.

      Awesome to hear. LeadPages is an incredible tool!

  • Great write up. My favorite is Sumo me plugin. It’s worked wonders on my blog. 5-7% email collection rate.

    Are there any SEO issues with the title experiments plugin?

    • Thanks Sujan. Sumo Me is awesome – great to hear how much it’s helped your conversion rates.

      None that I can find.

      When I first tried the headline testing tool, I was a little worried seeing “choose what to display to search engines” – sounded like cloaking at first glance.

      But, it gives you two options: “first title” and “best performing title” so there’s no variation that will be hidden from users and only served to search engines.

      Also permalinks are all kept the same.

  • Awesome list Adam. I am using more plug ins these days to save myself time. Leveraging through using the right ones for your blog and business is just the way to go. Thanks much 😉


    • Thanks Ryan! Finding the right ones can definitely be a big help 🙂


  • Hey there Adam,

    Finally got round to reading this, and great round-up of the various plug-ins (as we all reasons to use).

    I do like Monarch, but I’ve found its added load time to the page because of extra calls being made. There are some support tickets raised over at Elegant Themes about this (including a report by a WP Engine engineer) and it does seem that this is an issue (one of the Elegant Themes support team advised they’re working on optimizing, but no update on that yet).

    For sharing, I really like the Social Warfare plug-in:

    They just released a major update, and it’s even slicker than before. Very fast load, multiple style options, embeddable tweets, custom tweets, and now support for UTM tracking in Google Analytics (to see how many social shares Social Warfare sent you).

    Well worth checking out.

    I also really like Magic Action Box Pro for email list building. Great templates, responsive designs, works with most email service providers, and multiple placement options.

    There’s a free version too, but the upgrade to Pro is more than worth it.

    Cheers, mate!

    • Hey Danny,

      Thanks for the great comment!

      Hadn’t spotted the issue with Monarch – thanks for the heads up. Good to know they’re working on it but it’s always nice to have an ETA.

      Social Warfare looks incredible, great suggestion – must get it soon and take it for a spin. Really like the UTM tracking for finding how much traffic the plugin refers.

      I’ve had a look at the Magic Action Box sales page before but haven’t checked it out yet – do they roll out regular updates?

      Thanks for the suggestions, mate – much appreciated.

      • Hi mate, they do – I think there have been (on average) one per month in the last 6 months (to support new plugins, etc). They’re very on the ball when it comes to working with other formats (for example, they now support Postmatic based on user feedback).

        Gotta love the dev community! 🙂

        • Hi Danny, that’s awesome to hear! Always good to see devs updating plugins. Even better that they support Postmatic.

          Definitely 🙂

      • @adamjayc:disqus let me know if you’d like a personal demo. 😀

        • Cheers, Dustin – will do!

          Should be good though, got it at the top of my list to check out soon.

          • woo-hoo!

          • Grabbed the plugin earlier today, @DustinWStout:disqus – I’m well impressed. Got it installed now and added it to the list above.

          • Awesome Adam! Looks great on your site! Would love to hear your feedback on it after you take it for a full spin! 😀

          • Thanks Dustin! Sure thing – Got a few suggestions:

            1) Option to customize sharing text
            2) Option to add Buffer
            3) A few other sharing options for sites like StumbleUpon (these may need disabling by default)

            These are pretty minor suggestions really. All the super important stuff is there! And a bunch of options I haven’t seen in other plugins.

            I best get started on some custom Pinterest images for my top posts! 🙂

          • Thanks for that Adam! I guess we need to do a bit more for on-boarding new users (we don’t do anything at all ATM lol) because we do actually allow you to customize the sharing text! You can customize the text for Social Media Title and Social Media Description (which is applied to Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn) and of course you can customize the Pinterest description. But there’s also an input to customize the tweet that is shared.

            As for Buffer, I just blogged about why we won’t be adding a Buffer button ( It’s mostly about our values as a company.

            And yes, DO get started on those Pinterest images! I don’t know if you read my case study, but since I started using them my blog’s pinterest traffic skyrocked (+1,937% increase) and it’s now my #1 referrer.

          • No worries!

            Sorry, I didn’t do a good job at explaining the social sharing text lol.

            What I meant was the text that’s overlayed onto the actual buttons.

            For example, when we hover over the G+ button it says “+1” – would be cool to edit this on both hover and none-hover states.

            Ah!! Yes, totally understand about the Buffer button. Great point about the accuracy issue.

            Wow, that’s quite an increase in Pinterest traffic! Got two ready this morning, lot’s more to go. but that’s my 2 highest traffic posts – can’t wait to see how they perform!


          • Ah, now I see what you’re saying. Interesting idea!

  • Thanks for sharing Adam, actually those are all above is great of awesome plugin.

