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WP Sharely Review: Social Content Locking At Its Finest

WP Sharely Review
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  • Last modified: March 10, 2015
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In the following review I’m going to introduce you to a new social content locking plugin called WP Sharely that will allow you to take your social shares to the next level, showing you the good, the bad and exactly how it can benefit you.

The premium WordPress plugin that I’m going to be showing you today is another great plugin from Shane Melaugh, the guy behind one of the best mailing list plugins available right now for WordPress.

What is WP Sharely?

WP Sharely is a social content locking plugin for WordPress that allows you to add an ethical bribe on any of your blog posts or pages. Social content locking plugins work by hiding content and requiring you to share the page in order to gain access to the bonus content.

There are plenty of these types of plugins on the market though, but WP Sharely is the first one that has really jumped out at me. Most of the other plugins that do this type of thing are made to be overly complex to setup when really they just don’t need to be.

The loop for WP Sharely Plugin Review

Why is getting social shares is important?

It all boils down to this:

The more people sharing your content, the more traffic you will get – and you want more eyeballs on your content don’t you?

The other area that this helps with is something called social proof.

Social proof works like this: people see that you’re getting a huge amount of shares and because they know other people are sharing your stuff, they perceive it as being the correct action.

You can leverage this to increase your authority.

Features you will love

  • Easy to use
  • 4 different themes for your content locker
  • Detailed usage and statistics
  • Ability to add a close icon
  • You can wrap the content locker around any content that you can add to a post or a page
  • Option to hide for registered members
  • Option to add a timer interval
  • Option to change the URL that the content locker shares
  • Option to hide the locked content in the source code
  • Detailed documentation to get you up and running quick

WP Sharely WordPress Plugin Review 

Any negatives?

There’s nothing that jumps out to me, WP Sharely ticks all the boxes for what I want to see in a social content locking plugin.

I would love to see more templates for the content locker in the future though.

Update 10th August 2014: Facebook recently updated it’s policy which has banned the use of like gating. This is annoying yes, but you can still use Twitter and Google+ without any issues.

Creative uses of WP Sharely

The real power in WP Sharely is how you put it to use, with a creative flare you can do some truly amazing things with this plugin.

Sure this is a content locking plugin but you can also use it just to add social sharing buttons within your posts that stand out and grab your readers attention.

In fact it’s worth it just for this use because I’ve looked around for social sharing plugins that will add share buttons using just a snippet of shortcode and aside from those that come bundled with certain themes (not the one that I’m using right now unfortunately) the pickings are very slim that they just don’t “pop”.

So from a conversion perspective this is great.

One of the best uses that I have seen of WP Sharely is actually on the plugins sales page where Shane Melaugh offers additional discounts for those that share the sales page (discounts range from 40% to 60%).

Would you take the time to click that Tweet, Like or Google+1 button to make a saving like that? I would.You are only limited by your imagination here because you can hide report downloads, snippets of content, images, videos, discount codes or anything you can think of.

The important thing that you use this sparingly to offer bonus content, don’t just lock all of your content away, this should be used to add value to what you’re doing right now.

See WP Sharely in action right now

Below is an example of one of the templates that comes with the plugin below, just click a share button and you will see the exact experience that your users will have if you use it:

There are plenty of creative ways you can use this.

You could offer PDF downloads of your blog posts or even exclusive content such as templates.

So, what’s the price of WP Sharely?

WP Sharely comes in at $60 for a single site license initially but when you share the page that price comes down to $37 – quite a nice discount for sharing the page right?

The best value here is the professional license which comes down from $240 to $97 after you share the page and you can use this on ALL of your websites and ALL of your clients’websites as well.

A very worthwhile investment for your website.

The verdict on WP Sharely

WP Sharely is a great plugin with some powerful features and can be used as a social content locker or just for adding share buttons using shortcode that stand out.

However you use it, WP Sharely will allow you to ethically bribe your readers to share your content which will give your website more visibility through the followers of who is sharing your content and through search engines when these social signals start to impact your rankings.

Most plugins that I’ve tried to use for content locking in the past have ended up being annoying from a user perspective but WP Sharely gets around the potential issues of annoying users with its close icon and timer interval features.

WP Sharely is hands down one of the best social content locking plugins on the market and comes with some great bonuses and tutorial videos on how you can make the most out of this plugin.

Right now your competitors are getting incredible social engagement and taking every opportunity available to give them the upper hand.

You owe it to yourself to take this opportunity by the horns and use it to get more traffic, more shares, better rankings and in turn more money.

Note: this is a review that generally doesn’t get too much traffic, but thanks to using WP Sharely within this actual review I’ve seen social shares increase by 35-40%.

If you want to see those kind of results then you need this plugin.

Click here for more details on WP Sharely

WP Sharely

Summary: If you want to find an easy way to get more social shares and traffic to your blog posts, this plugin is the answer. It’s easy to use and has some great features. On this very post it has boosted shares by 30-40%.

Rated 4.5 stars

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