8 Best WordPress Mailing List Plugins For List Building Magic

Build Your Mailing List With These List Building Plugins For WordPress

In the following post you’re going to discover 5 of the best WordPress mailing list plugins available, these will help super charge your list and take your website to the next level.

They say “the money is in the list” – which is so true, so if you are not building a mailing list then now is the time to start.

There’s another phrase that you may have seen floating around the internet – “the money isn’t in the list, it’s in what you do with the list”.

So remember that just installing a plugin and clicking – GO, isn’t going to give you instant access to a magic red button that gives you money whenever you press it.

It will, providing you’re patient and build up your list in the right way – I’m digressing now, that’s more for another day because you need to start somewhere and the place to start is with a VERY good WordPress plugin of course.

Premium mailing list plugins for WordPress

1. Hybrid Connect

Hybrid Connect Mailing List Plugin for WordPress
I’m very fond of premium WordPress plugins, and I prefer them to free plugins due to better support, more frequent updates and overall better functionality.

Hybrid Connect is one of my more recent plugin purchases and it’s a mailing list plugin that I’ve used on countless websites, to great affect.

This is one of those plugins that I can’t really say a bad word about.

You can create squeeze pages, video squeeze pages, lightbox and slide in pop over optin forms and there’s the option to use short codes too.

A really cool feature is the split testing functionality so you can add multiple variations of your opt-in forms and test them to see which performs best.

The thing I like most about Hybrid Connect is how easy it is to customise, there’s no coding required so it’s just tweaking controls – there are other plugins that have come with the ability to customise without coding but I’ve found that I could never get most of them to look right and there was always limitations with the customisation options.

This is a problem that you won’t have with Hybrid Connect because there are so many customisation options and the other great thing is that the plugin is also responsive – we’ll be seeing more and more themes that are responsive in the future so it’s an important feature and looks great when everything is responsive.

On a side note, referring back to the reason I buy premium plugins; I recently had to call upon Hybrid Connect’s support (not due to an issue with the plugin, it was a poorly coded WordPress theme) and Paul, the developer who works on the help desk went above and beyond – sorted the issue out within a few minutes and we were good to go.

Just goes to show that when you invest in quality, you get looked after.

That isn’t it for features though, there’s a lot more so take a look at the plugin page for more details.

Download Plugin Read Review

2. Optin Skin

Optin Skin List Building Plugin for WordPress
Optin Skin is a another powerful premium mailing list plugin that makes it easy to add optin forms below posts, as sidebar widgets or as pop overs.

There are quite a few nice designs to choose from and some good customisation options but if you’re not really into the designs that come pre-loaded then you will need some coding knowledge to get the layout that you want.

Optin Skin works with a large number of different mailing list providers so compatibility won’t be an issue here.

There are some great features in Optin Skin including unique “skin” placement settings and special effects.

Download Plugin

3. Plugmatter – Feature Box

Plugmatter Optin Feature Box
October 13th 2013 update: In order to keep this list of mailing list plugins as fresh as possible I wanted to include this plugin, since I didn’t find it until after publishing this post. A new kid on the block for sure, but this is a powerful plugin:

Feature Box allows you to easily add a very visually attractive and clean opt-in ‘feature box’ below the header of your blog, something that is easier said than done with a lot of plugins.

While the Feature Box plugin has the usual cool stuff like the use of templates, the ability to run A/B split tests, being compatible with the majority of popular auto responder services and no need to mess about with any code, there’s also some other really cool features that I think are awesome and I’m sure you will dig these features too:

  • Ability to turn off the opt-in feature box for existing subscribers
  • Ability to target returning visitors with different opt-in boxes (following Seth Godin’s advice)
  • Ability to use your own custom designs and plug them into the Plug Matter system

There are some other great features too of course, and this seems to be performing well for a lot of big players in the industry, so don’t miss this.