    Actually, I love editorial calendar because it would make me easier in managing my content writing plan. Additionally, I love to add some quote with twitter button. I think that I found useful share..! 🙂

    Have nice day.

    • My pleasure – glad you’ve found some helpful plugins you can get started using!

  • FrancesCaballo

    Content Upgrades and Thrive Leads are two plug-ins I’ve been looking for but didn’t know their names. Thanks for mentioning them in this post, Adam! Love your blog. Just had to wait a few days until I had time to absorb all the content you always present. I have no idea why my image doesn’t show up with my comments.

    • My pleasure, Frances. Glad you’ve found this useful! Thanks for following along:) I can see your picture with your comment!

  • Hi Adam,

    Great roundup of plugins for us.
    Like Danny, I just started using Social Warfare and can recommend it. New features being added all the time too. Talking of new features, I’ve not had time to try the new stuff on Thrive Leads – seems we are being spoilt at the moment!

    – David

    • Thanks David!

      Great to hear you’re recommending Social Warfare too – it’s on my list to buy later today. Love that they’re rolling out new features all the time.

      We are indeed! Just been trying the new yes/no style popovers with Thrive Leads on my test site – just keeps getting better and better!

      Thanks for dropping by,


  • Hey Adam,

    Thanks for sharing these plugins. I use Thrive Leads, Google Analytics and Sumome. I’m really impressed by the split testing feature of thrive leads. With other list building plugins, I would never use the split testing feature, but with thrive leads it really piqued my interest, especially the fact that you can run a ‘contest’ between the opt in forms to see which one generates the most loads.

    With Google Analytics, it took me a long time to figure it out. When I first enter the scene, it wasn’t as intuitive as it is now. There are so many tools and metrics that you can use to help you make those necessary changes to your blog and marketing campaigns. I use what I considered the basics and so far it’s been enough to help me get more traffic and leads.

    Also Sumome is great tool to get subscribers. I’m only using one feature and I haven’t dove into the plugin to check the other features. I particularly interested in the heat map feature!

    Thanks for sharing these great tools! I hope you have a great week ahead!

    • Hey Sherman,

      No worries!

      I’m with you on the Thrive Leads split testing functionality. Best I’ve found in a list building plugin so far. Like you say, being able to split test opt-in form types is great.

      I had a similar issue with Google Analytics initially. Definitely a lot better now but still takes a while to learn.

      Heat Maps from Sumo Me is great!

      My pleasure, Sherman. Have a great week too.

  • Hi Adam.

    I love many of these plugins already, but the newest one (and the standout one) for me is the Warfare plugin. I love how it sticks the social sharing buttons as a sticky to the bottom of every post. And it looks pretty cool, like you say.

    I already use a number of other tools you mention here like Thrive, exit redirection, Ypast etc.

    However, I had a bad experience with the makers of LeadPages once, so I actually cancelled my LeadPages sub on the basis of that, but I know many people use it and love it, despite quite a high monthly cost.

    Top banana collection of plugins and tools here Adam, cheers.

    • Hi Richard,

      I’m with you on Social Warfare. Awesome plugin. I’ve seen a bunch of plugins that have similar sticky scrolling options but none of them look quite as good as it does with Social Warfare!

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience with makers of LeadPages!

      My pleasure, thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts.

      Have a great weekend, Richard.

      All the best,

  • Hello Adam,

    Great post here.

    Plugins are a very important part for any blogger and you compiled a list of some great ones here.

    I just started to use CoSchedule recently and it’s pretty good. But from your list, the two I enjoyed the most are (1) social warfare. I purchased that a few weeks ago and I love it. (2) Thrive Leads. That is probably the best money I’ve ever spent. Thanks again for this post Adam, great job.

    – Andrew

    • Hi Andrew,


      Great to hear you’re using CoSchedule. I’ve found it to be quite a time saver.

      I’m with you on Social Warfare and Thrive Leads – Really like the new yes/no style opt-ins that Thrive released recently.

      I’ve had Social Warfare just over a week now but it’s great – just need to make some more Pinterest-friendly images.

      Thanks my friend – really appreciate your thoughts.

      – Adam

  • Hi Adam, i am currently working on a 10 page monthly magazine that will be used as the incentive to start building the email list. What plugin or service would be best to make it available for download in exchange for email ?

    • Hi Faisal,

      An email provider like MailChimp and an opt-in form plugin like Thrive Leads or SumoMe’s List Builder could do the job.

      You could add links to the current issue and past issues on your confirmation page.

      Ultimately there are a few ways to do this and it depends how you’d like to position it.

      I’ve seen people use membership plugins and others to make their magazines available on iTunes etc (although I haven’t tried that myself).