Download Plugin Read Review

4. Optimize Press 2.0

October 13th 2013 update: this is another important update I have for you and no list of mailing list plugins would be complete without Optimize Press 2.0 which James Dyson launched quite a while after I published this post.

People don’t always think of Optimize Press as a mailing list plugin, because it was initially released as a theme that specialised in landing pages, sales pages and squeeze pages for WordPress along with some other awesome templates, so you could still run a blog and even have properly styled pages that would suit a membership area.

Now though things have changed, Optimize Press 2.0 now brings landing pages and sales pages in the form of a WordPress plugin (as well as the theme).

Oh, and it comes with its own membership plugin too which could save you about $200.

While I still use Hybrid Connect as my primary list building plugin Optimize Press 2.0 just makes it super easy to make great landing pages that incorporate awesome opt-in forms.

Here’s an example:

Optimize Press 2.0
This took around 15-20 minutes to put together using a pre-existing template and that was the 1st time that I’d tried using the new Optimize Press live editor (which is incredibly easy to use by the way).

You get access to a load of powerful features, short codes and other elements that you can use on regular pages or a content template that you’ve setup using Optimize Press’s own live editor.

You can then customise the opt-in boxes on the landing pages you setup and adding your opt-in form code is as simple as copy, paste and clicking save.

The beauty of it all is that it’s all super easy, the functionality is beyond anything else on the market and there is no messing about with code – it just works, seamlessly and it converts.

When you install Optimize Press 2.0 as a theme you’ll also get the option to use opt-in forms as widgets in your sidebar so chances are you won’t need to mess about with many other plugins.

An awesome list building plugin, but so much more than that.

Turn your blog into a marketing powerhouse:

Download Plugin

5. OptinMonster

OptinMonster Review - Choose Popover Theme
OptinMonster is a groundbreaking plugin from Syed Balkhi, founder of WPBeginner and Thomas Griffin who is the creator of the Soliloquy slider plugin.

They have come together to create what I believe to be a game changer – One of OptinMonster’s most impressive features is the ‘Exit Intent‘ feature – the plugin will track mouse speed and gestures of your visitors, allowing the plugin to display an opt-in form at the moment before they leave your site.

The reason why this is such a game changer is because over 70% of your visitors will NEVER return and it allows you to capitalize on that with Exit Intent and extremely powerful targeting features.

OptinMonster comes fully equipped with a number of opt-in form types and pop over themes that are easily customized without any coding.

Download Plugin Read Review

Free mailing list plugins for WordPress

6. WP Email Capture

WP Email Capture Mailing List Plugin for WordPress
This is a really straight forward “no frills” mailing list plugin that allows you to add an opt-in form to your blogs sidebar.

You can customise email fields and which page you want to redirect the user to on sign up or after email confirmation.

This plugin doesn’t support any mailing list providers such as GetResponse or Aweber for example, but it does store them in WordPress and allow you to export to CSV file at any time you like.

Please note that this plugin defaults to a “powered by” link, although you can easily disable this in the settings if you like – or leave it in if you prefer.

There is a premium version of this plugin which offers priority support and extra features.

Download Plugin

7. Subscribe2

Subscribe2 Mailing List Plugin for WordPress
This plugin gives you a full mailing list management system that’s contained entirely within WordPress.

There’s no need for an external mailing list provider as Subscribe2 will take care of all of that for you and also provide you with an easy way to export all of your data should you need it.

You can use Subscribe2 to send new blog posts to your mailing list subscribers at an interval that suits you and using a customisable template.

If you don’t want to send blog posts automatically to your mailing list subscribers then that’s not a problem, you can send emails directly to your subscribers from within your WordPress dashboard and there’s a widget you can use to add an opt-in form to your websites sidebar.

This plugin works best for small numbers of subscribers in most cases because certain web hosts have limits on the number of emails that can be sent from their servers in a particular time frame. This is something that your web host will be able to advise you better on so it’s well worth asking them or taking a look at their terms and conditions.

Download Plugin

8. Optin Revolution: WordPress Popup

Optin Revolution WordPress List Building Plugin
If you’re wanting to use a popup on your blog to grow your mailing list then this is a really easy way to get it done.

You’ll be able to easily integrate with a number of popular mailing list providers such as Aweber, iContact, Mail Chimp and more.

Customisation is straight forward as there’s no code that you need to mess with and the popover that you’ll be able to create will do a great job of making your  opt-in stand out to your visitors.

Download Plugin

What about mailing list provider?

I used to use Aweber but ended up switching to GetResponse because the pricing was better and they also have a lot more features.

Certain tasks in Aweber should be easier than they are. Things like split testing your email campaigns rather than just your web forms and multiple types of auto responder for example.

Aweber’s auto responder is just time based, where GetResponse allows other types such as action based – you can even roll out a new auto responder sequence based on a subscriber opening a particular email.

They do a 30 day free trial too so you can test it for yourself and see if it’s a good fit for you:

Sign Up For 30-Day Free Trial Download Plugin


List building, mailing list and opt-in form plugins have been the bane of my life, I’m not a developer or programmer, I consider myself pretty technical but as soon as CSS comes into the picture that’s game over for me.

I have spent an insane amount of money on list building plugins, I don’t want you to have to do that too so it’s important you make the right decision.

Start off by mapping out all of the features you want in a plugin and then look for a plugin that fits as closely as possible. In all honesty, you probably won’t find a plugin that does everything you want it to but you can get VERY close.

For example, if you’re wanting a lightweight plugin focused on popovers then OptinMonster is a great fit and while it has the ‘exit intent’ feature which is awesome, it’s not what I would call a ‘feature rich plugin’.

I find that on some sites OptinMonster is a better solution, and other sites Hybrid Connect is exactly what I need.

Hybrid Connect is ‘all singing, all dancing’ so to speak. The main things that attracted me to it where the wide range of opt-in form types that it supported and the incredible customisation functionality.

Here’s why this customisation functionality was so ground breaking…

I could say good bye to frantically searching through CSS tutorials that I didn’t understand and throwing time and money down the drain or using 3-4 different plugins… and say hello to a single plugin that was easy to use and did what I wanted it to do.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great plugins on the market and if I was a developer then things might be different, but I’m not so that meant struggling until I found Hybrid Connect.

What’s your list building plugin of choice?

8 Best WordPress Mailing List Plugins For List Building Magic by

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  • http://www.crunchyhub.com Sai Kumar

    Hi Adam, Great list of WordPress Mailing list Plugins. I have heard only about Popup Domination 3.0, Option Skin and the plugins you have listed are new for me.I will surely try out the free plugins which are listed above. Thanks a lot for Sharing!!

    • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

      Hi Sai, thanks, I really appreciate the kind words and you taking the time out to comment!

  • http://www.qualified-lifecoach.com/ Dawn Abraham

    Adam thanks for all the goodies I'm going to check a couple of these out. I have two newsletters and thinking of switching to Aweber for one of them.

    You are one of many that seem to like it so I might just give it a try. It didn't seem as user friendly as I would like. That is the main reason I put off trying it. do you find it easy to use?

    • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

      Hi Dawn, no problem at all – thanks for taking the time to drop a comment!

      My initial impression of most mailing list providers has always been that they lack a user friendly feel, but once I started using Aweber and followed the setup it was pretty straight forward to get to grips with – the setup wizard made it really easy because I knew exactly what I needed to do to get my list setup and ready to use – I tried a bunch of other mailing list providers before settling on Aweber and they all seemed to lack a straight forward setup process – I found that just getting a list setup took more time and effort than it should have done, with some it was just confusing. All I really needed for most of the ones that I was testing was an export of the code to put in a WordPress plugin, should have been easy but it wasn't (Mad Mimi and Mail Chimp were among a few that I tried).

  • http://stream-seo.com Servando Silva

    I like Optin Skin and Popup Domination too.
    Optin revolution sounds very nice too, and I haven't heard of it before. Time to go and check it out.
    Thanks for this list.

    • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

      My pleasure Servando, thanks for taking the time to commment!

  • http://global-npn-stimulas.com/ Nick Anderson

    I also like the Pop up domination am using that on several blogs. The features are easy to use and effective.

    Must admit I am still testing to see what works best to catch the persons attention.

    I stoped using aweber mainly the cost was a killer I have found a better one that pays 100% commisions on top of it all. Just as good of a quality but a whole lot cheaper.

    I am going to check out a couple of your wp plugins thou. It never hurts to look into other options.

    Thanks again. :-)

    • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

      Nick, thanks for your comment!

      Interesting thoughts, I always worry about any company that offers 100% commissions .. sure on an info product or a course that's using back end products and offering the 100% to build their own list .. but companies that offer a service like that it makes me wonder how they keep going .. do they put adds in your emails or something like that?

      • http://global-npn-stimulas.com Nick Anderson

        I agree with you on "I always worry about any company that offers 100% commissions" but I actually joined this company to prove list building was a waste of time so I decided to go the cheaper route. I have been with them for over a year now. Never seen an ad on any of my emails sent out.

        The company has been around since 2005 so I feel they have passed the test of being around. They also just started this 100% deal and also offer a very simple blog for the person that has limited time and ability.

        The step ladder approach they have is totally awesome. Where else can you get that for just $14.97 to start. It is a well hidden gem as far as I am concerned. I have only one complaint and that is the owner is lacking P.R. he counts on the sponsor to help people. Personally I like helping but many do not.

        By the way I really like your way of writing. Short sweet to the point. I must learn that for my blog.


        • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell


          Despite the number of tools and services that are available, I think it really boils down to whatever works – and if it works then that's great!

          Sounds quite good for those starting out for sure.

          Thanks Nick, I really appreciate your kind words and that you've taken the time to get involved in the discussion.

          All the best,

  • http://ryzeonline.com Jason “J-Ryze” Fonceca

    WordPress plugins are a sea of craziness, and I really value posts like this that clear it all up.

    I especially love how you support WP Premium plugins and your passion for HybridConnect – I'll check it out.

    • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

      Jason, thanks for your comments and the kind words – I really appreciate it!

      You're so right about this being a sea of craziness .. it took me quite a while till I managed to spot land, then I set sail full steam ahead .. premium plugins help me cut through the craziness, mostly thanks to the premium support which has helped me out of a few tough spots in the past .. although saying that there are a lot of plugins that I use as more of a stock list of plugins on every site I build that are free and that I couldn't really do without .. W3 Total Cache is a great example.

      Balance is the key.

      • http://ryzeonline.com Jason “J-Ryze” Fonceca

        Much appreciated, Adam! And I totally agree full steam ahead, maintain balance, and w3 cache rox!

        • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

          Thanks Jason, appreciate you taking the time to comment!

  • http://www.indianfunpic.com/ Saanvi

    My favourite (for this moment) would have to be Analytics 360 – it plugs into your google and mail chimp, so you can see how your analytics relates to your posts and email campaigns.

    • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

      Saanvi, that's not a plugin I've looked at before but the features look awesome.

      Genuinely gutted that it's only for Mail Chimp users.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • http://passiveincomeonline.net Reginald

    Hey Adam!

    Thanks for sharing this. Not sure if you remember me :0 Been busy with several websites lately.

    These list of premium looks good. I am (and honestly) very tempted with Optin. However, I am still considering since most of my sites are pretty new. Still need more $ flowing before that.

    Nonetheless, another great writing and many thanks for sharing!

    • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

      Hey Reginald,

      No problem at all, don't worry I remember you!

      There are a bunch of free plugins that work ok, but you'll always be restricted until you go for a premium plugin.

      Once you've got some more money flowing through your sites, go for Hybrid Connect, that's what I'm using here and it works great.

      Hows things going with your new sites?

      • http://www.bloggingavenue.com Reginald

        Hey Adam,

        Yeah what you said is very true. I seen Hybrid Connect yesterday on my mobile. Well, not sure if the layout issue or my phone issue. Wasn't able to see much. Weird though. However, I really like Optin Skin (if I got it right). Maybe too much hype around.

        Talking about my sites, man I just got another site up yesterday and moved to Hostgator. Lots of stuff to do and the email in this reply is the latest and the main one :)

        Really like your articles and once I get this site up, gonna apply to write for ya!

        p/s Do you use Thesis or Genesis framework?

        • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

          Hey Reginald,

          If you click on the grey'd out area on Hybrid Connect you'll get past the pop up since it uses lightbox.

          Optin Skin and Hybrid Connect are both great plugins, they both have their good points – I chose Hybrid Connect because it's just so easy to customise, it's got a lot more templates and if I want to build a completely custom opt-in form with Opt-in Skin then I need to use HTML/CSS to do it, rather than the visual editor in Hybrid Connect.

          You have a crazy amount of sites Reginald, I wonder if you might be stretching yourself a bit thin? Although, if you have the time you should be ok!

          I don't use either right now, I've used them both on other sites but I'm happy with my current theme right now.

  • http://www.socialsinergy.com/ Adam Dukes

    I purchased Hybrid Connect about 2 months ago and am not sure how I blogged without it. I know it came out last fall, but I have tried a lot of list building plugins and that is my favorite to date. I am not a graphics person and it makes it easy to customize.

    I like how your opt-in on the right is "locked" in position. I am going to have to learn how to do that..

    • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

      Adam, another Hybrid Connect fan – that's great!

      I totally feel the same way about Hybrid Connect and customisation was the exact issue that I had with all of the other plugins out there.

      I was using a premium plugin that isn’t available anymore, although there is a free alternative here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/q2w3-fixed-widget/

      Thanks for commenting!

  • http://www.howtowords.com Mubashir


    I want to use WordPress or my custom domain email to send emails to my list. Is there any solution to configure my custom domain email to collect list?

    • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

      Hi Mubashir,

      When you say you want to use your custom domain email to send emails to your list, do you mean so that your subscribers will receive them from something like "mubashir[at]howtowords.com" or something like that?

      Any mailing list provider like Aweber would do that for you.

      There is a script called PHPlist which is free to install and allows you to send them directly from your web server, but it's not that straight forward to setup unless you're quite technical.

      There's a plugin called Subscribe2 that will send out new blog posts automatically to subscribers directly from your server

      Ultimately, the problem that you would have is that if you're sending the emails from your server and a lot of hosts will have a maximum number of emails they allow to be sent every hour and the deliverability would be really bad.

      Sorry if I've misunderstood your question.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • http://www.howtowords.com Mubashir

        Hi Adam,

        You have answered my question perfectly. I appreciate your response. I hope subscribe2 plugin could resolve my problem.
        BTW if you don't mind can you tell me which plugin or service you are using for comments reply notification through email?

        And also I am truly impressed with you email subscription box. I want to know how you build up this box? If you have publish a tutorial on that then please share with me.


        • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

          Hi Mubashir,

          No problem at all, I'm happy to help!

          The plugin I used to create my email subscription box is Hybrid Connect, one of the plugins I've mentioned earlier on in this post.

          I don't have a tutorial yet, but the subscription boxes are based on standard templates that come with the plugin.


  • http://linktons.com/ Dhiraj Das

    I was looking for list maker, there are some nice options in your post, thanks
    Let see how it works

    • http://bloggingwizard.com Adam Connell

      Dhiraj, thanks for dropping by and checking this out.

  • New Dominie

    I did not see anything about list maintenance, allowing subscribers to change their email address and or to unsubscribe,

    • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

      Thanks for your comment, I left this out because it is generally outside of the scope of most mailing list plugins and is usually part of the auto responder service that you choose to use.

      For example, every email that’s sent from an auto responder/mailing list provider will have an unsubscribe or ‘manage subscription’ link at the bottom.

  • Dustin LindenSmith

    Hi there,

    I’m looking for a list manager to use within my existing user/subscriber base of my WP site, but everything mentioned here seems to be driven by the signing up of non-registered users who simply visit the site, but don’t register as users. Do you have any advice on this point? Is there a basic functionality within WP itself for that?

    • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

      Hi Dustin,

      There are systems that do this, an example would be: http://wordpress.org/plugins/email-newsletter/.

      It’s not something I’ve used but does have some good functionality.

      I personally try to avoid using WordPress to send emails to my list through my web server because I’ve had deliverability issues in the past, also some web hosts limit the number of emails you can send in an hour.

      Depending on how many users you have, the plugin I mentioned may just do the trick.

  • Career Sidekick

    I want to use Subscribe2 on my blog but the sidebar widget doesn’t seem to be working properly. hmm

    • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

      I’ve used Subscribe2 on a number of blogs in the past without any issues. I’d suggest posting more details of your issue in the WordPress forums or contacting the developers directly.

  • Nick

    Hi. I have Hybrid-Connect, but an intrigued by Optinmonster. Would you say that if you have Hybrid-Connect you do not need OptinMonster? In other words, it seems Optinmonster is an alternative to H-C. Does it offer any additional features that are not basically covered by H-C (other than “exit intent”).

    • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

      Thanks for your comment Nick.

      I still consider Hybrid Connect a more complete mailing list plugin, although there are a few opt-in form types that it doesn’t do.

      For example, the footer and slide in optin form types – OptinMonster supports these but Hybrid Connect doesn’t.

      Although OptinMonster doesn’t support opt-in forms in sidebar widgets and a few other optins that Hybrid Connect does.

      If you are looking for just a pop over plugin then I would say go with OptinMonster – one thing that I love about it is that you can just install the popover module and it will help minimise the additional server resources that running the plugin will require.

      Hybrid Connect requires installing the full plugin even if you only need to use the popover functionality.

      OptinMonster hasn’t been on the market as long and it was a while since I reviewed Hybrid Connect so when I have some time I’ll put together more of a comprehensive comparison between the two.

      Of course, like you mentioned the other benefit is exit intent which shows some great potential.


  • http://ThierryWeber.com thierryweber

    Nice post Adam and good advices but about Hybrid Connect, it works only on wordpress platform not on a standalone installation :-( Don’t understand why? A so powerful plugin and no way to use it on our own website!

    • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

      Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to comment.

      In fact, the majority of plugins available for WordPress just aren’t available as stand alone scripts.

      I’ve only ever found a handful of plugins that are.

      I’d imagine part of this is because there is so much demand for WordPress plugins as opposed to other CMS and websites built without the use of a CMS.

      I would recommend that you contact Shane and the team that created the plugin, they may have an alternative for you.

      • http://ThierryWeber.com thierryweber

        Thanx Adam for the idea ;-) Once again: nice job for your post, very helpful. Bravo!

        • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

          No problem Thierry – as they say ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’.

          Speak soon,

  • http://jaysonlinereviews.com/ Jason Orban

    Nice list I use hybrid connect as well but I am really liking number #3 the plugmatter feature box I will definitely have to check this one out.

    • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

      Thanks for your comment Jason.

      Plugmatter is quite an interesting plugin, it makes it very easy to add opt-in forms below the navigation section. A feature I’ve not found in many plugins.

  • Joe Vennare

    Adam, what pluggin are you using at the bottom of your posts?

  • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

    Joe, it’s a plugin called Convert Press.

    It’s one that I’ve been testing recently. It’s a monthly subscription type thing so the support is great but I had a lot of issues getting this plugin working as it should.

    Because of that it’s not something I can recommend at all right now.

    I see a big future for the plugin but the fact that I had to take a ‘list’ of problems to their support team raises alarm bells that the plugin just isn’t ready.